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  • iamnmwfr Level 1 Level 1

    first thanks for all the previous reviews and comments, I appreciate it. I just get my new 15 MBPr today, following the instruction mentioned above, I am lucky that mine is a samsung panel. I ordered this on November 9th and shipped on 12th.


    I went to apple store yestoday, and checked 5 MBPr 15", and they all are samsung panels. I do not know what that mean. is that mean all the new ones are samaung panels? if any issues with the samsung panel so far.


    Should I return this and wait for a revision model or just keep it. comments? thanks in advance.

  • link187 Level 1 Level 1

    Update: I posted ghosting/IR pics earlier of my retina week 35 with LG screen:

    IR kicked in after 7 weeks. It WILL happen on all LG screens (until the bad component is identified and eliminated from the manufacturing process).

    Anyways Apple store offered to replace the screen. I insisted on a replacement and after a long time of arguing, explaining, showing anger  (and even a bit of begging!) they agreed to replace instead of repair (tip: persevere and remember: you paid for a new machine not one that has been opened and refurbished: refurbs are a lot cheaper)


    Got the replacement today and it's a week 46 (November) Samsung. I don't see any difference in image quality but I do feel comfortable that the IR won't return and there will be some resell value when the time comes to upgrade.

    I hope you all get your samsung screen replacements too and I hope that this means more samsung screens are being made available. Also since apple continue to use LG screens (demonstrated by IR in the new 13" models), I hope LG can fix this problem in their factories (not only Samsung have access to decent capacitors/diodes/whatever good version of the poor quality component that causes ghosting in the LG screens).


    SUPERTIP: be ready for the rubbish test for ir that they will run: it uses a very dark grey and the IR won't show up. I was ready and showed them a real world example using the apple website and a photo (which resulted in the words"ipad mini" being burned into the picture after just 3 minutes: horrible retention! I'm so glad I got rid of that machine!)


    Anyways good luck everyone, and Apple: you were kind to me today but the grief I had to go through to get this replacement was unnaceptable, and also: to the apple employees that keep posting positive reviews of the retina in this thread: please stop, it's obvious and insulting and this is a place we've come to for help, not for marketing.

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    Dear All,


    Not only IR start to get worse (and it is really ugly!) but my computer start to overheat sort off. When working with parallels and my CAD program the same time (switching apps on the fly in the workflow) the computer get so hot, u can't barly touch it on the array above the keyboard. The consequence is, it starts to stutter, Rendering of my simulations in the CAD program become terrible slow. the computer becomes unusable for serious work


    I don't undertand this, because I could do exact the same work (same apps) on my 11" macbook air without any troubble. I invested in the top of the line most expensive Apple laptop money van buy, and it doesn't deliver


    I have really no idea anymore what to do now. I am out my 14 days period. I doubt those issues are repairble because I believe it is a designflaw. what now? .....


    Ps. About the IR. It becomes almost impossible to do CAD design work on a static screen. Anything longer then 5 minutes on the screen burns in.

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    Screen's manufacturing week ??

    I m in possession of a week 25 manufactured LG display which I have been rigorously using for the past 4 months and by god's grace though I do have IR but it hasn't got worse and is visible on gray backgrounds only :(

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    Great to hear you've received a Samsung panel!  My rMBP 15" shipped this morning and will arive NLT the 28th of November.  So it must be a Week 46 as well, with at least two forum members reporting Samsung displays!


    I've decided that there are two tests I'm going to carry out as soon as I've started up the system:

    Battery cycle count

    Display manufacturer


    If the battery cycle count is above 3 or the panel's manufacturer is LG the machine is going back for a refund. There's no way I'm going to deal with multiple returns since my current 2010 13" MBP is just fine for normal use and waiting for the next refresh is still an option.  There are quite a few purchasers of brand new rMBPs reporting high battery cycle counts and LG displays.

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    I got my 13 inch Macbook Pro Retina and its LG, I dont have image retention problem..


    maybe just few percent of mbpr user got IR problem..

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    Hello all worried colleagues!


    I saved many months, eating just macaroni and drinking water (dramatic) and finally yesterday i got my FIRST Macbook! I've wanted one for very long, but now finally i got one! It was very very expensive for me, but i carefully calculated and justified the purchase. Anyway i was a bit afraid it might haven LG display as i've read those have had problems. Yes i checked, "it's an LG". Haven't noticed anything yet, and i hope mine is flawless. I'm still asking you all, that should i try to send it back and demand an samsung display? I'm hoping they would have fixed this thing already as i ordered this 6.11? Could you give any advice on this subject?

