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  • tonidebaja Level 1 Level 1

    How long have you had it for? my screen took 2 weeks of pretty continuous use before It started. Then it progressed rapidly. ( see pic. NOTE: BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST INCREASED TO MAKE IT MORE VISIBLE )



    Remember, this forum/issue  started with the 15", I think there is little data still about the 13" screen. I wish your screen stays perfect. Let us know what happens in any case.

  • Bantilan Level 1 Level 1

    2 week so far, I will update this thread after 2 to 3 weeks, If i got IR or not..

  • @nt Level 1 Level 1

    That is unbelievable!  Wow.  I have a week 41 LG screen with slight IR out of the box only with a gray background.  Received on 10/08.  It's been a month.  I can produce ghosting with a gray background but you have to look real closely and it disappears within 1 minute.  Has not gotten worse.  In fact I forgot about it.  Kept my MBPr.  I can't live without this machine.  I use my machine for music and nothing compares to it.  Some of these pics of the IR you guys are experiencing is just crazy.  If mine did that I would get a replacement hands down.  I would tell the genius his checkboard test is great and all but that doesn't apply to me.  LOL!  You guys should not have any problems getting a replacement with IR that bad.  When mine shows IR it actually hurts my eyes looking for it. 

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    Wow, finally arived back home from the Apple Store CentrO Oberhausen. Checked in at 5pm, they told me that they have scheduled it for 6pm, and at 7pm I got the callback that all is ready. I got a Samsung screen and all seems to be fine now! No dead pixels, now yellowness! I'm really happy about that now.

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    Can you please tell me how you were able to find out that you have a LG. I understand that Apple has removed the ability to use the terminal command to determine the display manufacturer on the 13 rMBP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • codydhorner Level 1 Level 1

    Just as another heads-up to this thread:


    I've now had the chance to own and use 4, 15" Retina MBP's and have found the following:


    1. 2x LG displays, perfectly crisp whites and great uniformity. 1 with slight IR, and I had to go looking for it to even find a slight trace. 1 with no IR.
    2. 2x  Samsung displays. 1 pretty good overall, but yellowing in the bottom left and a stripe on the right side. The other, uniformly good, but terribly yellow as a whole and no calibration was going to help it.


    The other thing about the LG display is that it seems the viewing angles are slightly better. So to recap: better white balance (and especially if you're working side-by-side with a Thunderbolt display, the two panels are a much closer match), and better uniformity. Potential for IR depending on the screen.


    If I had to chose: I'll take the LG screen. The effort it would take to find a perfectly clear Samsung at this point is not worth it. If you get lucky, great - but the odds don't seem to be in that favour.


    Mostly.... enjoy your notebook. I know production variances can be a pain in the ***, and I'm very picky. But at the end of the day if you go back and compare the screens to most other products on the market (even other MB's) you'll find this one to be pretty good. However, it does seem to me like Apple needs a real kick in the rear in regards to quality control. If they don't improve, I'll be pretty ****** off - be stuck between a rock and a hard place since I won't touch Windows and the PC laptops or all-in-one desktops with a 10 foot pole.


    I can only hope for the next iteration of the MBPr they sort out any little issues, update the platform to Haswell and also increase the colour accurracy and brightness again. I'll be waiting!

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    Hello everyone.


    I decided to post because I found this thread immensely helpful and wanted to add whatever I could to it.


    I will try to temper my excitement and good luck, however I do feel I need to address some of the things that have been going on in the thread.


    First, data points:


    Ordered Sunday night.  Left China Weds. Arrived at 11am today.


    Battery cycles = 1.


    Display panel via terminal = Samsung (LSN).


    That was it...that's all I need to know.


    I don't care about calibration or anything like that.  As long as there is nothing visibly materially deficient in the screen I'm satisfied.


    No dead pixels at first glance, screen brightness is uniform, colors are consistent.


    To all of those people with visible screen retention on an LG panel...what a nightmare.  Get your money back and wait.


    To those who got the samsung panel...I'd probably hold on to something with minor color issues before I'd play the lottery on a (allegedly) materially deficit LG screen.


    For everyone else...with any luck Apple is now shipping units that do not have the afformentioned issues (with any luck).


    Give them a chance, and if they have not satisfactorily resolved the issues, return within 14 days.


    Thanks everyone for all the helpful input.


    I will keep updated if IR issues surface.  I highly doubt they will on a Samsung panel though.


    Beautiful laptop if you draw an ace.


    For every 1 person complaining on here I would assume there are 9 customers satisfied with what is otherwise a marvel of modern machinery.


    Guild Wars 2 client is downloading as we speak, can't wait for some mobile retina gaming.



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    I can't help but think of the recent Toyota recall when thinking about Apple. A friend was complaining that every time he opens the paper he's reading about another recall with Toyota. I said, that's what a responsible company is supposed to do. Consider yourself lucky. Most of the recalls are not safety related and they could conceivably get away without the recalls if they chose to behave in an unethical manner.


    I then mentioned how Apple handles things, "you're holding the phone wrong" "you're looking at the screen wrong" "the computer is within spec" "it's not a defect but rather a feature" etc etc.


    Now no company is made up of saints but there's no excuse for a company to behave the way Apple does and frankly there should be laws to protect consumers against these kinds of defects.

  • sajid2135 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm planning to buy a macbook pro. After reading about these image retention issues, confused whether to go for a retina MBP or normal one. Any suggestions?

  • Geno11 Level 1 Level 1

    Bump to sajid2135

  • Caderind Level 1 Level 1

    So I have had my rMBP for just over 1 month (October 5th). I was not looking for IR, nor did I notice any. But then I noticed this today after being on Facebook's Messages for all of 60-120 seconds! I switched tabs to a YouTube video and was greeted with a readable ghost of the previous window.


    Yes its an LG panel I ran the test earlier to check. Not sure what to do, there is no Apple store nearby for me to take it to. Do I have to post it in? :/


  • stefann Level 1 Level 1

    I got the chance today to test a Retina Macbook Pro with LG-Panel against one with a Samsung-Panel and made a video of the IR/Burn-In effect:


  • tonidebaja Level 1 Level 1

    Impressive, that is the best example I've seen so far!   congratulations on being able to record it that well!

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    i'd purchased my 15" rMBP on end of Nov and receiving it on 2nd of October. It's LG screen, been using it everyday and until now there's no issue with my screen yet. Everything is ok, only complain is I wish the white can be whiter. Other than that, everything is good so far. Didn't run the test for IR, for me, if such issue does not appear in normal usage, then I'm good to live with it.

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    To add a very recent discovery - the Samsung panel seems to be 8-bit, and the LG 6-bit. If you look closely at the iTunes and App Store icons on the LG, it looks like you can see 'pixels' or horizontal scan lines vs. the Samsung where it's a very smooth gradient.