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    I have the same yellow/purple Samsung screen and looking at a rMBP on display at the Apple Store, I could actually guess the screen manufacturer being Samsung, just from the yellow tinge at the bottom (then confirmed via Terminal). I may get a refund and go with an AntiGlare HiRes MBP instead.

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    Can somebody post a picture of a Samsung with the color tinges?

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    Quick update:


    Had LG screen.


    I got sick on "image retention" and went to Apple store. They ran tests, tests pass. But they still offered me "one time replacement"


    Just recieved it, no ghosting, Samsung display.


    #winning #success

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    mkhait wrote:


    Quick update:


    Had LG screen.


    I got sick on "image retention" and went to Apple store. They ran tests, tests pass. But they still offered me "one time replacement"


    Just recieved it, no ghosting, Samsung display.


    #winning #success


    There's a little bit of Charlie Sheen in all of us.

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    I have been following this post for the past few weeks and from what I have seen users posting up, the issue only got worse as units with Samsung panel out there are getting lesser. Till today, I am still undecided whether I should try my luck and pick my poison of either LG or Samsung problems or wait for the revision?


    I sold my MBP 2 months ago and has been waiting to get one of the 13 inch rMBP but my hopes seems to fade quickly. Thoughts?

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    ive returned two rmpbs and im waiting for revision. my mbp is from 2006!
    if you can wait until march-june when the graphics is updated. i think that apple will do something to the production of the screens by then.

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    I guess waiting for the next revision of the rMBPs will be the best solution to buying a hassle-free product. Hopefully it will be resolved by the second quarter next year!


    I guess I'll just have to stick to my old laptop for now... Thanks Apple!!!

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    On October 9, 2012 I mail order purchased from the Apple Store the identical Specs ie 2.7 GHz, 16 GB, 768 SS Drive, etc. Macbook Pro Retina that arrived with LG Display as tavo1013 had, and after 5 weeks so far no problems. I have ran the checkerboard test a few times and have not noticed any Image Retention so far. When I received it I was really dissappointed that I didn't get a Samsung Display as I had tried to request one, but so far I have nothing to complain about and I am really enjoying this Beautiful Laptop. Keeping my fingers crossed & hope that this continues. 


    Also as a life long member of Consumers Reports I contacted them to see if they had heard of this IR problem in their 15 inch Macbook Pro with Retina detailed tests and I was told via email they had not experienced the problem - but then maybe they got all Samsung Screens?? 


    One other thing - I had recently purchased a 24 inch Samsung Monitor with an HDMI port that was on sale in Sept for under $200.00 at Staples.  Two days ago to  try it out I hooked it up to my new 15 inch Macbook Pro with Retina's HDMI Port using a HDMI Cable, and to my surprise  the Display quality on that 24 inch Samsung Monitor was just Stunning -  so it looks like this great Apple Technology works well even on external Monitors.  Hope this helps others considering the purchase of a new Retina Laptop.

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    Dear all,


    here's an update on my story.


    I'm just back from my 4th replacement (hence 5th screen) and its a PERFECT Sammy.  No Bleeding, dead pixels, yellowishness or uneven colors.  After a protracted 3 months "campaign" vs Apple (4 Apple customer relation officers, 1 Apple Senior Tech, 1 Service Center Tech) I do not feel "victorious" at finally getting what I've paid for.  Rather, I felt complete disappointment that I had to put myself through all this in the first place.


    To folks out there who doubt if perfect Sumsung screens exists,

    YES it does because I just got one.  But you be the judge on the odds of getting one in the first place and balance it with the lost productive time and emotional roller-coaster you have to go through.  If I'd known Apple's denial attitude towards this in the first place, I would not have purchased the rMBP.  It is now time for me to move on and do more productive stuff with my time.


    To you guys who've given me valuable advises in dealing with Apple,

    Thank you and God Bless.


    To Apple,

    Please wake up.


    Over and out~

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    So here is what happend to me. Today I had my appointment at the Genius Bar in the CentrO in Oberhausen Germany. I have a 5 week old LG Display, after 4 weeks the image resistance problem the first time appears. From day to day it got even worster. After discussioning over an hour they ordered a new display und will contact me if it was delivered. Then I bring my Macbook in and will get it back within 48 hours. They told me that they have a lot of work the iMac product recall. Not what I expected, I hope I could get it back the same day... So now I drove 200km to the store for reporting that I have these issue, then I have to drive again 200km to bring the macbook in and again 200km to get it back!


    So i have to pay 70 EUR for fuel and spend 6 hours travelling for getting a good product without an issue which I already paid 3000 EUR for. Wrong world at Apple.


    I also tested the rMBP at the store, it has a great Samung display, no image resitance, everything is quite fine with it.


    I really really hope I get a Samsung display, I don't want to have these trouble 2 times or more otherwise I wanted to have back my money.


    Apple I think it's already time for a Macbook Pro Retina recall also!!!! At least don't ship LG Panels anymore!!

