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    Most of the complaints about Samsung are due to bad pixels or a tint. The tint is usually due to having the screen replaced from LG to Samsung and the color profile is wrong. Just up the color temperature a little.

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    Nqjudo wrote:


    ^^^ Yes indeed. I contributed my thoughts quite heavily to this thread several weeks ago and after all the frustration I decided that enough is enough. I have a business to run and Apple's shenanegins were affecting my bottom line. I now have a Dell desktop and an Asus notebook running Windows 8. My applications are stable and the units play quite nicely together. The price? OVER 1000$ LESS THAN MY RETURNED rMBP!!! I actually regret upgrading to iPhone 5 before seriously considering a Windows phone. I supported Apple for many years and by making my corporate presentations on Apple products in a Microsoft environment I swayed many over to Apple's side during that time. No more. I'm actively promoting Windows 8 for home and entertainment use. Ignore us to appease shareholders, Apple? You are going to pay the price for your short-term thinking. 


    Yikes. Bad enough that you would switch to Windows 8 and a Windows phone? I agree it's EXTREMELY annoying and a test of patience once you start purchasing these products. Because they are designed with "perfection" in mind, you expect nothing but perfection. Part of the issue is due to the issues of mass production, the other part of the issue is how Apple deals with things until you really 'hold them to it', and another part of the issue is user expectations (outside of situations where you've clearly been delivered a product that isn't up to the standards you've been made to expect).


    Trust me, I've done the dance with my equipment with Apple too. I've returned items (more than a few to be honest of each of their product lines), and demanded ones as good as the products they put out in their stores for display. But, at the end of the day I can't go back to Windows and now Windows 8 and the future that lies ahead.


    I go back to use top of the line PC's (one of them I recently built in June 2012 and passed over to my brother).... ones that are quite expensive, amazing PC's (custom built with a CaseLabs M8 case, 6 core Sandy Bridge socket 2011, 32GB ram, GTX680, Aquaaero 5 fan and system controller -amazing and expensive gear-, a power supply worth the cost of an iPad mini, and Dell's most expensive IPS display on sale) .... and I still wouldn't trade that for my Thunderbolt setup with the maxed out retina MacBook pro. I'm also tempted to purchase the top of the line new iMac 27".


    Overall, Apple makes some amazing hardware and the software eco-system is incredibly high quality. As a mainly a web/application developer, the tools available and the software is so much higher quality I could "never" envision going back to the level of productivity and feeling of mediocrity running a Windows based machine.


    Just my 2 cents. Every aspect, no matter the use of the computer (short of high-end PC gaming I will admit) is just better on this side of the fence. I can only hope that Apple continues to push for higher and higher standards, and not forget about us ever... the power users, and the content creators.

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    I'm relatively late to the Apple party since I only purchased the 13 MBP last year.  The iPhone had me hooked and then I made my way to try the laptops.  I'm using that 13 MBP now.  It's sweet.  I love it.  But OSX isn't so good as to force me to buy $3000 laptops with a broken screen.  FWIW, I was interested in the 15 rMBP to slap Windows 7 on there via a Parallels VM.  I'd basically have a great quality laptop, and be able to use OSX when needed and/or Windows 7 when needed. 


    But something happened along the way.  The great quality laptop was highly flawed.  I'll get the 2nd gen if the problems go away. 


    One nice side effect of this whole deal:  I will never purchase an LG anything.  Not a TV, not a monitor.  Nothing.  Ever. At least I've been educated a bit as a consumer on the poor quality of LG. 

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    I've just recviced my new rMBP and keen to find out what screen i have, from the serial nnmber it looks to be build 47/48.

    Running the Termanial command i found in this thread returns nothing:

    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    this is as root & just a user.

    The OS X version is 10.8.2, could the screen info been moved? Anyone esle found this?

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    That's indeed strange.


    Try running the command by pipe sections to see where the output is getting lost. Something like:


    unix> ioreg -lw0 (if you see output, then run the next one, etc)

    unix> ioreg -lw0 | grep EDID

    unix> ioreg -lw0 | grep EDID | sed ...


