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    There's many things you could say, some involve vulgarity, but what you can mention is if that nonsense were true then why is this PROBLEM only happenning with LG displays and customers returning them, and samsungs don't have the same PROBLEM. If it were "normal" then it would be "normal" for both LG and Samsung.

  • rrahimi Level 3 (615 points)

    is that true? or he just bo@#$ me?  PLZ HELP


    It reads like bad science fiction. If they made a movie out of Apple's excuse, it would make Batman & Robin look like a masterpiece.


    As DomdiDom noted, if this is normal then why is it not happening on rMBPs with Samsung displays? Or pretty much 90% of IPS displays out there.

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    mark13a wrote:


    "IPS technology enhances the viewing experience by providing full 178-degree viewing angles in all directions without inducing color shift."


    I have to admit, the Samsung display is no where near as good as the LG when it comes to the viewing angle. I noticed that immediately when I first saw my new Samsung display as I walked across the room. I'm not sure about color shift, but the perceived screen brightness seems to noticeably change outside of about 20 degrees (10 degrees left + 10 degrees right). That may be the reason why Apple prefers the LG (IPS) over the Samsung (PLS), because although they didn't advertise the "feature" of image retention, they did claim the wide viewing angle. Which one do you think would be easier for new owners and reviewers to spot? Obviously, the viewing angle. Many people on this thread never even noticed the IR until they read about it here. Some had no IR for well over a month before it began appearing. So, unless my Samsung display's narrow viewing angle is abnormal (others of you with Samsung displays may want to check that out), it appears that Apple is kind of between a rock and a hard place here. If they switch over to Samsung displays, then their viewing angle claim is shot. If they stick with LG, they might be able to deal with it if enough people don't notice it, but we're not really making that easier.


    Anyway, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm the only one who'll be using my rMBP and if I need to demo something to a group I'll connect it to my desktop monitor, my LCD HDTV, or a projector. Being free of image retention easily trumps a wide viewing angle. In fact, I kind of like it because it makes it slightly harder for people on airplanes or other public places to snoop. Heck they use to sell a product that did exactly that; it limited the viewing angle.

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    Contrary to what most people are thinking, I don't think that the LG display in particular is the problem. I believe the LG display module is the real issue. When I first recieved my rMBP almost 2 months ago, I had a Samsung display. As soon as I got it I tested for IR. Fortunately their was no issue. However about a month later it developed several dead pixels. I went to the apple store and they replaced the display clamshell with a new one, this time with a LG. This time I had IR issues. I went back to a different apple store and they said they could sent it to a reapir depot this time, out of state, and get it repaired within 5 days max. Well today, 10 days later >:(, I got it back and now the terminal say that I have a Samsung screen once again. I have tested the screen briefely for about 30 mintutes, as noted in other posts, and it appears to show no signs of IR ( I will do more extensive tests to follow). The real question I have is, according to my Apple Genius Repair statement, I did not get a replacement screen. What the repair depot did supposedly is they replaced the display module, not the actual display. How can my terminal say that my rMBP screen brand has changed from LG back to Samsung without actually replacing the display? From what it sounds like, the screen itself is made up of a couple parts, the acutal display and the display module. The module is what is causing the IR. Just what my theory is. Here is my timeline


    Original - LSN154YL01001



    After the repair of the dead pixels -




    After IR issues -



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    Just to share with you guys, finally got my screen replaced. I've got a samsung screen...with part numbers ending with 7171... cheer..

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    Can the yellowish tint of the LG Display be resolved by hardware calibrating the rMPB (using Color Spyder, etc) or will it still show?

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    So, just to keep the thread updated - I returned mine today after 4 replecements and demanded a refund. Last one was pretty close to a 'keeper', however the little flaws like SSD making high pitched noises, black plastic trim under the screen being loose and Apple Geniuses being completely unhelpful about it, made me change my mind and return it. Now I'm planning to wait a week-two and try ordering again, maybe even two at a time and return the 'less perfect one'.


    One big question - if I make a new order in a week or two, am I somehow 'red flagged' by Apple? Can they refuse processing the order or later on - the return/replacement (in case of faults again)? Has anyone experienced any problems like that from their side?

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    After a month of ownership, I ran the test and discovered my Retina has the IR problem as well. It is an LG panel. This is not good for a computer in this price range. I'll have to see if I can live with it. It doesn't seem too noticeable now unless I am really looking for it and use a solid color background.

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    Dear all,  here's an update on my case (LG IR problem).


