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    Gabor, it's strictly a software calibration.  It's no different from using OSX's built in calibration utility.  I don't claim to know the Hungarian policies, but it seems unreasonable that calibrating your screen would make it non-returnable.  It doesn't actually do anything to the screen.  It's just how OSX handles the colors.

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    To be honest, it is my "weakness" point in my life regarding computer: the screen :-) I saw lot of terrible screen from Samsung, but yes, my wife uses Air with Samsung lcd which is correct. Without IR the current LG screen is the best what I have saw ever... It is the reason for my hesistancy :-)

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    Received my Macbook Pro Retina 2.6/16/256 (CTO) from China on November 21st. Used appleserialnumberinfo and it says its was built 47 (November). Ran the all powerful terminal test and it's a SAMMY! Perfect screen. No muras, dead pixels, or bleeding. Good luck to you guys

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    It is truth,Not only warmer and yellow than LG,but also the colour is bad than LG.But these aren't very distinct.



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    Mine's 2J, as well.


    It doesn't have any IR out of the box that I can tell, but with the nearest Apple Store 175 miles away, I can't afford to deal with repairs nor play this silly lottery. Placing an order for a cMBP and hopefully Apple will have their stuff together on this Retina tech in five years.

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    Pardon @Drew84, what's the 4th and 5th character of the serial number?

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    I've had my Macbook Retina three weeks and I too have an LG screen with horrific IR. I am a trader who requires web pages to remain on for prolonged periods. The burn in on mine is that bad that after switching it on in the morning  I can immediately see the IR on the test screen, without even going onto any web pages. Mine is not temporary but permanent burn in after only three weeks. I have a genius appointment tomorrow afternoon and will be demanding a samsung screen replacement. Cannot believe that my first ever Mac after converting from windows is turning out to be a very expensive nightmare.

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    Same issue here after 2-3 months of "heavy" use... LG display as well.


    I'm a programmer who has Xcode open for almost all day long and it's horrible to work with all those persistent images, not to mention it's impossible to test retina apps using the iPhone/iPad simulator.


    I power on my rMBP in the morning and after 5 minutes it already shows IR.


    I wish there was an official response from Apple regarding this issue.

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    My main worry is that unless mine is replaced with a sammy I am going to be visiting the apple store every three weeks or so for a replacement screen as I require a laptop that I can depend on to be used heavily and for two grand you certainly would expect that and unfortunately a screen saver is not an option for me.

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    Mine comes on Friday.  If I have an LG screen I have three options:


    1) Exchange it right away regardless of whether it has IR because I know it will get it.

    2) Wait for IR to show up and deal with getting my screen replaced - not sure I want to deal with the hassle.

    3) Return it right away regardless of whether it has IR and just make due until second gen MBPRs come out


    I really am at a loss of what the best thing is. I'm tempted to keep it as long as it doesn't display IR, but I know I'm probably just asking for trouble.  A little part of me has hope this is a manufacturing issue that might have been resolved in the newest LG monotirs.


    Does anyone have an idea of whether you are more likely to get a new Samsung display new or if you take it in for service?

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    No one really knows a fool-proof way to get a Samsung or we'd all be doing it. I've been following this thread for months and it seems like more people might get Samsungs when they get a replacement screen. When you place an original order or get a complete replacement unit it can be either, although it seems like there's more original orders being filled with Samsung lately, it could just be my imagination or who's posting here.


    For the returns a lot of it depends on your genius team and the store you have to deal with.


    I doubt it's been fixed yet, but we can hope.


    It's a lottery.

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    I got a rMBP with an LG screen about 3 weeks ago. Noticed no IR at all at first, I actually wasnt even looking for it. Then (as I posted a link on here) noticed it when a grey background on an enlarged YouTube video was on screen. I did that checkerboard test and it took less than 2 minutes to leave a ghost on the screen.


    It may be my imagination but I think it may be getting worse. Or perhaps I am just noticing it more because I know to look for it...


    Anyway. Samsung and Apple are cutting ties, they arent even supplying the batteries any more. I would not hold out hopes of getting a Samsung screen. You might get lucky, but the odds are seemingly going down now with each passing month not up.


    It comes down to if you can live with the IR or not. If its important to you (and will affect your work?) then you shouldnt get a rMBP. Wait till next year, they might have fixed it. Though this could go on for a while depending on what the cause is (if its LGs technology at fault? their manufacturing process? etc).


    For me, I do not notice it often enough for it to be an annoyance, but I can see how it could be and if got worse. I still have some initial 90 day tech support time so I might give them a call and see what they say. To be honest at less than two months old I wouldnt want a new screen, id want a new notebook! At £1800 I think a repair is out of the question. However the fact is a new screen isnt going to fix it, so I am planning to use it till next year then sell it on. I dont see myself keeping this for years to come (which was my original plan - its my first macbook, and my first mac since 2005).

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    Someone on Macrumors is saying they heard that after week 45 Apple is only building with Samsung screens.  Has anyone gotten an LG screen after week 45?

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    millerrh512 do you have a direct link to where you read this on the macrumors site? im very interested to read this.


    But we shouldnt have high hopes since weve heard alof of things like this that have not been true.

  • Shaluda Level 1 (5 points)

    Where did you hear / see that Samsung is "cutting ties" with Apple?


    I know they are going at each other in the courts, but haven't seen anything regarding what you have stated.


    Caderind wrote:


    .....Anyway. Samsung and Apple are cutting ties, they arent even supplying the batteries any more. I would not hold out hopes of getting a Samsung screen. You might get lucky, but the odds are seemingly going down now with each passing month not up.