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    Lets not go overboard making comparisons.  For example Dell panels, or  HP panels are not all perfect.   I see online that Samsung panels that people swear are the solution are occasionally being received with back lighting edge leakage, or stuck/dead pixels, or uneven back lighting.   If one runs into this excessive IR or other mentioned problems by all means get it exchanged, or repaired.  When you are pushing a manufacturing process to the max to deliver boat loads of these panels, some bad ones always get through because of human error.

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    This is total BS it's going to be the same thing like the Ipad 2 guys.  Apple is just going to hope people deal with it and let it blow over so they won't damage their image.

    recently edited on Aug 23rd 2012 so they know of the issue, just they are planning to sweep it under the rug.  If the monitors were made in the 1980's sure image retention is going to happen.  But we are dealing with high tech stuff here.  Pixel switching should be instanance and the responce time on the LCD should be mimimal. KB article is a bunch of garbage!  It expect you to keep opening a JPG to fix a hardware screen issue? REALLY??? On a New $2000 Plus machine there shouldn't be any issues like this.


    I am way past the 14 days but I am still going to try to get my LG fixed or swapped with a Sammy.  If they pull an BS I figured someone will start a patition or lawsuit by then.

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    I set my **** preferences to not get notifications every second by this post yet it still does. ***.

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    Please, let us know whether the problem occurs again with the new screen. It would be nice to have at least one real proof that LG screen can be retention-free

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    I posted here early on after my rMBP had image retention and was replaced. The replacement was a Samsung and has no further issues. Today I was back in the Apple Store for an unrelated Air repair and inquired with the Genuis about the issue. He said, "known issue now and Apple is gathering the returned rMBPs to analyze them. It's believed the IR is software related, involving refresh rates. There is no hardware fix or official Apple statement." Also learned that a few more computers have been returned to that store for the same reason.

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    Dr Sly wrote:


    Apologies, Seank92, I believe I wrongly read the negation of what you said about favoring a patch !


    Its all good,

    But no, not at all, itd **** me off

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    Oh dear, what a bunch of hacks !



    I can NOT believe they're going Lenovo on their customers and pretending that image retention is a 'feature' of IPS.


    This is very shameful.


    Samsung panels I have seen from friends and colleagues, as well as the ones at the Apple Store, *do not exhibit image retention*. I know this because it never occured on any of the rMBPs I have tested. Of course it's a small sample, but should even ONE rMBP not exhibit image retention, it is proof enough that it shouldn't !


    For the record, I tested between 4 and 5 rMBPs with LG screens and experienced IR within 5 minutes (windowed apps on dark grey background).


    I also tested an equivalent number of Samsung rMBPs in store (3) and from my friends (2) and found no IR even after 15 minutes (I stopped at the 15 minutes mark anyways, it looks suspicious at the Apple Store...)


    Shame, shame, shame. Stop buying garbage components from your third party providers and streamline your quality control !

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    DL Byron wrote:




    He said, "known issue now and Apple is gathering the returned rMBPs to analyze them. It's believed the IR is software related, involving refresh rates. There is no hardware fix or official Apple statement."

    They've been saying the same thing for a few weeks now. For my first rMBP, the issue was escalated to the "hardware group" and they agreed to do an advance replacement so they could get my computer and examine it. When I reported the same problem with the replacement, I was told they didn't want it and wouldn't approve another replacement. I was also told they might be coming out with a firmware fix and to keep checking the KB for an official response to the situation (I was later pointed to the KB article I posted a few posts back in this thread, which was orginally created in 2011 and then recently updated this month).


    I really don't think Apple wants to replace all of these bad screens. They are probably hoping LG has the problem fixed by now and the bad screens will eventually filter out of their inventory. Once that's done, they can assess the scope of the problem and determine how to best control the damage. But I think they are keeping their fingers crossed that most people won't notice the problem and they won't have to replace those screens (as long as nobody brings the problem to those customers' attention).

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    Just got off the phone with a senior AppleCare representative. They had referred the case to Apple's Engineering team. The Engineering response: this is "expected behavior." They even mentioned the iPad 2 as precedent.


    How do they rationalize "expected behavior?" Would they want their radiologist using this computer, which could have a shadow of on old image?


    I'm in my 14 day window and will return my broken LG monitor . Shame on Apple . I'll hold off on the iPhone 5 as well, see if quality control situation improves.

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    I suggest you speak to someone else, we have heard responses all over the board on this issue.  It's obviously not acceptable for endless reasons from Doctors looking at patients MRIs, to artist working on their projects, etc.


    Again, I think our best view of the future will be the 13 inch.  If it has the issue, then we know that it will be a randomly occuring issue until the next generation of hardware 

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    I'm about five days outside of the 14 day window. I only noticed it today; I worked for a fairly long time on an email, and when I sent it and the window disappeared, I could still see it on the background. It stayed there for some time, perhaps five or six minutes, before eventually fading away. I had never noticed this before, but now I can repeat the behavior with various apps. I have the default Mountain Lion galaxy wallpaper, so it's not particularly dark or anything, but the outline of the previous windows and things like address field or search field in safari are very distinct.


    I hate to think that I paid so much money for a laptop with such a serious flaw. Is this something they can fix? Will they replace a laptop outside the 14 day window?

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    Hrm... this smells class-actiony.

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    alexpadden wrote:


    I set my **** preferences to not get notifications every second by this post yet it still does. ***.


    I had the same issue early on.  It seemed to me like the change in the preference only affects threads that you join after changing the setting.  However, if you go to your forum settings you can find a page that lists the threads that you are currently email subscribed to and unsubscribe from there.  It worked for me.

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    Not to put salt in an open wound but I'm going on two weeks+ on a Samsung display with no IR issues. Lots of use, sat in an eight hour meeting with lots of static images pulled up and everything worked perfectly. I hope everyone especially you LG people get what you paid for, this lottery stuff seems like a whole lotta BS.

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    My 3rd replacement has the IR issue, obviously LG pannel. The thing is, I'm from Brazil and was spending vacation on the US this month, swapped it 3 times and just came back on Sunday. Bought AppleCare, which covers my country, but lost the last receipt. I think I'm just **cked...