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    Apparently they can't tell in advance what display you're getting. You actually have to have it installed and then run the command line instruction to determine which one you have.

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    Well if you had actually bothered to go deeper into my post and actually gave logical thought without clouding your mind with unjustified rage, you would now understand how foolish you had sounded.


    First, read your post again, and tell me in my face that you aren't over-generalizing.


    Let me assure you that your petty assumption that I had only read a couple posts is wrong. Further, I am very well aware of why people are returning notebooks, and that some Apple reps are not 'behaving honorably.' However, this has absolutely nothing to do with my point, literally absolutely nothing.


    Apple did not create a 'bogus' test, they are just using a test previously made for the iMac and it really tests the average realistic condition, though this does not justify anything anyways. By 'feature' I personally think they're actually implying that it is an inevitable aspect of the display, that all LCDs have some sort of IR, whether it be very impossible to see (like a Samsung) or quite noticeable to extremely noticeable (LG). However, some Apple reps are going over the top by twisting this word by implying it is an actual "feature" of the display, something that is made on purpose, not an unwelcome side effect. This, I agree with you, is unacceptable.


    I have spent the same 'thousands' on my own rMBP, and mine is currently in for its second repair service and I am equally qualified to state my well-justified opinion. You tell me that I do not know these peoples' stories, but at the same time, you are implying that you do. Do you? My statement was very general, and it was directed towards the general public in this thread. I do not care if there are one-off exceptions. Further, you're generalizing that all LGs look like the ones in the picture. I've posted previously about one particular LG rMBP in my nearest Apple Store, that looked perfect in every way, with very very minor IR that went away after a minute or so, and was barely noticeable. Reading many accounts of the new week 40/41 LG displays being similar, and that many others who have LGs at earlier weeks, e.g. 36, have perfect displays and it has been a while since they have received it, I made my point that people should not automatically shun LGs like the plague, because they may get a worse Samsung screen, BECAUSE Samsung screens are far from perfect either.


    Finally, let me get to your final argument that companies should "announce" things. I have made this point before but I will repeat it again. Your supreme naiiveness apalls me, might I add. These companies are gigantic companies, not your average petty business. These companies are out to make the most profit in any way possible, and minor mistakes will result in huge losses for them. Obviously they do not want this happening. Businesses do not operate around "morals;" they do not care if what they're doing is morally 'wrong' or not. They are not legally entitled to announce whether they have "fixed/updated/changed" their displays, or how some of their rMBPs have minor issues that realistically does not hinder usage. They are however entitled to fixing issues that are blatantly apparent like the IR in the pictures posted above. HOWEVER, do note that countless products across the world have issues as well, it just not be apparent since not every single product of theirs have a defect. There can be QC mistakes, or just plain defective parts. Please go learn a bit more about basic business and economics. Your ranting that these companies are not playing fair and they should be announcing things is child-like, and will not solve anything.


    Now, let me make my point VERY clear:


    My observations tell me that the newer LG displays, and some lucky previous weeks', have improved, and they do not exhibit terrible IR. However, some will appear after weeks of usage, but you are guaranteed a replacement with a Samsung when that happens. BUT, my point is that some LGs are perfect in every way except for the very minor IR that is almost unnoticeable and disappear after half a minute, for example, the specific LG rMBP on display in my nearest Apple store. THEREFORE, you should not dismiss ALL LGs immediately, and ASSUME that a Samsung will yield you perfect results. Samsungs have issues as well, and it seems the issues are more common than first perceived. It is up to you in the end to roll rMBPs until you get a Samsung, or to keep the at-first-perfect LG, but you're not guaranteed to have a perfect Samsung either. I personally would like to keep a perfect LG with very minor unnoticeable IR, than a Samsung with mura, major back-light bleeding, yellow and/or pink tinting, dead/hot pixels, and a bad whitepoint.


    Let me allude to you guys, when you dimiss LGs as immediately defective and somehow Samsung is the golden display EVERYONE should be aiming to get, to lemmings jumping off cliffs just because all your fellow lemmings are jumping off as well.