    If that doesn't work then try using a different shell than the default:


    unix> ksh

    unix> ioref -lw0 | grep ...


    Hope that helps.

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    Just read an extensive interview with Cook in Bloomberg Business.  I'd say they will continue to use Samsung screens on MBP etc.  Cook specifically spoke still using a company's products even if they are a competition &amp; even if they are in litigation. 

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    Canuck1970 wrote:


    Hey, check this out...

 $100m-into- u.s-mac-production


    Perhaps future rMBP's will be better quality.


    Unfortunately, this will not change who makes the LCDs.

    Apple will still buy LCDs from Samsung or LG.

    They will not make there own LCDs.

    All computers are made from parts from multiple manufacturers.

    Intel processors, Samsung LCDs, WD hard disk drives, video card from ADM, PSU from x, RAM from xx, battery from xxx, etc.

    Apple will only make some of the components and all this will be assembled in the US.

    This will probably result in better quality control, but it will not change the origins of components.

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    Agreed, although I don't think this is unfortunate. It is the way free markets work under the principle of competitive advantage. Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese firms invested billions in lcd research and fabs. The US firms have had no reason to do so since they can supply these parts from those locales.


    As for QC, I doubt the U.S. assembly will be better. I do expect Apple/Foxconn to locate these plants in Right to Work states for obvious reasons. Avoiding unions is the only way they can make this work in the U.S. with our higher labor and regulatory costs. Even so, this will cut into Apple's margins, so expect prices to rise slightly for U.S. assembled products. The patriotic Apple masses will be happy to pay.

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    Eric Fauque wrote:

    "all this will be assembled in the US.

    This will probably result in better quality control, but it will not change the origins of components."


    That's what I was referring to.

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    Gregord wrote:


    Most of the complaints about Samsung are due to bad pixels or a tint. The tint is usually due to having the screen replaced from LG to Samsung and the color profile is wrong. Just up the color temperature a little.

    No. My experience with Samsung is worse. I bought a MacbookPro last year, but the screen had a yellow part in right side. I wasn't used to that. I bought a retina two months ago. The display of machine was made by Samsung. It had huge difference between two sides. The APR changed for current mac, which is made by LG. The screen was wonderful, I had fallen in love... Two weeks ago I noticed the IR on that. The service placed an order, the display arrived without plug. (?) They reodered it, second was also Samsung, but the right side was yellower than the left. That was visible to genius, we agreed they put back the old LG display into my mac.

    All Samsung displays which were owned by me had difference colour between left and right part. (!!!) So far.


    Now... I am looking forward the solution. The genius said they can order a new display but I am not sure the Apple can tally to me. I havn't any time to replacing every week my display.

    I think the quality control is terrible. May I admit to it is impossible to produce a homogenous screen? I am absolutely disappointed. In Hungary we have higher price than US. My rMBP was 3300 USD, but that is 15", 8/256/2,3.

    I am very very disappointed... What can I do???????????

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    I don't get how LG can't have fixed the problem by now. Surely they must know about it? It's been months!


    I went into London today and saw two rMBP at different resellers (both with IR issues and LG screens). The LG screens do seem much much better than the Samsung ones in terms of colour fidelity / homogeneous colour across the screen though.

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    MY LG had a homogeneous screen...too bad it was a red color.  Even after calibration.  Took it back to Apple today and got a refund.  I'm not interested in playing this lottery anymore.  Bought an SSD for my 2010 MPB and will make that last me for the time being.  Hopefully they'll fix all these issues by next generation.  My feeling is that this QC for these screens is horrible.  Could be the technology really is so bleeding edge they haven't worked out all the kinks.

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    Well, I just rolled the dice on a 15" rMBP.  I could immediately tell that the screen was on the "warm" side of the color spectrum, and so I thought I had scored a Samsung screen.  Unfortunately, the command line says otherwise.  I have an LG screen


    So far, no IR.  Apple has extended returns going on for the holidays, so I figure I'll stick it out for the month and see what happens.  If I feel like I'm going to be stuck with a lemon by the end of the month, I'm just going to return it.

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    Going to get my rMPB next week, how do you check whether its an lg or samsung?



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    Run this command in Terminal:


    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6