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I cannot get my iPhone calendar to synch with iCal on my iMac.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    connect the iphone to your mac. open itunes. click on your iphone icon located under devices on the left of the itunes window. click on the info tab located at the top of the itunes window. check the 'sync ical calanders'. click the sync button on the bottom right of the itunes window. after sync click the eject button.  the other option is to use icloud syncing if you are running Lion. its located in the system preferences under icloud

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    I tried changing my setting in itunes but my iphone calendar will not sync with my ical on the mac.  Very frustrating.  It seems to sync with icloud but that doesn't really help as I dont want to have to log on to icloud each time.  I want to see the appointment on my mac!

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    I think the problem might be that the calendar should only be synced with a single source, and it sounds like you're trying to sync it with both iTunes and iCloud.  If you are running OS X Lion (10.7.2 or higher) you can enable iCloud syncing for for calendars on your mac (see http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/mac.html).  If not, you can try turning off iCloud syncing for calendars (Settings>iCloud>Calendars>Off, when prompted choose to keep the data on your phone) and just sync with iCal using iTunes (by selecting to do so on the Info tab of your iTunes sync settings).

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    I had the same problem and settings/icloud/setup/off seemed to fix it. I agree very frustrating. Paul

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    hello randers4

    I did as you say, as I had trouble with icloud and decided not to use it any more. I turned off icloud and chose keep the data on the phone, and it is still there.  The calender on the Mac has now gone and connecting the iphone and synching has not owrked!! help, need my cal on the mac


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    First go to icloud.com on your computer, log into your iCloud account and confirm that your calendar is still there.  If it is, enter one event on you Mac calendar.  Then make sure iCloud syncing for calendars is off in System Preferences>iCloud.  Then connect your phone to iTunes, go to the Info tab of your iTunes sync settings and check Sync Calendars and click Apply at the bottom to sync your phone.  If you get a merge or replace prompt, choose Merge.  See if that gets syncing calendars with iTunes working again.

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    sounded good, but it didn't work.  a further thing: the only calender entries left on my mac are in the icloud colour of purple.  when I entered the new entry on the mac as instructued, it alos was purple, even though i have the iclooud synching for calendars off.

    I think i might turn everything off and try again - I already tried that with the iphone after I turned off the icloud settings for calendars.

    I'll let you know

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    Something else you can try...Assuming your calendar is still on icloud.com, you might want to turn iCloud calendar syncing in system preferences back to On (if prompted, choose merge).  If this recovers your calendar to your Mac, see if you can export it by going to File>Export>Calendar Archive and save this on your desktop.  Then turn iCloud syncing back to Off again.  Assuming this deleted the calendar from your mac again, import the archive folder by going to File>Import>Import, navigate to the file you saved and click Import.  See if that returns your calendar to your Mac again.

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    turning the mac off didn't work


    this is so strange - the only entries left on my mac calenda are ones in purple(Icloud colour)  which are there since I rejoined icloud about 2 weeks ago ( I'm V sorry now!)  These entries are NOT in the icloud calender NOR on the iphone calender.  The iphone have all the other entries. the icloud calender has all the other entries. 


    questions re your approach:

    1. do i need to change any settings on the iphone, or only reinstate the icloud on the mac?

    2. assuming the above works, will the mac synch with the iphone in future?


    will wait for your reply before I try

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    You don't need to change anything on your phone.  On your second question, you will probably still have to troubleshoot calendar syncing to sync your iphone calendar with your mac calendar but I want to first get a copy of your calendar on your Mac before proceeding.  Once that is done, you should try resetting the sync services folder as described here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1627, then try syncing calendars with your phone again.

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    yehhh Randers4 you are a star!!

    everything worked, did as you instructed, reset the sync services folder and just retried iphone, and everything worked ( now I have up to 4 copies of a number of entries on my phone, but i'm happy)

    thanks for persevering, much appreciated

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    You're welcome.  Glad things are working for you now.

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    I just purchased an iPhone today and wish I had not. There are too many hoops to jump through to get it to sync to my iCal and iTunes. It seems that since I went into the "cloud" all is messed up. I cannot get apps from my iTunes account to load. I can't find the folders that are mentioned above.


    Can I undo and just go back to syncing with USB? I am not tech savvy and deleting folders etc. have not ended well.


    Also, last time i synced my Touch, all apps were synced - there is no longer "Check boxes" to select what apps I want to sync.