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    Well my fear came true. Week 48 2.6/16/512 came in the mail yesterday with an LG screen. So frustrated by this. What do you guys think my best bet is? Return right away and order again? Or wait for IR and try to get the screen replaced?

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    Why would a wiseman do something that regrets it in the future? Return it and have a refund!!

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    There is way too much ocurrencies of the same issue, the fact is the odds are terribly high that anyone ordering a rMBP will get one with an LG display, is way too much money and too high risk for spending it unwisely.


    *** Apple? You should't let your costumers down like this, is the quality of the screen that got me interested on it, I'm not taking chances to get a faulty one - because even if this seems within specs too you, a persistant image that last for a few minutes and get easily created after 3 or 4 minutes ISN'T NORMAL FOR SIMPLE USAGE, let alone professional usage, and this is a Macbook PRO -.


    That said, I've just cancelled my order, I'm not playing your display lottery, and I'm not going to settle for less than a usable product; GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! this is the BEST laptop you offer, get it right!.


    As pessimist as this may sound, if people keep paying for it they will continue to produce it. The best way to send a message is NOT BUYING IT.


    Honestly, I doubt they will solve the issue in the next Rev., but I'll wait, and maybe after the brave ones - the ones that still trust Apple QC - have gotten theirs and approve them, I'll pay for one. For now I'm considering a trusty cMBP, everything is working properly even if it's not a "Retina" Display.


    What saddens me even more is that perhaps if this issue was on an iOS device they'll  have solve it already. Or at least launch a "new" edition of the product 4 or 6 months later - with minor upgrades but solving the issue, ala iPad 4 -.


    Surprise me with something positive Apple, you used to.

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    I actually think screen replacements and/or returns due to this issue will get Apple's attention on the issue the most because that comes down to their bottom line.  If they don't fix this issue in production, they will be spending a lot in warranty repairs.  That will get their attention. 


    But I totally agree with your sentiments.  The screen is what we're buying here.  They need to make this right.

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    I was thinking exactly like you, until Apple made the bold move to tell us that this is normal on IPS displays. Even giving their employees a tool to verify that, you only got 3 minutes to develop a "percievable" persistant image. In other words, they start OK by accepting to do the replacements - wich by the way, was using again LG screens with the same issue -, and then they start to adress the problem as something to be expected of an IPS display. That was kind like one step forward, two steps backwards. Anyway, hope they launch a second Rev. without the issues, for now this is a no go.

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    The MBPr LG image retention is enough reason for me to cancel my 2.6/16/512 arriving this week.  If i receive an LG, I will go straight to the Apple Store for a Samsung replacement. I've read it takes 5 hours.


    Does anyone know if this voids my right to return for refund, currently with extended holiday return period of January 7th?


    Is there an official or unofficial link I missed stating Samsung will not supply the Retina display to Apple in 2013 or after? Is't this a big loss for Samsung?  Are Dell or Hp or Lenovo selling these soon?


    Since I have a burning fast desktop, I may wait for MBPr v 2.  If you are reading, Apple and Phil Schiller and Tim Cook: lose the soldered RAM. There is no good reason for it, other than your greed. I'm an Apple shareholder, and I want happy customers, not an extra $100 profit by pushing people to buy more RAM by making the machine artificially un-upgradeable.





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    I'm pretty sure they won't replace your screen unless it actually has the problem. If its an LG with no IR (yet) you're prob stuck with it until it develops the issue. 


    For reference, my day old LG is not exhibiting the issue even after a 10 minute checkerboard test. I'm sure if I took it in I would not get a replacement.


    Since I have the holiday refund thing going for me, I think I'll sit on this thing until January and reassess the issue. 

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    Kinda like a smoker that says "I feel fine now..." 


    I'm just bummed about the whole thing.  I really wanted a rMBP 15.  I'm typing on the My Little Pony version (the 13 inch MBP from 2011).  It's nice, but I want a bigger screen.  And I wanted 16GB. 


    For my needs (software dev), the screen I'm staring at right now is fine.  I'm sure it's not as beautiful as the retina, but since I've never actually seen a retina, I don't know what I'm missing.  Heck, I'd be staring at an editor all day writing code anyway.  How "beautiful" can code look like?  It's text.



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    Me too, I was pretty excited for the rMBP 15.  Now I'm going for the MBA 13 I7 & the new 27 IMAC.  I'll give the MBA to son early next year when I hope this problem is sorted & I'll grab the rMBP then.

    Basically it seems as the one of the worlds most profitable companies with profit margins other companies can only dream of don't really care about this issue enough.  So what if it affects a few sales (and this issue doesn't make the press only these type of forums) to them the whole Samsung battle is a bigger priority.  However, while the company's profits & sales will continue to be massive for some time, nothing last's forever.

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    I've been following this thread for months now, it seems. An old quote comes to mind:


    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results"

    -Rita Mae Brown; Sudden Death


    You must know that Apple is going to refresh these things with bumped hardware specs to combat the issue. The next generation can't be too far in the future.


    This first generation, from what I've read here, isn't even beta. It's more like in conceptual model phase. If you buy one, you get to hold it, get a feel for how it's supposed to work, and appreciate the thought behind it. But it's not going to be 100% functional.


    I sold my regular MBP this last summer, and I'm ready for Retina, when it works the way it's supposed to. When the second generation comes out, I'm sure I'll be there. But not until then.

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    Yeah.  Apple's in a bind with the Samsung thing.  It would be comical if if weren't sad.  Their partner decided to go all out and compete with them.  Lol.  Makes for a good movie though. 


    It wouldn't be so bad if LG wasn't so bad.


    It's presumptious of me to second guess the CEO but it seems Apple is battling two fronts:  Samsung on hardware and Google on maps. 


    Is LG really the only company Apple could partner with for the screens?  This is crazy.  But I feel bad for them.


    I remember Sony being really good at TVs.  Surely they could make a quality screen.  Lord knows they could use the business.  lol...

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    alwaysforever wrote:


    I sold my regular MBP this last summer, and I'm ready for Retina, when it works the way it's supposed to. When the second generation comes out, I'm sure I'll be there. But not until then.

    Yeah, but the 2nd gen will be Cornea, and while IR will be fixed, it will probably have heat issues so we'll have a pretty screen on a laptop so hot you can't put it on your lap. 

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    The best screen available is from Sony vaio z series. It has the best colour saturation and the second highest pixel density. Higher gamut than retina display and the lightest laptop in earth. 3 times faster ssd than rMBP and the truest colour you can get among all the screens. There's a video comparing it with the rMBP on the Internet from mibiletechreview website:



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    In my opinion the Sony Vaio Z series is better than anything else. Cause it is lighter than MBA and it has a full working range quad core CPU. It's not like MBA that has ultra low voltage. It is full HD screen with the best screen quality and the best colour saturation an gamut. It has the Sony's self designed raid 0 SSD which makes the memory speed 9 times faster than regular HDD, 3 times faster than apple'a flash storage. It is only 1.12 Kg and it doesn't get overheated. I'd get one of those if I hadn't got my current desktop. I returned my faulty retina display the second day I got it without any hesitation.

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    It sounds good, the only problem is the lack of a dedicated GPU, and a rMBP with a good screen will beat that (mobility aside).

    Sure is way better than de MBA, no doubt, by far a superior machine (mybe just looses in the battery department).