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    Here's the Macrumors post I was talking about.  I see he hasn't responded about where he got the info yet.



    How about everyone on this thread?  Anyone have an LG after week 45?

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    Thanks for the link / article ..... but it's not quite clear ..... as in the first part of the article it states that Samsung will stop providing Apple LCD's for their iDevices.


    Then under the "Sloppy Breakup" section, it states that a "source" (whom ever that may be) says that Samsung will stop shipping displays to Apple next year.


    So is it "all" or "some" of the product lineup .... I'll guess we'll find out for sure next year; or when Samsung officially annouces it.


    Personally, I don't care who the vendor is ..... I expect a top quality screen for the amount of money I gave to Apple for a supposedly state of the art screen.

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    This is mine. LG, from 32th week. The picture made after 15 min test.

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    thanks for the link.


    It was emtpy rumors, two persons with LG already.

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    chips, batteries and screen for idevices all now another vendor than samsung. i believe that it is true for the laptops too.


    this is bad news for apple, samsung makes great products and apple knows this.


    look at samsungs tvs, still no one can compete with samsung and the ghosting issues on laptops shows that.


    it looks like apple has chosen to built bad products instead of using the best supplier.


    apple only cares about $$ and not quality as apple doesnt care about the ghosting issues.

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    Just an update on my Genius appointment. My rMBP is now waiting for a lcd replacement, two days for delivery of part 661-7171 (Samsung fingers crossed) I was told that the ones they had replaced have not shown any similar IR issues. The Customer care(Birmingham store UK)was top notch, no complaints from me. I was immediately told that Apple was aware of the issue and were replacing the defective screens. I just have to wait three to five days for completion of repair so I've unpacked my Alienware M15X which fortunately I hadn't sold yet and let me tell you the screen looks horrible, 1080p as well compared to my Macbook, feels like I've gone back to the Dark Ages. Looking forward to getting my rMBP back as quick as possible.

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    Well, I'm rolling the dice again.  Third time (a charm maybe)  Had relatively poor LG screens prior, they had low brightness which was an issue for me.


    Funny thing is, I orderered a BTO, 2.6/16/256, and it shipped same days as the order date. 

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    I purchased a rMBP in July. Had image persistence since mid-late august - that's when I noticed it. It drove me nuts. It had an LG screen. I went to the apple store today and I got my screen replaced. It was supposed to take 2-3 days according to the genius there but it was done the same day (today).

    I was extremely happy to see that it is a Samsung. No image persistence. No bad pixels. It's perfect.


    thealch3m1st$ ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    Color LCD




    The specific apple store I went the one in Pasadena, CA. From what I saw on the genius's iPad they had more screens in stock. They might be samsung since they could be from the same batch / shipment. If any of you guys live close to Pasadena, you should give it a try.

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    I went to Apple to show my screen and the new display is ordered...

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    Does anyone know if the employees in store can pull up the part numbers via the serial number of the laptop?

    Also has anyone tried that picture slideshow suggested by someone earlier?

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    Solved the problem. Returned it.

    I just got mine Yesterday. Macbook Pro Retina 16GB  custom build from Apples website.

    I got a LG screen. I didn't notice anything wrong with it nor could I see any IR. I think it takes time for IR to develop from what I read here. At least that's the impression I got, that it gets worse over time.


    I return it for my Macbook Air.

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    My source tells me that that 661-7171 (Sammy) serial number still exists and the old 661-65** number (LG) was replaced with a 661-70** part number.  The new 661-70** number is B/O'd and only the 661-7171 part is availalbe to order. 


    It would make sense that at this point Apple would rather admitt nothing but replace any screens with the Sammsung (661-7171) part as most of thses screen are bing replaced are for customers having the persistance issue.  Multi replacements has got to cost more than any difference in screen costs. By B/O'ing the LG part they slove the issue while continuing to ship as many LG's as possible and only replacing with Sammy when required.


    Also, While Apple has never had parts seperated via part numbers as related to supplier, in this case they do...  I submitt this was known and that is why only this panel has two different order numbers for the same part on the same model/version of one product.  In the past, they have always had one part number and the supplier did not factor into anything.  You ordered the replacement part and the panel was whatever it was Tosh/Sam/LG/Sharp...etc....  They have also stated the they are to order the part they remove.  Which means LG for LG and Sammy for Sammy - until now that is, when only one part is available.


    This entire debacle is a major dissappointment....  In the past, early adopters of Apple product took a chance they could be affected, however always knew Apple would make it right. It's the cost of bleeding edge innovation. Now, it's not so clear.  I don't think there are more problems today, I think there's been a shift in service resotration policy at Apple.  Problems and mistakes happen, how we deal with them is what defines us as individuals - and as a company.  I few rotten apples only spoil the bunch if you leave them in the crate and don't deal with them properly.



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    Does anyone here have an LG screen (either original or replacement) that doesn't have this IR issue?