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    I have a week 29 MBPr, it didn't show IR at first, but as many here have confirmed the problem appears and gets worse over time. Everyone with an LG display is pretty much guaranteed the problem will occur some time in the future, I guess some people just won't notice it. I am reluctant to swap my laptop for another machine, because after reading this thread it feels like participating in the lottery. I have imagine retention, but I only notice that on particular dark-ish backgrounds, a yellow or pinkish tint is even worse I think. Besides that I need my machine for work, even missing it for a day would be bad.


    I am mostly worried with how this is going to get even worse, say 3 months from now, it will seriously affect resale value when a revision comes out, and by that time it might start influencing actually working with the machine (that is not much of a problem right now).


    When you think about it it is absolutely 100% bizarre that people are forced to swap their laptop 2+ times, I highly doubt other manufacturers' userbases would be so accepting to something that is so blatantly evidence of poor quality control. Apple is also quite shameless in recognizing the problem and reacting to its users, people who have spent $3000 for what should be a faultless device. This is most certainly the last device I ever buy with shoddy LG hardware in it, and it has also majorly dented Apple's good name for me. The last time I jump on the early adopter's bandwagon for sure.

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    Nqjudo wrote:


    Well folks it is official. I was finally given some completely honest advice from an Apple business specialist this afternoon. The advice? If I wanted a display that will meet my needs and possess the qualities I require in a display (i.e. be as bright as my previous and existing products and be image retention-free) then I would be best advised to.... You guys ready?...WAIT FOR THE PRODUCT TO BE REVISED. I really appreciated the blatant honest coming directly from Apple but the whole thing still leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.


    So I got a phone call from a rep also....weird thing was, he claimed that he was just given my name and phone number from someone else (who must've pulled it from this forum). Here's what I said to him (btw this was someone 'representing Apple's Engineering Department):


    1) LG vs. Samsung

       -2 different technologies, IPS vs. PLS

       -LGs all seem to have the issue, Samsung do not

      -If IR is 'within spec', does that mean Samsung w/o IR are 'out of spec'?


    2) Forum counter being reset from 700,000+ views to 0

       -Doesn't that seem a bit sketchy?


    3) Do any of the 13" rMBP have Samsung displays w/o IR?


    4) Made sure he saw the picture I posted a few pages back with IR over the flurry/abstract screensaver (if you haven't seen this, go back a few pages and see)


    5) What progress has been made / when do they think they'll have this fixed?


    Here were his answers:


    1) We aren't really given the information on who manufactures specific products but some machines are showing the issue, but only a small percentage (which I further informed that people on this forum have reported up to 7 replacement machines ALL with IR and LG screens)


    2) He brushed over this one...he 'understood where I was coming from '


    3) We don't know who manufactures these things....not something they tell us. We are in the process now of getting as many models shipped back here that have IR so our engineers can look at them.


    4) I'll make sure they see this


    5) They don't tell us this information


    And to top it all off, similarly to Nqjudo's post:

    "I guess if you need to get a new machine, either get the non-retina computer or wait until this issue is fixed. Whenever we release first gen products, there are a small amount affected and that's what we're doing....trying to get as many of these shipped back as possible. But your best bet might be to wait"


    So that's the business. Apple, a company reknowned for amazing technology and products telling me (a motion graphics / graphic designer who works constantly with Adobe CS and video) that while they are selling their retina MacBook Pro as the 'best laptop we've ever made', that those of us pro users who were expecting a screen that 1) was consistent amongst ALL inventory and 2) didn't have ghosting should just 'hang in there' until Apple figures out how to fix this 'small-scale' (BS) problem.


    Fun stuff. Cool.

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    I think a slight color shift is much more preferable to image retention. You can change the colors with calibration, but it doesn't appear you can do anything about IR. Having said that, now that I've seen both LG and Samsung displays on the rMBP, I think the LG looks better out of the box. Neither compares to the color accuracy and whites on my 27" LED cinema display, but I'm not sure I expect them to. It's still a laptop screen, and still overall the finest machine I've ever used. I'm thankful for a company like Apple that lets you return and exchange products ad nauseum to make the customer happy. 

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    Has anyone been able to come up with a way to determine display manufacturer on the 13 rMBP? I've tried the terminal command on several at the store and it has been removed by Apple apparantly. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm wondering if I'm immune to this issue. I have a Samsung screen on my rMBP (bought entry level model in late July, exchanged in early August for the 2.6 GHz / 512 GB model), and I don't notice this at all.


    Of course, just this past weekend, I failed a color vision test and was determined to have severe tritan vision deffiency (Tritanopia), otherwise known as Blue-Yellow color blindness. This does not mean I can't see blue or yellow.  It's more of a problem with confusing blue with green and yellow with violet.

    cschmeer wrote:


    I have the same yellow/purple Samsung screen and looking at a rMBP on display at the Apple Store, I could actually guess the screen manufacturer being Samsung, just from the yellow tinge at the bottom (then confirmed via Terminal). I may get a refund and go with an AntiGlare HiRes MBP instead.