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    Dave Z wrote:


    Colour temperatures in monitors are like frequency responses in speakers. There's a reason we have EQs and there's a reason we have colour calibrators. Depending on a variety of factors the panels will produce warmer or cooler tones. We calibrate the panels to get the "perfect" white point.


    Thank you...exactly!


    If your monitor is a little warm for your liking, change the white point from 6500K to 6600K when calibrating, problem fixed. Not a big deal. The ONE person who had to turn up to 8500K obviously had a bad screen. Everyone else reporting a warmer tint, have you calibrated your screen?

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    I have a Samsung screen, got lucky on my first return.  I think that the whites are just fine.  Granted I use this laptop when at work and school, at home I use the iMac, so not like I am on it all the time.  It is a great machine and there is nothing wrong with the Samsung screen.  I prefer it 100% better than dealing with the IR on the LG.

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    I think I'll keep posting this until Apple thinks of an answer.


    For those that want to buy into Apple's logic about this IR being "normal" or a "feature" and "awesome" has anyone asked them why then is it not an awsome normal feature right out of the box? I mean I've only read 1-2 posts from people saying they had IR right away and for most it takes a few weeks and some people don't have it at all.


    So according to Apple's logic of the silly. People with Samsungs, should be returning their notebooks because they don't get the awesome normal feature of IR. No?

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    I should have my rmbp on Monday, it's sitting somewhere here in Oslo waiting to be delivered but because we are a family centric country it won't get delivered during the weekend.


    It's a bto 2.6 16gb week 40-41 and replaces my stolen mbp 15 from 2010. This time I'm going to set up a separate partition with prey, then encrypt everything else and finally lock the efi :)


    Hoping for a Samsung. If I get an lg without any flaws I'll keep it since I would have to pay return shipping.

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    Hoping for a Samsung. If I get an lg without any flaws I'll keep it since I would have to pay return shipping.

    have you any idea on how much is the price for the return shipping?

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    Norwegian law says that the item should be returned the same way it arrived. I think TNT to Shanghai is going to cost a bit.


    However I presume it would either be returned to Norway or to Ireland and they would be hard pressed to justify anything above 500 nok since they shipped it to me free of charge.

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    The rMBP is a gorgoeus machine but I reckon that if you rely on it for anything from graphics/imagery to even 1-to-1 presentations then you might want to consider holding on a little longer till Apple breaks their silence on this issue or when the issue is resolved because of:


    1. potential frustration and unproductive time in dealing with multiple aept/unknowledgeable/deniful call centre folks who were in turn simply following Apple's comm scripts and probably frustrated with "HQ's" silence on this issue as well.  There are good folks out there though ... but mine own experience was bad.


    2. LG displays. It's hard to work on graphics if you are seeing things, or think that you might be, because you know that many people had reported IR problems.  That wasn't helped by the fact that some folks like me works on graphics/codes for a straight 5-8 hrs in one sitting and its just not so good for the eyes if the screen is less then reliable.  (I have to dock to a cheap (USD$300) but reliable 37 Toshiba LCD when doing graphics).


    3. Samsung displays. It's also hard to work on graphics if you get inherently yellowish Samsungs.  For mine, even at 8500 color temperature, it was still not anywhere close to the clean white that my first LG display was capable of.  Like another contributor in this forum wisely quipped, the yellowish Samsungs were good for one kind of graphics: Sepia.


    4.  unpredicatable lottery game.  It's going to be painful to play the lottery game.  Yes, people had reported getting good Sammies ... but how much time, anticipation, and anguish is one willing to roller-coaster through before getting "there"?  And hey, why should any paying customers need to jump through hoops in the first place?  Ain't we paying top dollars to get OUR problem solved?


    I currently feel stucked and disappointed - and I' am only at my 2nd display... I don't know how some in this forum had the stamina to go as far as 9 tries.  If I can turn back the clock, I would have paid closer heed to this forum and hang in there for another 1-2 months until people start checking-in with good displays on their first buy.

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    just got a week 41, #1276


    screen is LP154WT1-SJA1


      even though it looks great right now!

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    Gartner and IDC see Apple’s share of declining US PC market grow to 12.5-percent to 13.6-percent


    make more faulty units apple you are giving chance to your competitor/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/199/19992528-1.png

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    apl235 wrote:


    Tadziak wrote:


    And what is your production nr - according to appleserialinfo website? Mine is:

    Production Nr.:


    - This unit was number 1169 to be built that week.

    Mine is


    "This unit was number 1338 to be built that week."


    Not sure how to interpret the information on this site. I know it's a week off from Chipmunk. But it also says it's a 2.3 GHz processor, when it's a 2.6 GHz. Maybe they lump the two speeds together as one. And it says that the OS is Lion, when it came with Mountain Lion. Maybe Lion is just the default value, and they can't actually determine what the real OS level was. But if these things are just default values or are otherwise incorrect, it makes you wonder why their build number would be correct.


    For the replacement system coming to me, it says it was a week 41 system (Chipmunk says week 40), and it was number 325 to be built that week. That system is stuck in Newark right now, but is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. My first system was delivered a week early. It went straight from Shanghai to Memphis without the layover in Anchorage. THAT was great "logistics".


    My replacement system got here just now. It's an LG screen. It is going right back.


    I am now officially frustrated.

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    codydhorner wrote:


    Dude, that's a load of BS if I've ever heard one based on my experience. The Samsung screens are a bit more yellow and warm. The LG's have a very crisp (almost blue) white.

    If you're looking to match the white-point on an Apple Cinema Display the LG screens on the rMBP tend to match up better with the ACD - and considering it has an LG IPS panel as well it's not much of a surprise to me.



    Dr Sly wrote:


    I haven't seen a yellow Samsung display on rMBPs, all Smasungs I've seen (about 8-10) were perfect white points, much colder colours (or warmer temperatures, since it is inversed in terms of temps).


    On the other hand, the dozens of LG displays I've seen on rMBPs were mostly yellow, from faint to horrible.


    I've also had one pinkish LG rMBP, which had very faint IR and was otherwise very pretty.

    My LG was yellower than my new Samsung. Also, after calibrating properly, it appears my Samsung was a tad yellow, but not as bad as my LG was.

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    Sound Evolution wrote:


    6: Subjectively again, the LG has more vivid colors then the Samsung.


    After calibrating my rMBP's Samsung display with the Spyder 4 Pro, the colours looked much more vivid. The calibration software that comes with it shows a a grid of photographs on the screen and then lets you toggle back and forth between the old settings (in my case default) and the new calibrated settings. The difference is pretty obvious. If you don't have a Spyder 4 Pro, and you don't want to part with the almost $200 that they cost, I highly recommend that you ask your boss to buy one that you and your co-workers can share. It's worth it.



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    Boby51 wrote:


    I have LG for last two months which has minor IR issue. I have tested using checkerboard / dark gray and can only see very faint IR after 10 min which totally disappeared in less than 1 min. Also have  noticed it not getting any worse over time.


    If it's not bothering you and you prefer the wide viewing angle of the LG, then just keep an eye on it. My IR was so bad that it was a no brainer to try and get the Samsung display.

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    Thanks for the tip Canuck1970. Since I am the boss I wil buy one. It would be a great investment for every future display and laptop.


    Since we do only electronic design, color accuracy etc. isn't so important for us. My comments about the screen where just amature personal subjective observations.

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    From the Apple Site:  Isn't that IR on the top right hand side of the computer????  Just for grins: