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  • fxycn Level 1 (0 points)

    Bad news, Apple changed the IR testing standards.First Checkerboard pattern of 3 minutes,and switch to the gray-black background, after one minute, then look at the IR.So all the screen will haven't problem.Today, I went to the Genius Bar,Genius detected my LG screen and said no problem, shameless ah!Apple's own standard-setting to test their own problems, big joke!

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    For people saying their model is from week 45, mine is from the same week as well (LG). I received mine a few days back and ran all the tests without any problem.

    I am not sure if the production has been changed but I think its still present. Someone suggested me to do this - leave the rmbp with the dark grey wallpaper and a textedit window open for the whole night (about 7 hrs).


    I did this and the next morning I found that it was there but only very slightly. In fact I had to observe very carefully to see it.. It disappeared after about 5-10 mins. I wouldnt call this an issue but what I am worried about is if this will get worse over time.

  • fxycn Level 1 (0 points)

    All LG have IR

    will get worse with more time

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    Well, refer to my previous post. I also used the retention test of 3+1. IR was evident with that test and they replaced panel. I assume apple will replace if there was a real IR issue. Now you may think I must have a serious and unbearable IR issue. Reality was, it wasn't really that bad, and I even contemplated living with it. But being the perfectionist that I am, I brought it in despite the mild case and it failed the 3+1 test. So real issue warranting a real replacement.


    I hope your panel gets worse so it fails the test eventually.

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    Agreed. My experience shows I gets worse over time...from no detectable IR in July to failing the 3+1 test 4 months later.

  • ssn637 Level 1 (30 points)

    Well, my 15" rMBP is on order and I'm giving Apple one chance to provide me with a Samsung screen.   Otherwise it's going straight back for a refund, no questions asked.  And I'll wait until the next revision to upgrade. The 15" rMBP is a fantastic machine, but I'd rather wait a year than play the screen replacement game.

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    I just got a 2.6ghz, 16gig RAM, 512, 15" rMPB with a week 45 build.  Strange thing is that 1 battery cycle on it when I first turned it on.  Is apple selling used laptops?


    Ran the test for the screen and its an LG.  Going to send it back today, definitely do not want to deal with IR on a $3000 laptop.

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    Mine was 3 when I got it. Yeah, I think apple is sending the returned machines to the new buyers. I used my laptop for only one hour. Then I found out it is LG and it has Image Retention, then I returned it the next day. There is no refurbished rMBP laptop in their website. and I don't think they are throwing away the new laptop which was used for only one hour (in my case). Probably they just pack it neatly and send it to the next costumer and cross fingers that people will not know about it

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    I don't have an explanation for that.  But I really don't think that Apple can legally sell a used machine as new.  If it's been opened, it's a future refurb.  I can only imagine the legal uproar if it was ever determined that they were selling used equipment as new.

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    The only strange part is when I looked at the tracking info and serial, it can't be that they're changing the serial number and sending it back to China?  The tracking info showed it came straight from Shanghai.


    I wonder if its worth doing exchanges for a Samsung screen or just get a refund and get a PC laptop instead(and save money).



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    So many returns, it is Obvious

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    What really bugs me is that this isn't a $1000 laptop or even a $1500 laptop, or EVEN a $2000 laptop but @ $3000....That is a lot to pay to have screen issues after 3 months. 


    I wish they would make a statement that would say that they would support the people with screen replacement if there is noticeable IR.

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    I asked for a refund. Cause I was not sure if they will give me a samsung or not. I didn't want my 14 days of no ask return pass and also I was not sure if the problem was going to get worse or not. Also, there is no guarantee that you'll get a flawless samsung and they have their own problems which might also get worst as time passes like bringing dead pixels.

    If you like my opinion, just return it and put your money somewhere safe for the next year. Next year before you buy the new product first check this forum and see whether they have fixed it or not. If you really need a new laptop this year, your best option is Sony Vaio Z series or Sony Vaio S series (15" is slightly similar to this machine). I hope I have helped you in your decision..

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    Thanks Rooz I think you are right.  I better not play with fire.  Going to return it for a refund today. 


    Just curious, the 15 day return period includes all the time spent getting returns or does it restart everytime you get a new machine?

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    People who leave their macs with display on and static image for the whole night are crazy. You are likely damage your panel and got burn-in.