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    And the burn in get's worse by the week. This is after hardly 5 min. of a small chat on Facebook. It really feels like I have a crappy product...





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    Okay seriously the amount of exaggeration in this thread is reaching epic proportions...


    Talking about how this is a pre-beta laptop...LOL you serious?  Have you ever seen what beta means?  Come on now, you're not being honest with yourselves.


    This laptop is perfect aside from the ones that come with an LG display.  I have no scroll issues or anything else that people rage about but I do have a Samsung screen.  The first one I got was an LG so I quickly returned it for a Samsung.


    The hardware in this laptop is unmatched.  The price is about average for the components.


    Apple's QC isn't bad, they just need to stick with good suppliers and not jerk around and sue everyone.

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    Sony Vaizo Z is not in the same league, the Vaio competes with the macbook air...

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    Can't see the image.

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    2012-12-02 22.53.28.jpgOMG !!!! Got a PERFECT SAMSUNG screen only to find out after 4months (Roughly 4 DEAD pixels scattered)

    Guessing all of us who bought the rMBP are doomed one way or the other with this GOD FORSAKEN Retina Screen and forced to get the APPLECARE... What a way to live with a FAULTY screen...AWFUL.

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    2012-12-02 23.35.02.jpg

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    lol dang that ***** guys are making me tempted to return this thing before the holday return period expires!!  I now thought i had a perfect laptop with a sammy display. 


    Maybe IPS technology just isn't there yet.

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    Yeah, but you can compare Sony Vaio Z series with the 13" rMBP and MBA and every other laptop and ultrabooks out there. Plus it has the full working range of quadcore CPU and also it has premium screen.. In my opinion, It beats them all. Also my friend who is running it under windows 8 says the battery lasts around 7 hours.

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    I'm rolling the dice, my 3rd order for a 2.6/16/256GB is coming tomorrow.  Ordered it just last week.


    question though, are we now in the HOLIDAY RETURNS period, so one has more than just 14 days to make returns for full refund? That might prove better for me, get at least 30 days now to test this out - that is if it is ANOTHER LG.

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    Spetsnazos wrote:


    lol dang that ***** guys are making me tempted to return this thing before the holday return period expires!!  I now thought i had a perfect laptop with a sammy display. 


    Maybe IPS technology just isn't there yet.


    There are plenty of perfectly fine IPS screens on the market.  The even higher PPI IPS iPad doesn't show these kind of issues.

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    Your right, the technology isn't there yet!!! but its really heart breaking to know that our precious SAMSUNG is also somehow prone to dead pixels..


    LG rMBP - Image Rentention

    Samsung rMBP - Dead PIxels  (MIne was solid for 3 months until I started geting dead pixels)


    Any other MANUFACTURER please!!!!! APPLE.


    With STEVE JOBS gone this is going NO WHERE !! :-(

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    Maybe Sharp?!



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    4th screen. Finally a Samsung. Looks good so far.

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    Someone can tell me how do I know which manufacturer has made my display?


    I'm from Brazil and I found a cheap MacBook Pro here. By this way, I was searching on the web about this thread and now I really need to know how to discover, without open the box (if possible), which manufacturer made it.



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    After spending a couple of hours on the phone with an apple guy (not a "genius", but a guy from the local Apple office in my country), they've agreed to replace my screen; they originally told me the issue was "expected behaviour on all IPS screens" (SRSLY!??!)


    Now I'm waiting for my screen to get replaced this week. Hopefully I get a Samsung this time.


    In any case, that does not dismiss Apple from the lack of commitment they're showing to the affected users of this particular issue; telling them that "all IPS screens show the same issue". C'mon!