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  • alwaysforever Level 1 (75 points)

    Apple. I'm not exactly in a rush to buy anything made by LG... but I am always looking at Apple products. I've been getting a feeling that some things have been kind of rush released over this last year or so, though. And so I worry.

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    alwaysforever wrote:


    Apple. I'm not exactly in a rush to buy anything made by LG... but I am always looking at Apple products. I've been getting a feeling that some things have been kind of rush released over this last year or so, though. And so I worry.

    As well you should...believe me.

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    I was told that my 2rd computer will be arrived on tuesday of next i will check it out when I get it

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    I've only been using my rMBP with Samsung display for a few days. However, the display seems to be working well. There are no dead pixels or backlight issues. I have not had a chance to do a proper color calibration yet so I'm not sure how accurate the colors will be. However, I wouldn't expect a 6-bit IPS panel on a laptop to replace my 10-bit Eizo monitors. My hope is that the colors will be accurate enough for image editing when I'm traveling and tethered shooting in the studio.


    MauroCL wrote:


    One question for those with Samsung displays, are you happy with the panel? Are you not having dead pixels? (already saw a fellow showing his dead pixel on the screen).. what about light being uniform throughout the panel?


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    I must again write here in and say now is my third week with my macbook pro retina LG screen and i see no image retention at all. I've made almost all tests and cant see any retention and its by fare the best laptop i ever had, thanks apple.

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    Hi. Good luck with that.


    My story: Ordered laptop (2.3/16/256)  about a week after launch - waited 5 weeks and was thrilled with what I got - it knocked the socks off my venerable 2007 MBP (which I must say wasn't a great bit of kit - it's like it was never meant to last more than three year (motheboard issues etc.)  I managed to string it out to five waiting for 'the next big thing'. I used it frequently for nearly four weeks without issue - then they changed the spec combo (I do a lot of 3D, video and processor / graphics intensive work so any speed bump is worth it for me). I am on a budget so the £100 uplift would have been worth it for me.


    There were no IR issues at all - colour and contrast were superb.


    I was, as I said well into the fourth week so, just for peace of mind, I called Apple to ask if the 14 day remorse period was set in stone - if I wanted to return but (maybe) buy another. The very helpful girl I spoke to  asked a senior and said it was OK "Each case it taken on its own merit" - so she arranged a return/refund which was promptly dealt with.


    I reordered the higher spec 2.6/16/256 when the refund was in the bank and received the laptop 2 weeks later. By this time the IR issue (I had been following this thread and others) was well-known and my anticipation was dampened by the thought of receiveing something 'faulty but 'within spec.'  - this takes all te 'delight' out of buying something - which, let's face it, will be more than just a 'bit of kit' - I need this for work (and play) day-in day-out for several years.


    When I opened the box and powered-up my hear sank a litle as the yellowness was obvious - I knew instantly this was as LG screen - the test I ran confirmed this.  I knew I had two weeks so I used it a lot - checking for IR daily - none to be seen, after a quick calibration the colour is excellent, no dead pixels, no inconsistencies in colour accross screen.


    However, I am sending it back. Like a lot of people I need assurances that any issue, no matter how small is dealt with promptly and professionally - especaiily by a compnay that prides itself on such - to all intents abd purposes I had a perfect laptop, however my confidence is low - and that is surely an  uncomfortable position for any company to find themselves in. I have no way of knowing if this issue will develop later - I do not have the inclination to take the risk, I'm not a gambling man (£2000+ is a lot of money - I want a perfect example, I want the confidence to buy one knowing that it will be just that.


    The IR issue almost doesn't matter now - it's the threat /fear that will stop people buying.


    I think Apple need to realise that this tread has been viewed over 200,000 times (many repeat visits I know but still quite a substantial number) and as we know - bad news travels faster than good news, not just on forums but by word of mouth. I hope my misgivings are disppelled soon and confidence returns. My exeriences with Apple directly have actually been excellent - I just wish...


    May reorder when all this is sorted but I'm not holding my breath.

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    I decided that after returning my rMBP for refund this week, I'll wait and see what happens, before buying a more powerful one. I'll be switching from 16/2.3/256 to 16/2.6/512

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    Just curious as to what happens with all these rMBP returns? Are they put back into inventory or sent back to Apple?

    If that many are being sent back to Apple you would think it would get flagged. If they go back to inventory then the problem is just getting recycled which could explain people getting multiple laptops with the same issue.

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    It will show up and it will get worse within 14days

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    They should be sold as Refurbished Macbook Retina

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    transfix wrote:


    Just curious as to what happens with all these rMBP returns?

    They will be dismantled and the 100% functioning parts will be used as spare for refurbished rMBPs.

  • transfix Level 1 (0 points)

    I would hope so but at this point Apple sees these as 100% functioning (IR within specs).


    BTW Just saw a video of Leo Laporte swapping the 256g flash drive with a 480g and it took literally a min after opening the back panel. Very cool

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    <Link Edited By Host>

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    There *is no glass* in front of the LED baclkit LCD, Canuck, that's part of what is magical and revolutionary about the rMBP...


    It's all soldered and glued into the top lid. The whole thing must be replaced every time, and it costs approx. 730-740 USD $ as of this Summer.

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    First IR I noticed was switching from Safari to iPhoto, and realized that the bloody URL/search field with the name of a webiste was crystal clear to read *on top* of iPhoto.


    Quite embarrassing.