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  • Dr Sly Level 1 Level 1

    Reorder dude, you'll get a Samsung eventually. Many of us did. I did on my 4 rMBP, after 6 different displays (1st rMBP had two display replacements).


    peace out

  • Dr Sly Level 1 Level 1



    I had, all in all,


    - 3 yellow LG displays with serious IR on my first rMBP


    - 1 pinkish and beautiful LG rMBP with a bit of IR (developing over time)


    - 1 mild yellow LG rMBP with IR


    - final one, and a keeper: Samsung rMBP with a white-blueish tint, just like my perfectly calibrated Apple Cinema Display and my two previous MacBook Airs.


    I might have kept the pinkish LG rMBP, had I not been fearful of the possibility of image retention getting more dramatic over time.


    FYI, all, I don't want to cause panic and hysteria, but when I tested my *Samsung rMBP* last week, it had very, very mild image retention too, after the 15 minutes chessboard test... Anyways. Nothing of the extent and magnitude of the LGs.


    Finally, no dead pixels, no mura, not banding or bleeding, a very even, very awesome Samsung display with a white point around D65, i.e., a decent color temperature.

  • nsousa Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone!


    My rMBP arrived today (ordered 30th September) and... SAMSUNG!


    Chipmunk says it's a week 39.



  • Danny Swish Level 1 Level 1

    Danny Swish wrote:


    Canuck1970 wrote:


    YourGuide wrote:


    Yup.... 661-7171 and is a Samsung according to Terminal command.

    Cool. It's looking pretty promising. Every single 661-7171 part has been a far.

    I'm quoting this from a few pages back to remind everybody that this seems pretty solid. If you are getting a screen replacement and the part number is #661-7171, it's probably a Samsung. If it's #661-6529, then you got an LG. Everybody, please post your part orders here and your manufacturers if you got your screen replaced.


    UPDATE: I found the LG part number on page 297, I seriously think this is true. 661 indicating the desired part is a screen, 7171 meaning Samsung, and 6529 indicating LG. There was one case where 7171 was the part and they said they got an LG, but so far the statistics sway toward there being a number for Samsung and one for LG. Test it out if you'd like, if you're getting a replacement, ask if there are two part numbers, and if you could have the 7171. Seems like that's the best bet as of yet for getting a Samsung first go.

  • dT.Tb Level 1 Level 1

    I have received MBP retina 26/16/512 today.

    Week 40 on Chipmunk

    It is LG






    I guess Apple has done nothing on production line much.

  • Chainspell Level 1 Level 1

    Purchased June 2012, literally the day it came out.  Went to multiple stores until I managed to find one left in an Applestore out in the middle of no where this Apple Store looked like they was about to go out of business.  So far I was happy with it until like last week when I noticed that my LG screen had the retention issue.  Took it to the Apple store and they qouted me 1-3 days for the repair, took them 6; no big deal.  One thing I have learned about this store is to always go during the evening, the morning/noon shift is terrible all of them.  Their evening crew was spectacular however.


    Part number:  661-7171

    Price: $719

    Model: LSN154YL01001


    So far no retention, no yellowness, no light bleed and any dead/stuck pixel I can't even see them because of its high PPI.  I did notice that the color intensity of the Samsung screen is a tiny bit less than that of the LG, the color looks a bit more washed out.  Not really noticible and I will probably get used to it.  The Genius also told me that if you happen to buy a rMBP and if are are not happy with the LG, while under the 14 days; you might want to opt for the screen change.  Because most of the screen in the So.Cal and San Francisco area has the part number 661-7171 which are Samsung. 


    BTW this should be taken with a grain of salt, I have also learn to not believe everything or anything these so-called "Geniuses" say.

  • Barry Fisher Level 3 Level 3

    Lastly, shut up and take it is counterproductive.

    Those are your words not mine.  I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying you all are just spinning your wheels and great expense, and without results. And if Apple decides its so uneconomical that they really take their "its normal IPS" b.s. seriously, you will then ruined it for everyone down the line.  As to getting Samsungs, let me ask is everyone enjoying their yellow tinted Samsung monitors?  If you need a laptop, there are quite simple work arounds. If you are in Aperture, or Lightroom, you can lighten the background. You can do other things.  You can do as you please, it still hasn't seemed to solve the problem. I will wait until I know the problem is settled, and if I need to replace my screen I will do it then once and for all.  You can get 10 new screens if you want, I'll just be working.

  • srhwang Level 1 Level 1

    Everyone is different, and you fail to accept this. People can do as they please, and that is quite the point here. Just because you do not feel the need to get your screen replaced immediately, for some peace of mind, does not mean everyone else should not either.


    Meanwhile, I am quite enjoying my replacement Samsung screen, bonus since they replaced my outer aluminum shell as well, which means no more scuff marks and a nasty dent.

    Barry Fisher wrote:

    You can do as you please
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    Hello everyone,


    OMG guess what?. I got a call from apple store saying they did image retention test 3 times as my laptop passed . So they want me to come and collect it :/. I have no idea what they saw or what they did . I'm headed to the store now. Will report back in a bit . This is really annoying :(

  • gam3r Level 1 Level 1

    What an absolute waste of 2 days! :/ .

  • m1ik8e Level 1 Level 1

    dT.Tb wrote:


    I have received MBP retina 26/16/512 today.

    Week 40 on Chipmunk

    It is LG






    I guess Apple has done nothing on production line much.

    Order one with the exact same configeration as you, also a week 40 on chipmunk.

    Mine came last friday, did the test in terminal, it is indeed a LG. I purchased another one right away, it should be coming on Thursday. From the looks of the online status, it is a week 41 production. I will let you know if it is a Samsung or LG, maybe you can order another one on Thursday if this batch is Samsung.


    Also if anyone wants me to perform any tests on the two, ( i hope it is a Samsung) please let me know. Ill have them both for atleast 3 days.

  • Sound Evolution Level 1 Level 1

    Mine will arrive next week. Since it be build this week it is problable a week 41.


    I have decided though no matter what it is, LG or Samsung, I have to keep it. I was stupid selling my MBP 17"


    I use my laptop as main computer for my work as electronic designer, and working on my 11" MBA doesn't gonna cut it anymore. I am behind work schedule already and have new software to learn.


    Ofcourse there are choices, but since I travel all over the world, I can't go back to a cMBP anymore. I really love the retina. Going to a PC isn't an option either. Despite windows getting better and better with win8, I don't want to leave my trusted OS-X enviroment.


    So no sending backs anymore from me. I come to the point of accepting this flaw


    I keep everyone posted.

  • clrokr Level 1 Level 1

    Sound Evolution wrote:


    So no sending backs anymore from me. I come to the point of accepting this flaw


    I keep everyone posted.

    Please don't accept this. People like you are the reason Apple doesn't do a recall and sells defective products instead. From their point of view, you have just proven that it works.

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    If you're getting another LG with IR, just go to an Apple store and get your display replaced. From what I've heard and experienced, they only have Samsung displays as replacements.

    I think Apple is very well aware of the issue and that's why they only use Samsung for replacements. I don't know why LG display are still being used. Samsung alone would probably not be able to meet the demand.

    And Apple is well known to be quiet about such issues, it's just the way it is.

    I'm sure there are lots of people out there with a LG display with IR, but they haven't seen it yet and probably never will. It's all about personal satisfaction.

  • DomdiDom Level 1 Level 1

    You're correct, this is shameful that a consumer should ever accept being ripped off.