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    I am wondering whether Apple has fixed the problem and changed the serial number combination on the new batches?

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    cschmeer wrote:


    I am wondering whether Apple has fixed the problem and changed the serial number combination on the new batches?


    I'm wondering the same thing, but its weird because I downloaded the battery meter on my laptop, and it says that my batter is 1.6 months old? But I got my laptop a week ago.

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    I said "according to this forum" so I didn't talk about other people out there. when I ordered my rMBP I was happy and I didn't think about the problem. Just the day before it arrives I searched rMBP and I came across this forum. I was dissappointed and I was hoping that mine does'nt show any problem. Then I took the test and I found the problem. I went to Birmingham New Street Apple store and I found the same problem on all their LG pannels. I went to Solihull Apple shop and I found the same problem on all of their LG pannels. I checked Currys and They had one rMBP and LG I found the problem on that.. so I guess there's a good way for me to generalize it even outside of this forum!! Probably you are lucky or you haven't seen the problem cause you haven't run the checker board test.. But as far as you are happy with your screen, it's fine!! It's all about how you want to use your screen. I do a lot of work on electrical engineering CAD packages and it annoys me to see the ghosting on my screen.

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    My BTO 2.7, 16, 512 is in route from china.  I'm a pro photographer and will be using Adobe CS6 and Lightroom 4 most of the time.  I'm curious if anyone here has experience regarding how this IR issue may affect the image display quality for high res (24MP / 36MP) photo editing?


    Here's a specific example: I commonly page through multiple images that are almost identical.  For example I often take a dozen or more head shots of a model at 6 frames per second, I will quickly page through them in Lightroom 4 at 100% size looking for sharp focus, image blur (like swinging hair strands) and facial expression.  I'm curious if the IR problem could occur from a quick 2-3 second viewing before going to the next similar image?  In other words could the 'ghosting' from a quick view bleed through to the next very  similar image causing it to look like motion blur or unsharp focus?  This would be a major problem for me as I generally delete any flawed images immediately on first view, especially if I have limited SSD storage.


    Off topic question:  Has anyone come across any OSX setup / install guides for Adobe Creative Suite 6 extended?  I'm converting from the PC world and this will be my first OSX machine with Adobe.  Adobe is notorious for having excessive data in the PC versions (1+ GB of useless junk).  There are dozens of PC guides for reducing the Adobe 'footprint' on the  windows OS and disc space.  I spent an hour looking for any similar guides for OSX with no helpful results.....  What am I missing?



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    RoozbehB wrote:


    Then I took the test and I found the problem. I went to Birmingham New Street Apple store and I found the same problem on all their LG pannels. I went to Solihull Apple shop and I found the same problem on all of their LG pannels. I checked Currys and They had one rMBP and LG I found the problem on that..

    And that is the major disagreement with this thread and that test. The "test" that is recommended by many in this thread is designed to be the most extreme version to show any tendency of the display toward image retention. Kind of like loading a car down with as much weight as it will hold, drive at high speeds and then say "See, the gas milage isn't as good as advertised."


    Before the flames start again, I am not saying there are not any problems. Just that if you didn't notice anything until you showed up here and ran that test, you probably don't have a problem. If you noticed something and came here because of that, then that's another story.

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    I probably would notice it anyways. After the test I was sure that I have the issue and I said the same thing. I said I would never use black and white image and then quickly go to gray background and I will run the screen saver. I started using MATLAB and some Altium designer for couple of hours. Then I wanted to google something and my codes were visible on the screen. I said ok I'll return it. They offered me a screen replacement over the phone. I said no thanks. The. I thought maybe I was not lucky that time and there are certainly other perfect LG screens. So I thought maybe I should head to stores and test them out. All of them had this issue and in some cases even worse than what I had owned. So I just avoided the hassle and didn't bother myself by gettin to this lottery

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    hi jajaba, I'm also a professional photographer working most of the time with CS6 and  LR4 in my studio and on locations. I have had my rMBP for 2 weeks and I have a BTO 2.3, 16, 256 and it came with a LG screen.


    I learned about the IR issue by googling next day after I bought mine and I bought from authorised apple reseller which doesn't offer any return policy (unlike the apple online stroe) even if the equipment has a problem. I did the checkerboard test on pure grey backround and after 6 minutes I was able to see the IR that lasted for another 5 minutes. At first I was sure to replace the screen as even a day after purchase the reseller didn't allow me to exchange or return the product sending me straight to apple service center under warranty. They told me that they will keep it for some 5 days and the ordered replacement may be LG again or Samsung so I decided to hold with the exchenge and see the real life behaviour as I had no other option.


