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    Mine has this exact issue.  Apple won't do anything about it.  Image retention on a gray background doesn't count as retention according to them.  They have to see image issues on a BLACK screen after a checkerboard pattern.   The Genius Bar says it is "within spec."  I emailed pictures of the issue to an AppleCare senior advisor and "it isn't normal and shouldn't do that, but its not an issue."

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    I placed another order the last week of October (my fourth rMBP to date), and lo and behold, another LG screen with IR.  Given the extended holiday return policy, I still have ample time to return the device, and I fully intend to.  Totally unacceptable for a machine of this expense and supposed caliber. 


    I know the computer I want: a rMBP with a Samsung screen!  I don't know why it's proving so difficult to get my hand on one...


    Has anyone found a clever way of attaining a Samsung screen (factory installed, not a repair) without relying on random luck of the draw?  Letters to corporate, anything?  There has to be some way of solving this!

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    I'm on my third rMBP, first being LG, second two Samsung displays. LG had an awesome display, no dead pixels, great white point, birghtness was good, no IR even after the checker pattern test for 15 mins. I only returned it after coming across this thread, I was afraid it might show up eventually and didn't want to take that risk. The second one, which was Samsung, had one dead pixel right out of the box, with not so great white point, and felt it had a little warmer display than LG. I was willing to live with that, until I discovered the backlight keyboard was making a buzzing sound only when it was on. I couldn't hear it unless I brought my ear really close to the keyboard, but it still drove me crazy knowing it was there. I returned that one and placed another order. This is where it gets really sad. Third rMBP turned out be a Samsung, I felt really lucky getting two Samsung displays consecutively seeing as many people were still getting rMBP replacements with LG displays. As soon as I opened opened the browser I noticed the whole left side of the screen had a yellow tint and the right side a bit pinkish, and a really poor viewing angle, compared to LG. The backlight keyboard buzzing sound is still there, only louder. I really wish I would've kept my first rMBP, which had THE best display out of all three. It really amazes me looking at all of the people senselessly returning perfect LG displays in the hopes of getting a Samsung display, which even though doesn't have IR, tends to have different problems. Also there is no solid proof that ALL of the LG rMBPs are going to show IR.

    All of this has left a really bitter taste in my mouth, seeing as the QC at Apple is laughable and nowhere near of what it used to be. I'm just going to return this one too, and wait for the next generation rMBPs this July, and hopefully Apple will get their act together by then.

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    Has anyone faced image retention or dead pixel issue with new generation MBP (not the retina one) ?

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    @ternify: The slight buzzing sound the keyboard backlight makes is normal. I've experienced it on every single MacBook Pro I have used since the first 2006 model. Never annoyed me though, as I don't look at the keyboard when typing and always have the backlight turned off.


    About the LG screens, I agree that they are superior in every way except for the Image Retention issue. If only LG could fix this :(

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    Coupled with premium price, 1 year warranty for that price, additiona "apple care" coverage and a massive QC that's trying to be swept under the table.

    Wow, Apple has really gone down hill to the point I feel like many of your are getting scammed. Yes scammed. When is the last time anyone heard of IR problems on screen? Way back when. My cheap o Lenovo Y580 I expect to easily outlast a Macbook Pro Retina. And whos at fault? Apple's customers... why?


    You keep buying thier proucts after massive QC became apprarnt. And why??? Ask yourself, why? Apples a dump now.

    Apples not at fault, the Apples fans are because they let Apple get away with it. Return 4 Macbook pros??? WOW... Just wow....



    C'mon guys... C'mon... think for yourselves. I read so many posts in this thread and I have to face palm all of you. It seems for every Macbook now how many have problems? Judging by you guys, 100% within a year.


    C'mon guys...use your brains.

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    Like some others, I went ahead and placed an order with the extended return policy in mind. Fingers crossed, but I knew the odds going into it.


    On a somewhat related topic, for those that have used their Education Store discount to purchase a rMBP (or any Mac for that matter), does returning it erase your one yearly alloted purchase so you can apply it again to either play the lottery or settle with a cMBP? It wouldn't seem fair to lose your one purchase on a known faulty product, but then again, selling a known faulty product isn't fair in the first place.

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    For what it's worth, I ordered my 15" rMBP BTO model on 9 November and it arrived this morning.  Build week 47 and Samsung display.  Battery cycle count of 1.  No dead pixels, just a beautiful screen!  I don't have any excuse to send this back and am really excited about getting everything set up.  Good luck to all of you!

