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  • Pathfindercod Level 1 (10 points)

    Heh, really.... I love the high horse alot of Mac users are on. I have been a Mac user switching from windows when the first Intel Mac's came out. Why should I pay $3000 for a 15inch notebook and then keep it if the screen ghosts and or burns in? I am through being a guiney pig for Apples new prioducts. I am going to exercise my return policy I have earned with a retailer by spending very large sums of money with to get the status I have protect myself from buying and being stuck with a POS. I hope the air is cleaner up where you are.

  • Maziyar Level 1 (10 points)

    You should return it and get another one or if you don't want another one refund your money that's your rights. Apple wants you to be satisfied with your buy why wouldn't you. The moment you see any problem with display or anything esle just return and try another one or just refund the money. Even if you want to refund the money you can use your extra days to see even if it's what you like or not.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    I think the point of what is trying to be said here is that Apple likes to be at the forefront of technology. Examples of this are like the new iPad or Siri that proceeded it. I know from my own personal experiences after going through 10 of the new iPads and getting every single one that had screen defects on them that Apple likes to sit there and pump out quantity and sort the quality as they go.  I ended up returning the units as gouged metal body panels, hair under the glass, screens that are yellow on one side and green or red on the other, and units that have a 2" wide section down the whole side that is dim or even a unit that has glue coming out of the home button are inexcusable.  The fact is Apple has come to make the end user a beta tester for the company as they are now at the head of the tech world and it's more difficult to keep these things a secret for long while testing these devices.  In particular, apple has one of the worst track records on LCD panels that I've ever seen. 


    So is it smart to let production calm down, assembly workers get a normal work flow and have fewer issues by waiting. You bet!  I've called apple and written Tim Cook.  They go through the motions of listening but at the end of the day, they don't care as long as people keep buying.  Many of my family members are switching back to windows also because they are fed up with the genius bar, inadequate support, and over priced merchandise with so many issues. 


    Apple has many great things.  They are just getting so big they might be working against themselves and not even know it. 

  • SigEpTendo Level 1 (0 points)

    Look, I am, like many others, eagerly awaiting their rMBP delivery. This will be the first Mac computer I've ever owned; I have finally made the switch. I honestly do not care whether you individually decide to buy a new Apple product as soon as they are announced or if you wait a year for the "beta test" to end, and I imagine many others who bought a new Apple machine also couldn't care less what your personal philosophy on new product releases is. This thread is not for that; if you have a pertinent info related to the these new retina displays experiencing image retention, then by all means please share. Otherwise, either keep the "you should have waited" comments to yourself or start another thread about it.


    To those visiting this thread for its originally intended purpose, do y'all have any updates on your situations, or has anyone else experienced this issue as well?

  • J. Chiu Level 1 (0 points)

    I cannot agree with you more.


    I went to Apple Store yesterday and they replaced a new machine to me after seeing this burn-in image. I believe that Apple is currently investigating this issue since I got contacted from them.


    So far so good. I cannot re-produce the burn-in image on my new rMBP but definitely will keep eyes on it these couple days.


    Good luck for every rMBP buyers!

  • aut0maticdan Level 1 (45 points)

    Its probably the nicest computer you can buy right now.  I think you are very unlikely to have a problem.  I have this issue and still love it.  My replacement is a few weeks out, but I'll post if the screen situation gets better as many people think it will (IPS-related burn-in time), or for that matter, worse.  I think if the issue was widespread, this thread would be loaded with people that have the problem.


    This thread was very useful before it was tweeted, retweeted and blogged to death.  Now its full of conjecture from people that don't own a rMBP.


    Enjoy your new notebook!

  • wjchan Level 1 (0 points)

    My display has the persistence issue and Apple has ordered a replacement for me. After trying to reproduce the problem on a co-worker's new rMBP yesterday, I'm very hopeful that the problem is isolated to the early batches.

  • oldmaster78 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem


    Called Apple UK/USA to escalate the problem to 2nd line. the issue occurs when the system switch in saving mode from Nvidea to Intel using the automatic switching


    Please open a case with apple , refer to this blog nr 4047428 or 4034848 to make them aware.


    Many thanks in advanced

  • aut0maticdan Level 1 (45 points)

    different issue, oldmaster78


    try this thread:

  • mittense Level 1 (0 points)

    For the record, Apple replaced my rMBP with a new one and this one doesn't seem to have any of the display issues that my original laptop did.


    so: <3

  • seattlesunavoider Level 1 (0 points)

    While I totally agree that if anyone has any screen issues, they should take them back to Apple, i will say that my macbook pro retina (built the week of June 18-24) has absolutely no screen issues at all. In fact, it's probably the first Apple screen out of about 10 I've owned over the years that doesn't have issues. So I'll go along with the "bad batch" theory.

  • Matt_nz_Karamu Level 1 (0 points)

    Just out of interest - back to the original problem, is this just a bad batch issue that can happen in the design of an LCD screen? (regardless of what its used in).

    Whats actually happening here, is it just lazy crystals that are not closing/opening properly (as in a bad batch?)


    I would then assume as suggested that this could happen to any LCD screen (including LED, RGB-LED, or older CCFL backlit etc)


    I would assume then that this would not happen to a OLED type screen, that doesnt use LCD technology?

  • itsamacthing Level 1 (85 points)

    So far, it sounds like a bad batch... but also keep in mind that this device is optimized for technologies that will become live with 10.8.  So I think its a combo of a bad batch and also some software and hardware playing catch up with Apple's bleeding edge new device. 

  • graigsmith Level 1 (35 points)

    i have never seen ANY burn in on my macbook pro with retina, and i play videogames on this thing.  maybe i move my windows around enough so that it doesn't happen. or maybe your screen is defective.   i got mine like the week after it came out.  got lucky and went to the store and they had 2 left one person bought one and i got the other.   Yeah, i have absolutely no issues with my screen. it's the best looking screen i have seen honestly.  no backlight bleeding at all.  very dark blacks, and colors and sharpness are amazing to look at.   this screen looks better than any printed photo.  it's that amazing.

  • okcompute Level 1 (0 points)

    My MBP Retina  was built in week 22 and got the problem. After 2-3 minutes standing still on an email, if I go to a grey filled screen, i can read the email!! Will go to my Apple Store tomorrow for a trade. Thanks to the people here for all the info on this matter.

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