    I got my first screen replacement yesterday and it was a Sammy.  However, there was an obvious overall yellowish tint to it.  I was dismayed as it looked "dirty yellow" compared to the previous LG's "clean white" display. Though it was uniformly yellowish, with no presure marks or other flaws, it bothered me because I need to be able to see "normal" white in the course of doing web development and graphics design stuff.


    I tried Mountain Lion's Default Color Calibration tools (Sys Pref > Displays > Color>Check Expert Mode>Calibrate).  In particular, on the "white point setting, with a "native white point" of 6500 (D65), I incereased it all the way to 8500 before the screen's yellowishness turned bluish.


    But Alas, all efforts to calibrate the rMBP were in vain.  However I tried, I simply could not produce the "clean white" that the previous LG was capable of, nor was it even anywhere close to the "white" produced by my 40' Sony LED ("neutral" color temperature), and my 32' Toshiba LCD ("natural" color temperature). Both were markedly whiter then rMBP's.  When my friend who had been using a 2009 Macbook saw it, he also commented that the rMBP is yeloowish and markedly dimmer than this Macbook.


    When I was linked up to an Apple Senior Tech Advisor, he said that the display should be white without having to deal with any color calibration.


    Having heard all the horror stories on multiple screen replacements and some getting a worst display, I am just not sure if it is a good idea to pull out or test my stamina and patience on repeated screen replacements.  It is also bad for the chassis becasue it means opening it up over and over again.


    Anyone here shares similar experience and eventually get a Sammy capable of a "clean white" display? Appreciate your feedback please.

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    Here are two of my rMBPs, The Left one is a Samsung Display, and the right one is a LG display (with IR problem, of course). Both of them are set to max brightness.


    Maybe the photo is not so clear, but in my eyes, the Samsung one is a little bit warmer(yellow) than the LG one. Also, the LG has better contrast. But the Samsung has better brightness.

    So, which one is better in your eyes?


    And I also tested the response time for both of them.


    Here is the test result for LG:



    Here is the Samsung's result:


    You can test your display at here:


    I am not making any calculation, but it looks like LG's response time is little bit faster...?


    Additionally, here is an user comparing his/her Samsung and LG display viewing angle on Facebook:

    However, I can't help but notice that its no where near as good as the LG when it comes to the viewing angle. I noticed that immediately when I first saw my new Samsung display as I walked across the room. I'm not sure about color shift, but the perceived screen brightness seems to noticeably change outside of about 20 degrees (10 degrees left + 10 degrees right). That may be the reason why Apple prefers the LG (IPS) over the Samsung (PLS), because although they didn't advertise the "feature" of image retention, they did claim the wide viewing angle.

    I do have the simillar experience.


    Finally, What do you think? Do you still want to exchange your LG display?

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    I had an appointment with a "genius" today.  I'm on my third machine, which finally has a Samsung screen.  A month in, I now have a small white mura appearing.  I decided to play the odds again and take it in.


    I was told they weren't going to do anything.  It's within spec.


    I asked the guy why I even bothered to buy Apple Care, he told me "Well we replaced your machine 3 times".


    Oh, and just so you guys know, the image retention issue isn't the displays.  It's from staring at the screen for too long.  It's our eyes.  At least that's what the idiot tried to tell me.

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    Dang it. Just got my new rMBP (2.6 / 16 / 256). From Chipmunk, it was a week 39 system. And it has an LG screen, LP154WT1-SJA1.


    Model introduced: 2012

    Serial number: xxxxx

    Production year: 2012

    Production week: 39  (September)

    Group1: MacBook

    Group2: Pro


    Machine Model: MacBookPro10,1

    CPU speed: 2.3GHz/2.6GHz

    Family name: Become a pro user to see this information. (sorry)

    Screen size: 15 inch

    Screen resolution: 2880x1800 pixels

    Colour: Aluminium

    Capacity: BTO

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    I still have my 2nd retina MacBook Pro (2.3GHz/16GB/256GB) that I have not returned (week #40 by appleeserialnumberinfo).  I ordered 2 because I was worried I would get an LG screen.  Both machines I got however are pristine Samsung displays.  No dead pixels.   The slight sign of "yellowing" that others have mentioned is nearly negligible.  A custom display profile turns the screen slightly bluish by upping the white point only 100-200 degrees (to 6700, unlike the 8500 that Locoroco said he needed to set his to) from the native D65. 


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    Just got my third MBP and it is another LG display.


    What should I do?


    Thinking of exchanging it for a Mac Pro, but hate the fact it is a few years behind technology.

    Has the LG issue been resolved?



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    I checked out the IR on my new system, and yes, it does have it. It didn't take long to show up, either. All I did was set the background to dark gray and displayed for 5 minutes, and bingo.


    This puppy is going back. Gosh darn it all.