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    ssn637.....can you tell us what configuration you ordered on Nov 9th? 


    I ordered a BTO retina 15 with 2.6/16gig/512ssd on November 12.  It arrived on November 21st and I was pretty surprised to see that it's build date was week 40, with 2 batt cycles.  I can surely accept 2 batt cycles, but was surprised that a BTO ordered in Mid-November would have an early October build date???  


    ....and of course....mine is an LG.  So far, no IR and the machine seems to perform fine.  I'm just trying to figure out how my 'build to order' was already sitting on a shelf for 6 weeks.  Apple is amazing....they knew what I wanted 6 weeks before I ordered 

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    All of the issues with image retention that I am reading about on this thread have really turned me off as far as the rMBP goes.  I have always been a PC person, but my intention has been to go ahead and order a fully maxed out rMBP.  The last thing I want to do is spend all of that money and have to deal with image retention, bad colors, and dead pixels.  It's very disappointing, as I was really looking forward to getting my first Mac.  Sorry Apple, I won't be buying one this time around.

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    scsportsman, I'm not trying to be an Apple fanboy, but I do like using OS X and apple hardware over my PC environment.  I work on a Windows 7 Dell machine every day (at work) and it's a real pleasure getting home and firing up my Macbook.  I'm typing on a rMBP right now and enjoy the machine greatly.  If you are concerned about the rMBP and IR, then give the standard 15" macbook pro with Hi res screen a try.  I think you will like the mac hardware and software.  You will spend more money than a PC, but my last macbook (vintage 2007 pro with anti-glare screen) lasted 5 years and ran flawlessly (except for a few battery replacements over the years).  I think I paid over 2000 for it back in 2007, but it surely lasted longer than any dell i've ever owned.  Don't run from Apple just yet until you give it a test run.  Besides, it you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund through January 7th 2013.  Good luck with your decision. Just my 2 cents

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    My configuration is 2.3 GHz / 16 GB / 512 GB


    Sorry to hear about your bad luck.  To be honest, if I'd received a Week 40 system with an LG display and more than 1 battery cycles I would have sent it back.  But only because I wouldn't want to take any chances of having received a refurbished model.  My Samsung display does have a very slight amount of backlight bleeding, with a somewhat yellow bubble at the left edge of the screen, but I'm certainly not going to complain about that! 


    Installing Windows 7 x64 in Boot Camp now and can't wait to give this NVidia GeForce 650 GT a run for its money!

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    Yup....agreed.  I called Apple support and asked why they call these 'build to order', if these configurations are already built and sitting on a shelf in China.  I also asked why it took nearly two weeks to receive a computer that was already built???  The rep had no answers and was pretty surprised to learn it mine was built 6 weeks ago.  Most Apple customer support reps don't even know how to decode the serial number for a build date anyway.   He suggested that I order a new one and send mine back.  Although, if my configuration was already pre-built, who's to say that I won't get the same build week again? 

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    All of the issues with image retention that I am reading about on this thread have really turned me off as far as the rMBP goes.  I have always been a PC person, but my intention has been to go ahead and order a fully maxed out rMBP.  The last thing I want to do is spend all of that money and have to deal with image retention, bad colors, and dead pixels.  It's very disappointing, as I was really looking forward to getting my first Mac.  Sorry Apple, I won't be buying one this time around.

    As someone that works with tons of both PC and Mac laptops, the rMPG is a great laptop, especially for people who look at the screen all day, as its a lot less strain to view content.  Using a 2.6/16/256 w/LG panel for 3 1/2 months, barely see IR under long duration with the ideal background to spot it, even then IR dissapates fairly quickly if I shift app position screen.  Never notice it under during the day.   LG panel has good color, and no edge or pixels issues.  I would try one out, as you have couple of weeks to see if it is acceptable for your purposes.  Good Luck.

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    I've had my 15" MBP retina since the end of June. Everything about my screen has been great up until this past Sunday (11/18), I started to notice some pretty bad image retention. I'll get this IR in as little as 3 minutes. I'm kinda wondering if it doesn't have to do with the MacBook Pro update 2.0 that was released on Nov 8th, which subsequently seems to have been pulled from Apple's website. I do have the LG screen. What makes me wonder if it's an Apple software issue, is that I have Windows 7 installed via bootcamp. I boot into Win7 and leave a window up on the screen, for several minutes, and DO NOT see the image retention.