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    Haha, reminds me of my 2006 Macbook Pro, you could actually click the mouse by pressing a spot to the right of the trackpad.

  • Christopher Wall Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep, the left corner will periodically click on me when I roll my  hand/wrist off of it.  Seems like it is coming form the corner of the laptop, not the Trackpad area.  Man, the build quality on this doens't even compare to my 2010 MBP, and I have pulled it apart many times for memory or HDD upgrades!

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    ColdDevil wrote:


    Can't test it right now but maybe you can verify my experience: If I press on the spot right next to the trackpad (where your wrist usually lies) and release it I can hear the sound of an adhesive tape being removed. I assume it is the glue of the battery pack... I don't really mind either but it would be nice to know if someone else hears that too.

    No, not really hearing it, but also it kind of blends with my wrist skin a bit sticking to the aluminium, so...

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    I went into my Apple Store near me (like 1 minute walk literally) and saved this information. I checked the three rMBPs on one side of the table, and it turns out one is Samsung, and two are LG. (On the table that's the only Samsung out of the 6).


    Upon closer inspection and some testing, one LG had very little IR and a good white point. The other LG had terrible IR issues and a yellower white point. Samsung was pinkish in comparison. These rMBPs have been there for quite a bit, but not as long as other Apple Store's because this store just opened last month, but seeing that they're left on for most of the day 24/7, I'd think it has enough use for our neglecting "too new" issue. Hopefully this helps a bit.


    rMBP #1: (Samsung)



    Serial #: C02J4529DKQ1



    Build Week- Week 4 (January) or week 31 (July)
    Production Nr.:- This unit was number 417 to be built that week




    rMBP #2: (Good LG)



    Serial #: C02J4923DKQ1



    (I reached 2 max daily) Someone else post I'll insert.


    rMBP #3: (Bad LG)



    Serial #: C02J491UDKQ1



    Build Week- Week 4 (January) or week 31 (July)
    Production Nr.:- This unit was number 674 to be built that week.


    ColdDevil wrote:


    Just after bringing my rMBP to have the display replaced I played around with some of the rMBPs in the store to see what panel they have.


    I've checked three machines which were all LGs and showed veeeeeeeery mild IR. I can assume it is very mild because it could barely be seen after 5-10 minutes of testing. If I did that to my LG panel you could clearly see IR after one ( ! ) minute.


    Checking the serial number turned out they were one of the earliest models possible. They were manufactured in may (or november... err, do the maths). Which leads me to the conclusion that there is a batch of LG panels in the middle of the production cycle that has a very strong IR effect while some of the first may be not that bad. I like to stick with the explanation of a contaminated production where charged particles have entered the production process and are still charged after showing a picture and then create the IR effect. This sounds like the most logical conclusion to me...


    Nonetheless this confirms AGAIN that all LG panel suffer from IR one day or another and some more and some less.


    Well, I really really hope and cross my fingers to receive an Samsung panel next week when my screen is replaced.

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    I've personally owned 3 ACD's, work with a guy that owns 4 (2 at work 2 at home) etc. etc. and all of the LG screens have a more 'blueish' white to them. That being said, I wasn't talking about ACD's varying in colour warmth and white-points anyhow. They've all been pretty similiar, and of course are all LG panels.


    I personally had an issue "perfectly" matching my Samsung screen on this rMBP to the LG properly because the Thunderbold/Cinema display uses an LG panel with bluish-whites by default. I've personally owned 2 rMBP's and have meticulously checked over a minimum of 4 others.


    How are you results 100% opposite of mine? The LG has a very bright white on the rMBP on every one I've spotted included one I purchased. While the only 2 Samsung screens I've seen (1 of them I own and am typing on) has a slightly yellow tone to it especially side-by-side with my Thunderbolt display.


    I just don't get how you're seeing the complete opposite of me... personally, as far as panel uniformity and white-balance out of the box goes, my LG rMBP fared better.

    Dr Sly wrote:


    Wait, what?


