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    m1ik8e wrote:


    You should try to order one per week so you can get a good rotation of rMBP. Have you tried for in-store pick up? I think most of the ones in stock are still from week 38/39. I used up both my apple serial checks, i'll try and find access to another computer and let you know about the build numbers.

    The problem is that in my country we have no retail Apple Stores. Of course i could go to resellers but they do not have the return policy - so once i open the box - the machine is mine forever...Also service is only available through sending the machine to another city which is risky and takes long time. Overall my only hope is Apple Online Store. If I get two LG's tomorrow I might just stick with one of them and at some point have the screen replaced which seems to guarantee getting a Samsung nowadays.


    I would be obliged if you can check those build numbers (maybe from mobile Internet?)

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    Hey Dr Sly,


    I've currently received my third rMBP (first was Samsung with LCD mura, second was LG with burn-in, third is LG with less severe burn in, but it appears more prominent when the computer is under heavy load.)


    I'm also Montreal based, and I wanted to know what your experience has been at the Apple Store.  The rep I was dealing with won't replace my rMBP a 4th time, they want me to bring it into the Apple store or take a refund.


    I'm somewhat concerned becaue of the extreme variance in the situations causing the retention.  My rep mentioned that they'd take a good look at the machine, and possibly run it overnight under high load to examine it (although I'm not entirely sure if this will be done, since is coming from the rep and not the genius bar staff).


    They mentioned they'll have the lead genius tech looking at my case at the Montreal Apple Store, so I hope that'll be better than some of the other techs I've seen.  What was your experience like?  I am concerned that if they don't immediately see the IR then they won't authorize a screen replacement.


    The other option is I take the refund they're offering me and re-order.  So I supposed I have that to fall back on.  I'm just rather surprised that they've done so little to actually fix the problem.  It's frustrating, since I work in the imaging field and require a screen that I can rely on.  Thus far Apple has not been providing what they've advertised.

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    Hey guys,


    Today I started noticing IR in my screen. I got this model August 5th (So im guessing its a Samsung LCD?) and I havent noticed anything since. My IR isnt just visible in gray images, I can see it very blaitenly in BLUE backgrounds also. Ill post a few pictures later... Thankfully I have AC, but seeing as the LG displays have it too and a warmer tinted screen, Ill stay away for now.

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    ...You're pretty mistaken.


    You have an LG, no doubt. None. You have IR-->You have an LG.


    Usually the LG's have the really good white points, while Samsung screens are more inclined to be yellow tinted.

    The LG's are actually overall better screens, the only problem with them is that they suffer from severe Image Retention.



    It is possible to have a perfect Samsung, but so far LG can only be good in every other aspect other than IR.



    On a more personal note, my rMBP arrived at the repair center today, and is now saying "Service - On Hold - Part on order"


    Did anybody else see this during the repair process out of store? Maybe they just don't have them handy there right now. I hope this doesn't force me to wait longer...

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    At this point, I don't know if I want an LG screen with IR, or a nonIR Samsung with a crappy whitepoint and yellow tinting, bad viewing angles, and bands of alternativing yellow and white.

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    All I know is if it aint perfect, it's going back.

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    It definitely is going back, but I might just ask for a complete replacement this time, from a new batch that they've yet to order.


    Danny Swish wrote:


    All I know is if it aint perfect, it's going back.

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    Now seeing your LG has IR, your probably just bitter, but don't take it out on us man take it out on Apple -- the company you adamantly stand behind.


    <sigh> Wrong and wrong again.  What I am beginning to realize is, that you need to label me to justify some us against them dialectic.  In other words you want to fight.  Sorry, not interested,  I will, if I get time tonight, try to look up some of the earlier posts that talked about yellow screens. I am interested in following what happens with the screen situations but I will let you decide on how to resolve your problems with Apple since you think I'm some kind of agent of Apple or something because I expressed an  opinion.  Sometimes people talk about the right to express opinions, but really they are only interested in hearing those that agree with their own.

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    I have the samsung display and its been perfect so far. No yellow tint and nondirect viewing is superior. After reading this post more. I think the best way to increase anyone's chance of getting a Samsung display is to buy one in stock at an Apple store. They have ones that have been sitting in the back for awhile. The Apple store will also let you check what display is in the unit. The only draw back to buying at Apple store is their in stock units are usually base models. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems Apple switched to LG displays at some point or had a run of Samsungs.

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    Hmm I thought it was the other way around. Either way, ill hold off for now until they have an actual fix, not just trying to swap displays around until you get the right one...

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    From the 'Ask, and you shall receive' department:


    'B' at the biggest Apple Store in my city just called and left a msg - apparently as a business customer and developer (I am so glad I paid for that latter status/access and cited 'business use' when I bought the **** thing) he was calling to follow up.


    I had strenuously protested when they refused me a couple of weeks ago and told them outright - 'You will stop wasting your time and mine by giving me a Samsung screen. You have the parts.' - and I've been consistent both visits. So:


    No, they don't have control over which screens (mmm, *NOT TRUE*) but they are willing to exchange the whole unit for another -- they must know I have a CTO unit?


    Or I can go the repair route. I think I know exactly what I want now. And ... it's the same thing I wanted when I first encountered this!


    Give me part 661-7171 or give me a refund, Apple. No more of this [euphemism for passing gas] around.


    Gonna call them right now. Wish me luck.


    <5 mins later>


    Well, that was certainly interesting. Neglected to mention that the business dude also spoke with his colleague, also up on all the details.


    So I call the business line at that Store, the colleague answers - I don't even have to tell him my name, and he knows all about it. Perfect. So we get into it. I ask for part 661-7171, he says he'll check but 'we can't specify the part number'. I explain the history and that I know there *were* 2 screens around; now only one: if you replace it, I go home happy, you go home happy (hopefully).


    Or I exchange it and play the lottery, but I tell him, as I can't check the screen before opening the box, I don't want to do that, and you don't want me to do that. I further explain, look, if it's not possible to switch the screen out for a Samsung one, I'm sorry, but you're going to get this as a return-for-refund. Which I want to avoid, I like the computer a lot otherwise.


    So he says yes, we can refund it if it comes to that, but let me see if I can call on other resources outside of this Apple Store for corporate accounts to resolve this for you. He closes with, I should be able to find out next steps within the hour and will call you back.


    Dang. About bloody time.


    (and yes, this is a double post reposted from another site)


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    Danny Swish wrote:


    Usually the LG's have the really good white points, while Samsung screens are more inclined to be yellow tinted.

    This has been really startling. I've been following this thread since the absolute beginning, and it used to be that the LG-made displays were warm and the Samsung screens were too cool. Why has this reversed in the last two weeks?


    Although, I had been confused at that time when everyone thought their LG display was too yellow; because my Week 35 rMBP with an LG screen (which arrived at the end of August that I'm still hanging on to) has always had great color and the whites are really balanced. It's probably the best display I've ever seen (aside from the image persistence).


    As I've said previously in posts which are now probably buried in the earlier pages of this thread, I talked to the manager of an Apple Store immediately after I recieved the laptop. He told me that although he would prefer if I didn't unbox multiple computers (and mine's BTO anyway so I didn't want a stock config), they would replace the display at no cost.


    However, as I was starting school in a few days, I really couldn't afford to be without a laptop. Hence, he told me I could come back in winter break and he'd still swap out the screen for no charge, which was pretty nice of him.


    When I was reading about this part number "661-7171" that seems to be confirmed as a Samsung screen, I got pretty excited, as I could finally think about getting an IR-free display in a few months.


    But now, hearing about the warm whites of new builds of Samsung displays, I'm reluctant to give up my current screen with great colors, even if it does have image persistence.

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    Yeah, at this point I'd rather have a perfect LG display with minor IR than a Samsung without IR but with uniformity issues, pink tinted whites, with yellow bars running across and up and down the screen.


    They did have 661-7171 stock so they took my rMBP in for repair today right from my appointment, but I'm afraid this is the same batch as the one I got repaired a couple days ago, meaning it might have similar issues...

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    My Samsung has none of the issues others are describing. It's whites are white no yellow. I haven't seen an LG rMBP to compair mine to but I am very satifiyied with the Samsungs proformance. I do have a 2 year old 1080P LG display in a 15" dell Studio that is very close to the rMBP Samsung. There both stunning displays.

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    srhwang wrote:


    Yeah, at this point I'd rather have a perfect LG display with minor IR than a Samsung without IR but with uniformity issues, pink tinted whites, with yellow bars running across and up and down the screen.



    LG displays with minor IR don't exist, well maybe for the first week of use lol. Plus IR gets worse over time, many white papers on this subject. One of my LGs had green and pink bands, you prob got a bad screen.


    For those with yellow tint? Have you tried calibrating in expert mode and changing the whitepoint from native D65 to 6500-6700K to see if you get a truer white?