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    How can i tell which screen i have in mine?

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    I totally agree with you there on that point. There seems to be too many people juming the gun here and assuming immediately that ALL LG panels are problematic. Although a vast majority of stated that they have seen some form of IR, i wonder whether a lot of the cases are an exagerration of the issue - it does get me worried myself, as i have an LG panel on mine.


    How many people have had theirs for a few months now and have had no problems with IR on LG's?

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    ive had mine for a week and been totally ocd with checking it for IR every getting to the point where ive given up on trying search for a 'problem'. LOL mines a week 45  build btw.

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    Back in September, it seemed that IR could be reproduced in many LG systems. Some took a couple of weeks, some had IR out of the box.


    I had one myself. IR happened after 2 weeks of using it, and yes, it got worse over time. I purchased it at a retailer that offered 4 weeks return policy. I decided to ask for a refund on week 4.


    I tried to ignore it, but it crossed the line when I could see it on my photographs, not on a gray background, after just 2 minutes of not moving a window. ( screen saver helps how?? )


    Good luck with yours. I REALLY HOPE LG has figured out how to eliminate or reduce IR in their screens.I am sure they are getting a lot of heat from Apple about so many returns.


    I am a photograper, I LOVE the detail of the retina display, but the color changes induced by IR are really disturbing and distracting to my work.


    This situation is quite sad. I know the machine I want, but I cannot buy it!   I do not want to play the lottery. It is frustrating, wasteful and time consuming.


    Because I've invested time and $$ on the Apple environment, ( software, hardware, etc..), I am quite locked on it, and it is very frustrating to not be able to purchase the machine I want.


    Apple might say  this display is the state of the art, and IR is unavoidable. But that is not true.

    A product from the competition is free of IR, while retaining most of the other display specs intact, proving that is technically possible to get rid of this issue.  Who makes this product ?  Apple.


    But Alas! You cannot buy it! unless you engage in an absurd buy/return dance.


    I would ask Apple to enable the customer to select which display they want in their system! ( if they ask for it) Only some customers may care about having IR free displays. Make it a special order perhaps. It's ok if it takes longer to manufacture ( I waited 1 month for my MBPr anyway)


    As it is today, My only choice is to wait 8 months and hope for a product refresh. or play the lottery game.


    The problem I have has a fix and it is commercially available ( Samsung screens ) ! but I cannot buy it!!!!   How frustrating!


    Apple, while you figure out the IR problem on LG screens can you please sell me a MPBr with  Samsung display ???

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    There is a little possibility that news LGs are better. All of our focus should be on week 44-45 LGs now. The most recent ones.


    So those who have 44-45 LGs please keep us updates. Anyone who has a week 44-45 with IR?


    That is, bought the mac in the two last weeks and has a IR?

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    After 5 weeks of use, I can notice very severe image retention. Laptop was built on the first week of October. Tested the screen couple of weeks ago and it was perfect back then..

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    thats a week 38 or something...were after the late ones.

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    Is there a formula for figuring out what week a rMBP was built in? I'm not keen on entering the serial # on one of the sites that figures it out for you.

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    As far as I know its the only way for us consumers.

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    "How many people have had theirs for a few months now and have had no problems with IR on LG's?"


    It'd be great to know how many LGs actually have the issue, but most people reading this thread are having image retention issues, so it's not exactly an accurate poll. The people owning LGs with no problems most likely won't research it and come upon this thread.

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    Yes, only few percent of Macbook pro retina has this problem.. I got Macbook Pro 13 retina with LG display and its works perfectly..

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    As I said before, my LG rMBP bought in July only showed IR two weeks ago. Was flawless for the longest time. Got Samsung replacement panel.


    Hope you develop IR sooner rather than later. Why? Uncertainty and fear is more unbearable.

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    If you look back many pages, you will find the reason for the claim " all LG panels will develop IR"


    it was based on several people buying and returning LG panels, sometimes 4 o 5 times.


    in these cases, All of the LG panels tested had IR.


    If, let's  say, the failure rate was 10%, the probability of getting 4 faulty panels in a row is 0.1^4 = 1/10,000


    pretty slim.


    the other factor, is that no one buying and returning panels has ever settled with a "good LG" . The lottery game always ends with a Samsung panel.


    So it seems it is more a matter of being able to see it or care for it. If you are a photographer, or in graphics arts, programmer or  CAD / electronics designer, you are more likely to see it or care for it.


    But things could have changed now. Perhaps.


    the second most frustrating thing about this is the silence apple is giving us.

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    I am a web developer and I am a kind of person that check every pixel if its perfect or not.. I tested my MBPr 13 with the IR tool and i found no image retention..

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    the second most frustrating thing about this is the silence apple is giving us.


    I'm kind of confused by this too. Are these forums not moderated by apple? Maybe I'm missing the purpose of this community. If they are indeed seeing all these complaints and choosing not to respond, it reflects very poorly upon them and shows a lack of concern for customer satisfaction in my opinion.