    However untill now (2 weeks of intensive use) I haven't seen it even once in real life use. I usually attach the rMBP into a Thunderbold display for the main screen and keep the palletes on the retina (at some 80-90% brightness) or the mail app with strong contrasts of it's interface. It's on for some 8-10 hours and sometimes I have the same image displayed on screen for some half hour or more and then I immidietly swipe the screen to see the grey dots background on the dock and I haven't seen any signs of IR - that's better as at first I was expecting to see it in such situations.


    So in my case I can reproduce it intentionally by running the test but untill now I have not seen it in any other real life situation and I'm very aware of it. The PS6 or LR4 has the dark grey interface elements and LR4 has the grey areas arround the images when viewing them in seccond monitor viewport and at that areas I have also not seen any signs of IR after switching from mail screen that was present for some half hour or so.


    Now the IR issue bothers me only in the way that I'm often checking to see if I have it and that I'm "waiting for it" in some way - that's very uncomfortable and driving attention - however learning that it does't appear I'm starting to getting used to the rMBP as normal tool. I they find the definitive solution or start replacing Samsungs only then I will go and replace it however now the poor support in this issue doesn't seem to be an optimal solution unless one is bothered by it in real life situations.


    As to the config I moved from PC 2 years ago and wouldn't go back due to OS X and overall nice apple experience. The CS6 is overall installed and used by me on default settings and I never tried to reduce it so can't help here. The SSD is used as my primary drive for current work and latest images comming straight from camera. All the projects that has been finised are being moved onto portable USB3 drives (two copies despite the timemachine use) which are still accesible on demand but slower than SSD. One unusual thing in OSX can be FTP server use for image download from the camera. I'm not sure if you are using a WFT wireless transmitter for Canons and if so for me the best and most effective mode is FTP mode as it saves the cameras battery power a lot comparing to regular "always on" mode. In such case the important thing is to enable FTP server support in OS X wich is hidden and done by terminal command only since OS X Lion.

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    Thanks for the info.  It's good to hear that even with an LG that shows IR on the tests that you don't seem to notice it in real world use.  I have a LaCie 324i RGB external that I want to upgrade once I find something with higher res, RGB and a reasonable price.  For now I will have to see how it works with the rMBP. 


    Are you able to 'swap' screens so, for example, you can easily swap the CS6 panel to the external and view the image full screen on the rMBP?  That would be handy when i need to edit at 100% using the higher rMBP resolution.  


    Thanks for the tip on the FTP settings.  I normally use a Delkin high speed card reader on my CF &amp; SD cards on my PC, I'll have several options to try with the rMBP including trying my SDXC cards directly into the rMBP slot, which in theory should be the fastest transfer rates (for SDXC). 

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    I'm not sure if I get it right, but in PS6 (and other CS6 apps) you can't swap screens the way you do in LR4.


    You can in system settings by dragging the small bar icon but then if your screens have different resotutions palettes would go messy.


    However you can always store a few custom Workspaces that suit your current monitor setups. So fo example I have one for Thunderboldt + Standard Retina another one for Thunderboldt + Full Retina or another one for Double Thunderbold (and of course the standard ones). The first time you need to set all palettes manualy but once saved you can switch.


    So you can make one for regular config and another one for swaped config and then easly switch.

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    Just got my Macbook Retina 15 today. I was fearing two things before:


    Color LCD




    1) Not smooth performance in UI and Safari

    2) Screen image retention


    Performance are more than impressive and I can only slightly detect some performance degradation while running on HD4000 card. But this is almost nothing and I simply need to focus to notice the problem. Forcing NVidia make everything top notch. Can't complain.


    More related to this thread, I tried the checkboard test for 15 minutes at full brightness then turned to a complete solid black background with no retention at all. Hopefully it doesn't start to do IR later. If it start I will update this thread.


    Hope it get fixed for everyone. This is not a cheap laptop and it should be perfect.

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    Florin101 wrote:


    Go here:


    Ahh, looks like production week 48...

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    I have initiated the return of my AntiGlare HiRes model and will try my luck with the Retina model again after Christmas. It seems like week 48 is quite a good one, some Samsungs as well as some LGs, but more reports of no IR on the LGs from that batch?

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    Yep definatly a good week mines a week 48 samsung display i cant fault it at all .... the screen is amazing its super bright , super clear , no dead pixels , no burn in  and its fast and smooth using the intel card or nvidia ... it switches seemlessly too ... definatly alot better than my p.o.s imac 27inch ! this ones a keeper thankyou APPLE !! im impressed with it in every way ..


    Hofully the second gen will have the bugs worked out because it seems like a lottery atm .... at least theres some happy campers about and with all the negative in this thread i think my little bit of positive gives others hope !


    There not all bad thank god