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    I would only worry if you actually have image retention. Not specifically that you have an LG. I just replaced my screen (2nd Samsung panel now for me) and both have terribly yellow white points and yellow splotches in the exact same locations (bottom left and a thing strip down the right side).


    My 1 and first machine with an LG had an absolutely perfect and crisp white balance and great uniformity. I'd rather have slight IR that you really only find if you try hard enough (on my old panel anyhow? than the **** fabrication quality of the Samsungs.

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    I'm in the same boat. Just got my MBPr yesterday and it is indeed an LG display. The thing is, there is absolutely NO image retention when I run the checkerboard test for 10 minutes. I've done it about 6 times now and can't see a thing. This might be because I'm running the tests in a cold enviornment and I read earlier that image retention gets worse when it gets hot. I'm really not sure. Who knows, maybe this is one of the good ones.


    So...this is a good thing and a bad thing. It's great that the screen doesn't have issues at the moment, but I know there's a good chance it will develop image retention down the line based upon what I've been reading. I'm worried that if it does later on I'll have trouble getting it replaced through applecare, since they seem to think that some image retention is within spec.


    If I go into an apple store and asked for a screen replacement for a screen that has no image retention (for now), solely based upon my fear that it will develop in the future? It seems so ridiculous to me that I even need to worry this crap. Anyways, I'm still within the 14 day period, so I suppose I could just suck it up, return it, avoid the risk, and wait for the next generation.

  • Lebbeus Level 1 Level 1

    It's an tough call.


    you can either swop your LG macbook in the 14 days to try and get a IR proof samsung or wait it out and risk developing it + then have to do battle with a genius to get a replacement. For what it's worth in theory apple's christmas returns policy should let you return anything recently bought until the 7th January.


    There's a few people declaring ALL LG SCREENS WILL DEVELOP THE PROBLEM. I find it hard to know how folk can come to this conclusion. There must be 10,000+ retina books in the world by now and how can you estimate how many are affected?


    I really wish this wasn't an issue as it's a proper joy stealer. If apple stated exactly the issue and what their policy was it'd reassure their customer base that are frankly paying a small fortune for these machines.

  • pnewcomb Level 1 Level 1

    Oh yea, I forgot about the holiday return period I guess I just happened to order at the right time.


    That definitely eases my I actually have 7 more weeks to see if IR develops and to decide what to do. Thanks for pointing that out!

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    I got a refund on my Retina MacBook Pro with Samsung screen today (14th day). Although there was no IR like in the LG screen on the first one I had, the horribly yellow tinge at the bottom of the screen was simply too distracting. I think I might try my luck with a 15" HiRes AntiGlare model instead. I should have never sold my 17" AntiGlare MacBook Pro...

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    Bad apple i recently bought a RMBP and found out it was an LG

  • botro Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for all the info in this thread, but it's very discouraging. I have a mid-year 2010 13" MBP. I bought a 13" rMBP and as soon as I unboxed it at home it had the yellow hue compared to my 2010 MBP. So I went to the Apple store the next day - they offered to swap it out. Unfortunately the LIGHTING in the Apple store is fluorescent. I don't know if anyone in this thread has mentioned the ambient light conditions. But these screens appear differently depending if it's 1) Daylight 2) fluorescent 3) Incandescent or even Halogen.


    I could not tell the difference between the two displays at the store in that lighting condition. The only thing I used as a reference was my iPhone 4S as a white background and compared it to the rMBP and the iPhone was a lot brighter and whiter. I know that's not a fair comparison since the display technology is different, but it did allow me to see the two rMBP were similar.


    The Apple technicians told me it was "impossible" to determine the display OEM which obviously it's not if you enter the correct command:


    >ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    After going through this thread there is no clear winner in terms of which OEM is "better". Both Samsung and LG have problems.


    Why is Apple charging an extra $500 for what is supposed to be a superior display? Yes the text was crisper, but at the expense of losing some brightness and having to adjust to the yellow tint, it's not worth it to me. Does Apple think it's OK to sell products with this much variability in quality control?


    So I'm going to get an SSD and put it in my "old" MBP and save the $1700 until this problem is solved.


    Why can't they produce a screen as crisp and bright and white as the iPhone 4S for a laptop? If it drains the battery faster that is a tradeoff and users can turn the brightness lower.

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    I have not seen many new cases of IR happening recently. Could it be that LG has changed something? Or there has been a silent roll?


    Has anyone actually seen IR on his /her machine purchased in october/november??