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    I haven't been on this page in a while. I had decided to just live with the IR after getting my third replacement. For a few weeks, all seemed ok. I just kept my screensaver set to run after only a minute of inactivity to try to alleviate some of the burn in.


    Then last night I discovered that the problem has progressed to the point where I can read text ghosted over the screensaver. This is utterly, utterly absurd. Privacy? Not on a Mac, apparently. For the record, I was using the arabesque screensaver, as I hoped it would do the best job of wiping away IR.


    I tried posting an image, but I think the page is acting up... I'll try again later, if not, I've posted one to the facebook page about this topic.

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    Obviously you are using your screensaver wrongly... Or maybe Apple should update the technical note in order to help you:


    1 - Use the screensaver every 5 minutes in order to get rid of the image retention in your desktop

    2 - If the image retention shows up during the screensaver, then keep in mind it is well within spec. Anyways, when the screensaver is on you are not working with your laptop,  so if this really bothers you, please turn off the screen. Problem solved the Apple way...


    Just joking... this is ridiculous, and apple is losing big sales playing silent with this issue. The crazy thing is that over time every LG screen user will catch the problem and ask for a fix. Maybe they count on most people will not perceive the problem during the 1 year warranty period so basically they are screwed, but this strategy seems foolish to me. Even more that they are shipping 13 inch retinas with the same LG displays. If image retention is within spec, then they shoud put in clearly in the specifications of the product so at least each purchaser was properly informed.  I was looking for a retina macbook but no way I am playing lottery with a 2000+ euro purchase for a machine with a screen that will degrade over time and with 0 resale value in 2/3 years.

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    Yeah, I really, really can't understand Apple's strategy on this one.

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    This is not acceptable, cs22ms. Bring it back to the Apple Store and ask for a Samsung panel.

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    cs22ms wrote:



    This is probably the craziest (and most powerful) example that's on this entire forum. I've been following since the beginning of it (before the 700k+ views got erased) and if the solution in Apple's support page that people are directed to instructs to use a screensaver....well this just about proves that there's a bigger BIGGER issue....any word on if there is such a thing as a 13" samsung?

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    I just came home from my local Apple Store and, as promised, here's my update:


    So, after getting my MacBook Pro back, I turned it on, went to the terminal and typed in ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6 and, lo and behold, I got a Samsung screen! I noticed that it's much brighter and more vibrant than the LG that I swapped it out with. The only down side is that they put two small, but noticeable dents in the bottom piece of my MBP, but after bring that to the specialist's attention, he ordere me a new one to have them swap out once they get it in.


    Needless to say, I'm definitely happy and, after praying about it, God provided me with a "perfect" screen, making a "perfect" Mac that I should've gotten the first time without IR (well, minus the two dents that will be fixed in a few days). Thank you Lord! I wish you all the best!

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    Thanks to GOD after 3 attempts I finally won the lottery and got Samsung.


    Build Week- Week 18 (April) or week 45 (October)
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    masterfish11 wrote:


    any word on if there is such a thing as a 13" samsung?


    I want to know if there is such a thing as a 13" rMBP with Samsung panels in the first place.  Aren't they all LG panels?

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    My production week is Week 12 (March) or week 39 (September). I'll run the tests I said I would and report back.

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    Tonight I ran the checkerboard image retention test and my Samsung passed without any evidence of retention or at least I couldn't see anything. I also checked for uneven coloring, but that seems fine as well. There does seem to be a slight yellow hue to the display as some people have stated about the Samsungs.

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    My 3rd replacement screen was not good due to the yellowishness.  This was reported and actioned upon by my service centre as they noticed the same problem and knew that i'll reject that anyway. So I'm on my way to the fifth replacement screen.  Apple also offered me a brand new unit (new box) was not able to guarantee that I'll get a Samsung display.  If my fifth replacement screen still does not measure up, then should I go for another replacement or get a brand new unit?


    Anyfolks out there who got good Sammie's right out of the box?

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    Locoroco wrote:


      Anyfolks out there who got good Sammie's right out of the box?


    Mine was a week 42 Sammy and was as good as it gets.  Upped the color temp from 6500 to 6700 for perfect white.

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    Week 45, LG.




    No IR yet. From what you guys are saying I might as well return it now.... probably better to return and get a new one with potentially a samsung than wait.. right?

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    It is a Samsung! And it looks great, no dead pixels or weird color variations.


    I guess I was in luck for the first time in my life.