    DomdiDom wrote:


    srhwang wrote:


    From reading enough accounts of peoples' experiences and my own observations, I honestluly thing you guys are blowing this way out of proportion in terms of overgeneralizing that all LG screens are immediately undesirable, automatically assuming there are incredible faults and that ALL Samsungs are somehow perfect.


    The fact is Samsungs are having the same degree of issues as does the LG where although Samsungs do not have IR, many, with exceptions, have mura, yellow and pink tinting, and generally poorer performance color and contrastwise in general comparison to the average LG screen.


    If you get an LG screen, dont be so naive as to immediately dismiss it as terrible amd assume that getting a Samsung will actuallu improve on anything. I am assuming now that people are reporting better IR performance by newer LG screens that  LG has resolved this issue and are now supplying Apple with good screens, hence why Apple has not completely dismissed their contract and are still using LGs.

    Well if you had actually read more than a couple of posts you would understand that the reason people are returning notebooks "automatically" is that not all Apple stores are behaving honorably when a customer comes in with a bad LG screen showing IR to a level that a reasonable person would say there's a problem. Apple created a bogus test, changed language that included calling these defective screens with IR "feature" "awesome" "normal". Not bother to explain why, if this awesome feature isn't showing out of the box right away and why do most Samsungs not show it to the degree that the LG's do.


    So, it's pretty &)()* of you to say that to people that have spent thousands on a defective product without knowing their story. Have you seen some of the pictures being posted? I've never seen screens that bad and I've been using all kinds of computers for 25 years. I've never seen IR like these LG's are showing.


    As far as LG having fixed the problem, fine, they should announce it. How would you know. I think you speculating is far more naive than anything the people here are doing. Unless you want to identify yourself and let us in on some inside info. Otherwise my advice to people is, stay in control and return within 14 days or you'll have to depend on the ethics of the Apple employee you're dealing with at the time. Not me. If something has changed, they should announce it.

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    I don't know what you mean but if you're meaning the display replacement, and not the whole unit replacements, 661-7171 is the Samsung part number and they know it.

    elvisfromvancouver wrote:


    Apparently they can't tell in advance what display you're getting. You actually have to have it installed and then run the command line instruction to determine which one you have.

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    Well there you go. Not what was conveyed to me by any of the 3 or 4 people I spoke with on the matter. No matter, problem gone, it happens to be a Samsung display, I'm happy.

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    I'd like to add that my Samsung replacement was part #620-5812. So that's another possibility.

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    Which is quite strange, but the Geniuses have told me that there is no longer any other display part number other than 661-7171. They told me this a couple days ago. When I went in for my first repair around two weeks ago, they said there were two part numbers, and how strange it was that there were two part numbers for the same product. The genius purposely searched online and ordered the 661-7171 for the Samsung because I requested a Sammy at that time.

    Danny Swish wrote:


    I'd like to add that my Samsung replacement was part #620-5812. So that's another possibility.

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    Well maybe it was different because I had mine shipped into a repair center, I did not have the repair done at the apple store itself. Eh, whatever.


    I'm also positive that the screen is at least a little less yellow than it was when I got it Saturday. But it still has lightbleed, so back it goes.

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    Do you really think I would read past your third paragraph of nonsense? I'll respond to those three.


    1 I don't imagine you've seen rage as you wouldn't dare try your smart mouth from anywhere other than behind the safety of your keyboard.


    2 This is me telling you to your FACE, I'm not generalizing.


    3 The fact that you say how some apple employee's behavior has nothing to do with your point convinces me that all you've done is skimmed through these post, or you're an Apple employee, or you have lack empathy personality disorder.


    4. Talk about rage LOL.... calm down pumpkin. The notebook AS IS, *****, the notebook on paper is amazing and that's why I WAS in the market for one. By as is I mean unreliable screen quality/production controls and unreliable apple care if there's a problem.


    Sorry, third paragraph is as far as I got, I can tell you're easily offended by anyone challenging your opinion, you should really see someone about that. You'd probably spend less time alone if you would. People will like you a little more.


