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    That's interesting. Could you do some more testing using the pattern/grey test in Windows? I remember another user suggested the IR issues could be due to a problem with refresh rates. Maybe it's software fixable?

  • The Mac Genius Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I believe I have found a way to basically avoid this and keep it from happening. I own a plasma television, and since it is plasma, it is a burn-in magnet. I recently bought a MacBook Pro with retina display and it was delivered with an LG display. In 2 days, I started to see some burn-in around the menu bar area where it constantly displays the same image. What I did, was "break in" the display. It involves running a full screen slide show of some sort that involves changing colours and/or images that keep the pixels on the display always changing. I ran it for 10 hours straight and I have been successfully using my MacBook Pro with no image retention for 3 months. I have also had people come to me with this problem, some cases more severe than others, and have done the same thing and not one of them has had the issue again. I believe that the way the display is made it shares so characteristics with a plasma like display. You basically need to run a moving image that has all the RGB colours and the intermediate ones too. This gets rid of image burn I had and it also prevented it from reoccurring. This may help some of you, it may not. Out of the 7 Retina Display MacBook Pros I have competed this on, all 7 are now image retention free. It may be something for you to try. If this doesnt fix it then I would bring it into your closest apple store and present your problem.


    Hope this provides some assistance.

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    That's very interesting Mac Genius, I'm going to try this. Even though I don't currently have any image retention issues (only had it for a week), perhaps it will prevent it from developing.


    So, would it be best to run video for 10 hours, or just a slideshow of some random pictures?

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    Okay, nevermind, got the issues on Win7 too. Changed to dark gray background, left a checkerboard background for a few minutes, got the IR.


    Am very interested in Mac Genius's idea!

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    my god this is amazing if it works on more laptops.


    The Mac Geniuscan you please post a slide show example so people can run the same show (if possible) and see if it works on their too?


    this could solve a great deal of problem for all LGs.

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    Can people run a slide show and let us know??
    i would do it right no if i had not returned  two MBPrs

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    Guys can people with 13.3 rMBP advise if they see IR and if someone has figured it out how to check what is the screen inside those?


    got mine for a few days now and it has no sign of IR but what worries me is that it is manufactured Sept 17-23 and i just purchased it last week friday. It had 3 battery cycles when it came in a bit suspicious i think..


    what do you think should i be worried?

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    I got a Week 41 on my recent replacement order.  It says end of Sept and it came with 3 cycles already on the battery.  Honestly I do not care because I got a PRISTINE laptop and the screen was samsung.  MAYBE apple replaced the screen when they got it in, don't know...but it saved me the hassle.


    I'm definitely getting the applecare warranty just incase but so far I'm a happy camper. 


    This is the best laptop I've ever owned.

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    The Mac genius, can you upload the video or slides you used to solve the problem?

    It would be helpful to all who we have this problem




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    MacGenius please give us some more details on your observations.


    I just got the MBP Retina with LG screen (made in week 44). So far I don't see the IR after some 10 minutes of displaying white safari window against grey background however I'm not sure if the issue should be persistant since the begining or should it develop after few days? How long should I display the window in order to verify if I have the issue?

    Once I have it can I use just the screensaver with the default fliping images some every 5 sec. or should this be something more regular like R, G, and B fullscreens with some other colors as well?

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    I used this for my computers:

    Evangelo2's Thumbdrive Files

    you basically need to upload them to iPhoto in the order that they are in the folder so that when you go into the slideshow mode it will display in that order. I would make sure that the slideshow goes through a few tomes before going away, because the last thing you would want would be an image to display on the screen the second time around that would sit there for 10 hours and burn in. On my plasma I ran this for 200 hours straight (yes folks, 200) if you have some burn in then I would run it maybe 20 hours. The point of this is to basically get all the pixels to a point where they wont get stuck and burn in. It is essentially aging the pixels. Put the images into iPhoto, make sure there is nothing that isn't moving on the screen that could cause burn in, and then let it run for 10-20 hours. You can download this nifty app from the app store called Caffeine that will keep your computer from going to sleep. Make sure it is in a well ventilated room, running a laptop for 10-20 hours can make it hot and it needs to be on a flat surface where it can get air ventilation under it. DO NOT run it on a bed of cloth surface. You will also need to leave it plugged in (of course) and make sure that nothing else is running that could go over iPhoto. While it's running, go clean your home, that's what I did . Check on it periodically too. This should prevent image retention and remove it from these retina displays. Also, in reply to you phate_addicted, it is normal for there to be 1-3 charge cycles on your battery, esecially when it is a newly release model. Apple runs tests on their computers before they are shipped. Mine came with 2 cycles on it.


    Side Note: This can also, in many cases, get rid of dead or stuck pixels for those of you with other macs that have them.

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    I have recieved a Samung at the fourth attempt.


    The first LG had noticable persistance, the second was flawless and the third had minor persistance.


    In comparing the Samsung to the third LG, I can clearly destinguish between the two screens side by side and I prefer the LG screen as it appears brighter, whiter and sharper. The Samsung screen is warmer as people have previously mentioned, but I fail to see this as a positive.


    Does anyone have any advice as to why the Samsung is considered the superior screen?

    Is it possible to configer the Samsung screen to appear equally as bright/sharp/white, does anyone have experience of this?

    I would be happy to live with minor persistance in favour of the LG screen, but I fear the persistance would get worse after the 14 day return period

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    Congrats with your Samsung. There is one BIG reason why the Samsung is considered superior. It doesn't have the IR.


    I am agree with you that the LG has deeper black's more detail and more depth. But the Samsung has sharper lines and fonts. For example, the details on a desktop Icon are sharper and more visible on the Samsung screen.


    Currently myself, I have a amazing looking LG screen. Best black's whites and details I've ever seen. But it ahs horrible IR that already kicks in in less then 2 minutes. The IR is ugly, deep and interupt my work. For that reason I want my screen to be replaced by a Samsung. I know I have to give up the great black's and whites



    Does anyone have any advice as to why the Samsung is considered the superior screen?


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    Maybe you could try the slideshow trick sent by The Mac Genius two posts ago and tell us if that helps removing the IR? thank you very much!

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    Yes I was very excited to read bout it, and defenitely want to give it a try. The only problem is, I cant do it for 24 hours. I need my computer in the daylife since it is my working and only computer

    gfarran wrote:


    Maybe you could try the slideshow trick sent by The Mac Genius two posts ago and tell us if that helps removing the IR? thank you very much!