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  • Ben_Chan Level 1 Level 1

    I did the checkboard test. The display SN is DCN23240xxxxx. I read many post about the display date code, it doesn't mean that the display quality is better even it is produced in later dates.

  • tkxdev Level 1 Level 1

    My friends, you do not need special programs to display some patterns so you provoke IR - normal usage suffices. and will do


    Check for yourself:




    and after 5 minutes switching to it looks like this:





    that's btw my 3rd LG screen. I am getting my replacement this week.

    This display has been in normal use for around 8 days. Hooray for IR!


    PS: Paid around 3150 Euros for IR fun

  • rythex Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Guys, just giving the updates from my 6 replacements experiences.


    My first two was LG then repalced them within 14 days period.


    Third one was a Samsung (week 34) and used for 7 days then found out people selling a cheaper MBPr so I decided to get that Samsung refunded. However I found out the cheaper one is another Samsung but with yellowish screen on the right hand side and White screen on the left hand side so did not buy that one.


    My fourth one is another Samsung (week 35) which I was very surprised however some keys are funny feeling they not easy to press without some weird noises. So after few days I decided to replace that one again. So far I think I have met majority of Apple store people and many of them recognised me.


    Later I replaced with a LG one, only used for a hour and decided to swap again, but the staff only offered me refund this time and I took the refund.


    After few days later when the funds have being cleared I went to Apple Store today again to purchase another one. Luckly this is a perfect Samsung screen one (Week 35) keyboard are fine, screen is very bright.


    I don't think I will spend more time visitng the store again.


    So here's what I got so far after 6 attempts of MBPr lotto: 3 LG 3 Samsung.


    Therefore I still believe there are many Samsung screens out there.


    Waiting to see Apple to announce the iPhone now instead.

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    So I tried to reason with Apple ER given that the second machine is as bad as the first, and they started to tell me "there is no hardware issue." "is there a software issue then?" I asked, but was told "that's not the point."


    So I said, "how about the fact that I can read my private emails on the login screen via IR?" to which I was told, "you shouldn't be using your machine somewhere people can read your emails.". This is the logic screen, the place prior to the security check!


    tl:dr - they told me "I'm using it wrong."


    Going to buy a PC.

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    Superflatsonic, that's really disturbing.  And this is why I've informed most of my IT circle to avoid Apple and remain in a holding pattern.  If this doesn't get sorted out by the needed upgrade time of November for me, we will begin a complete retrofit and reverse course on our Apple product deployment.  Answers like this are unacceptable, short sighted, and show a lack of intelligence on apple's reps. 


    Either way, apple understands lawsuits very well it seems. This might be the only way to get a acceptable response from them. 

  • superflatsonic Level 1 Level 1

    As an update, the online store ER rep has phoned me up and was a great deal more polite.  I'm still only being offered a refund, but they have allowed me to hold onto the machine until after my critical business in the US, about 2 more weeks.  The gesture is much appreciated, but navigating the minefield of good cop / bad cop is just baffling (I've had two folks I've been communicating with over this, I guess one is for online orders, and the other, general, but they seem to call me up arbitrarily and I don't actually know which of them has the final say in things.  I'm guessing it's the guy who told me 'I'm using it wrong.')


    Ah well, I'm starting to enjoy the idea of a PC now.  Although I need a Mac for music, which happens on the Mac Pro, there is nothing else tying me to the platform.  In fact as a game designer, it doesn't make much sense to use OSX in the first place!  I guess I just liked the idea of doing music on the go, but I doubt I'll miss it much.

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    Just want to add that I also have a BTO machine that was an early build.  16gb/2.3/256 with LG display.  Screen has a yellowish tint to it (not my main concern but somewhat irritating) and IR.  Spoke with Apple today about having a repair done due to the IR and the rep on the phone kept stating that he believes this is a software issue and Apple will have an update in the next week or so.  I stated that I believe this to be a hardware issue and that I would like to just set up a mail in repair, but he wants me to go to an authorized repair center first to have some tests run.  I called the repair center and they told me that if they can't determine this to be covered under warranty, then I would have to pay diagnostics/evaluations fees.