    Did you just call me a liar or something?


    I clearly mentioned my sample sizes for both LG and Samsung displays. Not significant in any way or shape, but how about yours?


    Probably oh-so much more significant? Do you even know what satistical significance means? In frequency-based statistics, from probability theory?


    All ACDs I've set eyes on (maybe 10-20 in the office and at home) have always ever been perfectly calibrated. And the white point was D65 with a white-bluish or white-yellowish at less than 2-3% saturation.


    Your... experience? Experience in what? How many rMBPs have you toyed with?


    Oh right, I don't care.


    codydhorner wrote:


    Dude, that's a load of BS if I've ever heard one based on my experience. The Samsung screens are a bit more yellow and warm. The LG's have a very crisp (almost blue) white.

    If you're looking to match the white-point on an Apple Cinema Display the LG screens on the rMBP tend to match up better with the ACD - and considering it has an LG IPS panel as well it's not much of a surprise to me.



    Dr Sly wrote:


    I haven't seen a yellow Samsung display on rMBPs, all Smasungs I've seen (about 8-10) were perfect white points, much colder colours (or warmer temperatures, since it is inversed in terms of temps).


    On the other hand, the dozens of LG displays I've seen on rMBPs were mostly yellow, from faint to horrible.


    I've also had one pinkish LG rMBP, which had very faint IR and was otherwise very pretty.

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    Hello everyone,


    I wanted to let you guys know that I have done colour calibration on my display ( Samsung LSN ) and I have changed the temperature to ~7100K and its much much better and whiter now. But the only thing I've noticed so far is dark colours like black aren't accurate. But over all it is way better so anyone with yellowish tint try to calibrate it

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    i only had my screen replaced.


    so we cant find out which week is it?

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    Those with yellow Samsung screens. Can't it be that when you get a replacement screen (from LG to Samsung) Apple doesn't load the right calibration file? This because the Samsung I had myself and the Samsung from my co-worker are absolutely not yellow. Very clear and bit cool in tone instead (which I like).

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    a bit offtopic. Does the (pre thunderbolt) ACD27" also has a LG display? I never paid attention to IR till the rMBP topics. So I tested the checkboard pattern on my ACD27" and after around 20 min. I get IR as well, just as with the rMBP. I never noticed this before in the almost 2 years I own the ACD.


    However note that in both cases (ACD and my rMBP) it dissapears in about a minute.

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    I just talked with an Apple retailer in Hamburg and I asked if I can check the display-issue in the store. They have about 8 units of the 2.3 model and he would not't allow me to unbox/check them all! but at least he will let me to check 2-3 only. They already told me that they have many of the LG-rMBP returned and they are aware of the issue. I'll drop by today evining.   

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    cmsj wrote:


    I just booked my rMBP (LG display) in for a replacement screen due to this issue. The work authorisation sheet I have shows 661-7171 as the part number to be used. I will come back and reply when I know what it turns out to be.


    The Genius mentioned that this was a changed part number from the original ones, which does suggest that they've identified the issue and are only using known-good LCD parts. We'll see I guess!

    Just picked it up:


    $ ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    Color LCD





    which seems like I now have a Samsung display

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    Where are you from? Reseller or official Apple Store?

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    Christopher Wall wrote:


    Yep, the left corner will periodically click on me when I roll my  hand/wrist off of it.  Seems like it is coming form the corner of the laptop, not the Trackpad area.  Man, the build quality on this doens't even compare to my 2010 MBP, and I have pulled it apart many times for memory or HDD upgrades!

    Mine shows no evidence of this.  It is rock solid.

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    Tadziak wrote:


    So, I just received TWO rMBP, both with LG from week 39/40. I think we can officially say that LG is the primary display for that computer and getting a Samsung is a rare exception.

    I received two Samsung displays from week 39/40.  Ordered from Apple online store.

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    mine is coming on monday. its a week 40/41 (This unit was number 339 to be built that week.)


    i'll let u know what display it is