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I discovered this problem on my desktop computer when I was having trouble updating iTunes, but I've now found that it is also happening on my laptop, which runs a different version of Windows.


When I run Apple Software Update, it checks for updates and says that new software is available, but then there aren't any updates listed to select.  I just noticed this behavior today when I tried to use USD to update iTunes on one of my machines to 10.6.3.  The last time I used USD it was working fine, and there were a couple of pieces of software (iCloud Control Panel, Safari) available, but I chose not to install them.  Now they don't show up on the list (or rather, there *is no list*).  I have this same issue with two different computers, one running Vista and one running Windows 7.


A search of the forums turned up multiple mentions of what sounds like the same problem, and the solution typically involved moving files from some Library folder to the desktop (which I guess in some way 'resets' the updater).  However, all of the examples I found involved Mac OS's, and I don't know where the relevant files would be found on my PC (assuming they are the same).


Has anyone had this problem with the Windows Software Update program and found a solution?