    I'm going to be in the King of Prussia area Friday, so I set up an appointment with the Apple store Genius Bar there to show them the image retention and request a repair.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  I'm not sure what my chances on an exchange are since I purchased around June 26, but either way, I would like the screen issue sorted.  We paid good money for these machines and to top it off most of us who purchased were largely influenced by the extremely high quality display, so hopefully everyone will be taken care of with regards to this matter.  I'll post an update hopefully Friday.  Thanks for everyone's input so far!

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    Strongly suggest you collect all that correspondence if at all possible and send to Apple Retail c/o Browett. They have to made aware they're ******* off loyal and well-heeled customers with all this faffing around - and forcing them over to competing platforms as a result.

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    Dr Sly wrote:


    Hi Joekljk,


    I'm curious, how did you manage to restore via Thunderbolt ? I tried with the Thunderbolt cable between my former rMBP and the new one, and I never got it right...


    I tried:


    - Migration Assistant from source with target asking if I wanted to install from a backup


    - Migration Assistant to Migration assistant


    - Migration Assistant to Target Disk Mode


    - Target Disk Mode to Target Disk Mode


    Always ended up looking... looking... looking (as in, spinning ball, trying to find a source/target, both?)


    I just booted into Recovery and restored off time machine backup using thunderbolt, didn't actually connect the two together

  • superflatsonic Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to do that. I'm still such a long-time fan that I'm holding out hope that they will backtrack on this and make it right, I would take any reason not to have to switch!  For me the hardware is what I will miss the most, but I feel like I should also vote with my wallet on this issue, in order to make a point.


    What frustrates me is they could easily gave offered me a no-questions-asked second return (the first I had to go through the usual steps, the Genius bar and so on, where the Genius told me 'i wouldn't accept hat screen, either.') in fact, they even suggested I visit the Apple store and refuse each machine until I'm happy with one.  I don't get what it saves then by forcing me to do it that way instead?  For my part, I can't justify another wasted afternoon dealing with this, I've lost too much time already, to say nothing of the fact that the model I own is not available in-store (BTO 16Gb / 512Gb...)

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    More opportunities to deny your request, it seems - when a replacement screen costs $700 just for the part (My order form noted $701 Cdn, plus the Genius' labour) you can see how their potential for profit decreases massively with every screen they have to remove and replace. If they have a rep who denies you, they stanch the bleeding, at least temporarily - long-term effects be damned.


    It also sounds like they are not using their internal inventory system to best advantage, either because of

    • lack of SS screen supply
    • a backlog of LG screens yet to be installed - whether or not this is a general fault with LG (leaning to this myself) or an isolated case - ie 'we gotta use these up!'
    • what admitting either would mean (others in-thread have covered this better than I could - 'LG screens are generally inferior - and they know it', etc)


    I came back to Apple after a 20-year absence last year and loved the old tank-like MBP 13" (which I then passed to my girlfriend when I bought the Retina). Might be time to ask for a refund and go refurb MBAir until the Haswell iteration comes out next year...

  • Dr Sly Level 1 Level 1

    Oh you were not using two rMBPs, but a rMBP with an external, Thunderbolt compatible storage ?

  • joekljk Level 1 Level 1

    Dr Sly wrote:


    Oh you were not using two rMBPs, but a rMBP with an external, Thunderbolt compatible storage ?




    When the new one comes I'll try computer to computer.

  • Tee's Level 1 Level 1

    Recieved my replacement yesterday


    sad to say another LG screen...



    Gradient, image retention, and squeaky 'H' botton on the keyboard


    asked for a full refund, granted.


    Going for a PC.......

  • brian williams5 Level 2 Level 2

    Greetings all,


    I've been following this thread since day one. I held off buying until now. Just got my maxed out BTO unit, and happy to say it is a Sammy. So they're still making them. Good luck to everyone still playing the lottery.