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  • Gregord Level 1 Level 1

    Also if you really need a macbook now, I would just get a macbook air 13 for ~1000 (BH or macmall) and keep it in a rubbberized case. Adds no weight and protects the aluminum from scratches and dings. Then, four or five months from now, when the new macbook retina is announced, sell your macbook air on amazon or ebay for about 75% of what you paid.

  • Peter van Broekhoven Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks. I just tried this test and image retention was very pronounced after just 3 minutes. Even with an 85% grey background I could still see the image. If they go as high as 90% grey I might have some arguing to do.  In any case, I'll be sure to arrive early to warm my computer up (literally.)

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1

    Ditto with my week 49 LG.  I originally saw very faint IR with checkerboard and dark gray after 15 minutes full brightness but it faded very quickly.  Now after 2 weeks continuous use I retested for IR and there is no sign of it, I even tried a 1 hour test at full brightness / dark grey.  One important tip when doing the test is to make sure and not stare at the checkerboard before closing it to look at grey background, especially at full brightness.  Depending on your eyes you could be seeing IR from your own retinas not the screens! Seriously, just try staring at the checkerboard screen for 30 seconds and then close you're eyes and you'll see your own IR.  I've decided to keep mine and if it develops IR I'll just return it under warrantee.  Just to be safe I documented my concern with tech support at Apple by opening a case number noting my concern about IR and how it would not be acceptable for my photography business. 


    Barry, I'm curious what your calibration measured for native (uncalibrated) white point and gamma were on your LG Display?  I got 2.42 and 7000K with a max brightness of 288 and max contrast at 100% brightness of 830:1, 75% = 850:1, 50% = 9650:1 and at 25% = 18,300:1


    If your cal has native readings available I'm curious how it compares to my readings?  It could give us an idea of how consistent the LG display / back lighting is from the factory...


    After using Spyder Cal I'm at 2.21 gamma, 267 max bright., 98+% sRGB gamut..  I can't find a post cal level for white point just a 'white point (CIE xy)' chart which I'm not sure how to convert....  It reads:


                         Black.         White

    Uncalibrated:  .305            .323

    Target:           .313            .329   (Target = 6500K)

    Calibrated:      .314            .328

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    I just got done talking to a rep at the apple store in Pasadena, CA... They informed me that it is normal for this to appear and that it will go away in 1 minute and they will not replace the displays. They said this is a known issue, but my question is why they do not do anything? Anyways, while I was there I tested their laptops for IR and sure enough it has it


    The first MacBook I tried to approach was a samsung then I went to the two other laptops next to it and were LG. I recorded it but won't be able to upload it until a few hours... I'll report back

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    Today I tried the 13" rMBP and look at the result after 3 minutes of the test!!!


  • andiruleu Level 1 Level 1

    Maybe Apple will finally do something?


    Oh and here's the video


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    Does the IR show when using color backarounds or is it only on the grey screen? Can you see IR when going from a standard white website to another? Not that this would make things any better, I'm just curious. After clicking the link above I watched a good amount of YouTube videos but they're all showing the problem on grey backarounds.

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    The machines in the local Apple store all have pretty bad IR, but in most cases you have to set the backround to grey in order to see it.


    This thread is getting nuts.  Yes, I believe some people do have severe IR problems, but people going out of their way to prove their screens have IR in extreme cases is just crazy.


    Look - IPS display in general have IR.  I had a Dell IPS monitor a couple of years ago, and every once in a while you could spot IR.  It was a great display and I got great use out of it until I went 100% laptop.

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    I feel bad for you guys.  Honestly.  But I have found a reasonable solution for the short term.


    I picked up a Thunderbolt display and ordered a MBP 15.4 inch model.  I already have a MBP (2011) 13 incher so I hooked it up to the Thunderbolt to mess around while I wait for the MBP 15.4 inch 2012 model.  It's so sweet.  The resolution on the Thunderbolt is ridiculous.  It is so sharp.  It's essentially retina.  And it's "externally" retina so my MBP 15 doesn't inherit the baggage associated with the true retina rMBPs (can't upgrade, no ethernet port, etc).


    The only thing I'm missing is seeing retina resolution on the laptop, but due to how I plan to use the laptop, I'd be connected to the Thunderbolt for 90% of the time anyway.  So a true retina laptop would have limited upside for my usage pattern.


    So I get the best of both worlds:  a sweet laptop with no problem waiting to happen, and super high resolution for 90% of my work day.



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    Well, that was way easier than I expected. I guess because I had a previous work order to replace the screen they just re-opened it, no questions asked. The replacement part number is now 661-7171 and they happened to have one in stock, so the turnaround time should be 3-5 days. It's a Christmas miracle. Awesome.

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    If you wanted a pseudo hi-res screen, 17" MBP is quite a ways ahead of the Thunderbolt display.

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    The first time I found out my Macbook had the problem was on a dark blue background. When I switched from one page to the other, you could literally read what was on the left sidebar from the previous page. It lasted well over a minute (I didn't test it beyond 1:30)


    I have had zero issues duplicating this problem.

  • Peter van Broekhoven Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, it does happen on coloured (darkish, solid) backgrounds as well. And apparently the new 27" iMacs are also affected:


  • gfarran Level 1 Level 1

    It seems indeed that apple has released a new product with the image retention feature:



    not optimistic about this being fixed even in the next generation as it seems a defect tied to this particular LG IPS technology and apple does not seem to care about spreading it among all their product lines...

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    Wow, this is an epademic! 13" rMBPs, 15" rMBPs and now iMacs too!?!  This is in now way an acceptable product and they keep releasing computers with this issue. My trust in Apple as a quality engineering company is just about over now. These sorts if issues should have been ironed out in the development stage. At the very least quick action in quality control should have nipped this in the bud once they became aware it was a problem. But we still are seeing LG displays on new rMBPs and now even brand new iMacs. Inexcusable.  Apple your reputation of making quality products and standing by those products is dwindling by the day. Fix this and make things right for your loyal customers.