    Work on it.

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    LOL, so after 2 minutes of digging I think I get your "rage"




    from South Korea


    hmmm, just maybe some LG interests there big fella?


    At least I understand why you have the point of view you do now.


    <Edited By Host>

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    Mine is going in this week for a new screen. I will let yinz know what happens. The genius said "This time only we will replace the display." I told him they are going to replace it until it gets fixed or a get a refund.

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    All I read from your posts are unjustified assumptions and ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem. Are personal insults your only arguments? All I give you is facts and justified opinions, and you reply with a child-like manner with no intelligent basis.

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    Several news sites are speculating that Apple is about to release a 13.3" rMBP. See: CNET suggests that an updated 13.3 rMBP is imminent.


    Does this mean that all of these screen issues have been resolved? I can't image Apple introducing a new rMBP without having resolved these issues.


    I'll probably be buying a rMBP to replace a 5 year old MacBook on its last legs, but reading forums dealing with these issues have convinced be to wait for the second generation.

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    Oh really?


    First I read


    "clouding your mind with unjustified rage, you would now understand how foolish you had sounded"
    "petty assumption"

    Is this flattery where you're from


    Then after I wrote what I wrote I read


    "Your supreme naiiveness apalls me"
    "Please go learn a bit more about basic business and economics. Your ranting that these companies are not playing fair and they should be announcing things is child-like"

    The you refer to people returning their notebooks with LG displays as "lemming", essentially.


    More LG flattery? Now I'm not the most educated guy, but where I'm from, people lose their teeth for less than what you wrote, if you had said it. So I don't care how pretty you make it. If you want to get insulting, don't act all wounded after someone reacts.


    and quickly,

    -the test is BOGUS.

    -nobody has suggested the samsung screens are perfect

    -Why do you imagine that because I'm arguing that these companies SHOULD announce things (and I thing it should be law) that I don't understand the whole filthy reality of the the corperate world? Everything you said in that paragraph is pretty much true when it comes to business. So "lemmings" might choose to accept it and some of us choose to draw as much negative attention to is as we can. Get it? The fact is, there should be regulations to protect consumers against filthy business practicess like you describe, as if it's ok. It's not ok. The "minor" mistakes are not minor, they're huge, just like this thread.

    Lastly, the best is CONSUMER advice imo is still 1, return the notebook within 14 days if it's an LG or even a samsung if there's any issues. 2, don't buy at all untill you know that something has changed with the notebooks.


    For the record, I have nothing against LG beyond this thread, I did return my samsung led tv for an LG. The samsung was useless unless you were directly in front of it and for a computer I don't see it as an issue but for a tv it was a big enough issue that I packed it and returned it.

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    I wish to highlight that this forum's topic is on rMBP's display issue and sharing of our experiences in getting our problems fixed.


    All arguements in favor or disagreement of the topic are welcome because they add depth and insight to our discussions. However, name-calling or any other forms of personal indulgence into unrelated exchanges are best restrainted because it distracts people from sharing their experience on the rMBP's display issues, which is the key topic in this forum.


    From a bystander point of view, I am not willing to go past the 2nd line if I think that any comments are straying away from the key topic in question.


    srhwang wrote:


    All I read from your posts are unjustified assumptions and ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem. Are personal insults your only arguments? All I give you is facts and justified opinions, and you reply with a child-like manner with no intelligent basis.

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    I agree. Why?


    1. Image retention

    2. Keyboard stops responding at times

    3. 2 dents on the bottom of my computer

    4. No upgrade path for basic components

    5. Apple's unprofessional and reluctance to adress these issues in a consistant way. Some get replacements, some get repairs, some get...well stuck with what they have spent $$$$ of dollars for.


    This can't continue without an effect on the future reputaion of Apple.


    This is comming from a long time Apple fan with just about every new release of Macbook for the last 4-5 years. I just returned my retina macbook pro. This is my first and only return of an Apple product in my whole life!!!