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    The party is over, they are using cheap parts where they can to max profits.  The days when Steve would obsess over each part is gone.  I held off buying the rMBP because of this thread, was about to order the 27 iMac, and now this.  If I order the iMac and it has IR, it's going back endless times till it comes out right.  But since the iMac doesn't support VESA, I might not get it.  Maybe I'm better off with rMBP and go for repair to Samsung if its not right out of the box. How pathetic?  I just want to buy a Mac.

  • Attilas Level 1 Level 1

    That iMac IR really make this problem worst now.


    It is really bad to see how Apple put priority over the selection of their supplier versus the satisfaction of their customer.

  • Barry Fisher Level 3 Level 3

    Actually, I'm not sure if I have access to the numbers after the calibration, I'll look next time I calibrate, which could be this weekend.  I know that I set to 65D and 120.  During the process my luminance measured at 119 so that is the setting for the calibration and I believe that is where my screen brightness. I find generally that saving to 110 to 120 gives me a good match for output printing on both an inkjet and a lightjet, though I know that my service providor will correct for levels if they need to.  They tell me they don't have to.  I'm using a colormunki so we may have some differences between our setup.   As far as IR, I can still see feint IR but it is definately less than when I first had it.  I feel comfortable that if I need to in the next couple of years, I can get it repaired, but so far, its a great screen.

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    my screens been getting burn in which is getting worse and worse but to top it all off went in to apple yesterday they said theres no point sending of for repair because there may be no difference in the screen and that all ips screens get burn in im really P**sed off i payed £2000 for this and they dont care!

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    You don't have to accept that. Get on the phone and keep escalating it until you get what you want. All screens do not have the problem, Samsungs do not. They are just trying to brush you off and they should not get away with that. You do have a right to be satisfied with what you buy, or at least get your money back. Good luck. Let us know what happens because it will help others. 

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    Still no signs of IR with my LG (wk 49 BTO).  Maybe there not all affected.  I agree with you that it's a great screen and if it does develop IR I'm sure apple take care of it. 


    With my Spyder cal it has an option to 'profile' the display which gave me the numbers I posted.  It essentially tells you the default display properties and then you can compare it to the calibrated properties.  As for brightness levels Spyder actually calibrates using full brightness and during the process it adjusts brightness levels with the software while calibrating.  It also has a sensor that monitors  ambient light so you know if its affecting your perception onscreen.  I believe the optimum brightness level for my cal was 154.  Haven't done any direct printing from the rMBP yet but edited images look great when viewed on my PC / LaCie RGB screen.  I decided to wait for my new epson 4900 to arrive and start with a 'clean slate' rather than mess with loading all the drivers to the rMBP for my current PC based R2880 printing setup.

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    I'm not sure if anyone is still tracking specifics on these machines, but I just got a week 49 BTO machine about a week ago (2.6/16/256) and it has a Samsung screen.  No issues thus far.  I wish you all the best of luck and Happy Holidays!

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    Apple Store is replacing my screen, despite it not"failing" their flawed test. Genius took my word for it and said they would replace the screen, although said there was no way to guarantee the manufacturer. Have those that had the display replaced received it with another LG?

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    What's the part number on the work order for the replacement? 661-7171 is a Samsung.

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    Well then a Samsung it will be.  Thank you!  Not sure why the Genius insisted there was abolutely no way to tell what brand the display would be.

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    Samsung it will be for me also. I got tired of waiting for Apple to at least acknowledge THE TRUTH and make things right. So I went out and actually bought a Samsung series 9.


    Here's a similar one to the one I bought, only mine has 256 ssd.


    The thing is lightning quick at any rate, and although it may not be as good as the rmbp on paper. Considering the risks of dealing with the DEFECTS of the rmbp it's by far the smarter choice. Frankly, although everyone in the thread is focused on the screen issues, the thing has other issues. Although I think the other issues can be fixed with software from what I'm reading.



    Hopefully Apple will start to take their customers more seriously by the time I'm ready to buy again. They need to recognize that not all of the people shopping are loyal religious followers of the "Apple" so we are perfectly prepared to move on to whatever else there is that's available.


    Too bad, instead of learning Apple's latest, whatever that is, I'm learning Windows 8. To be honest, I'm not liking it but I just got it yesterday, so we'll see.

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    I have an rMBP with a Samsung screen and I'm very happy with it. However, I won't be buying any more Apple laptop or desktop products until the company starts paying attention to genuine customer concerns. Image retention is nothing to scoff at. I'm not paying a premium price for a subpar product. With all the money Apple has, it should replace all the defective panels, no questions asked. A panel that exhibits even the slightest amount of ghosting is simply defective in my book. I have a total of 4 IPS panels between home and work and none exhibit any ghosting whatsoever. I can leave the checkerboard picture an entire weekend and there will be absolutely no visible shadow left over (yes, I tried). The current situation with ghosting is similar to what Apple did with the Performa line of Desktop computers around 20 years ago. Poor design and quality control nearly lead Apple to the brink of disaster. History always repeats itself, but some companies just never seem to learn.

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    With all the money Apple has, it should replace all the defective panels, no questions asked.

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    Well if you're satisfied with a series 9 Samsung then you really didn't need a rMBP 15" to begin with.  You basically got a fancy ultra book with a gimped dual core i7 processor, no discreet graphics (hope you don't play high end games), a very low res display (rMBP 15 can display 3.6 of the series 9 screens at the same time) and Samsung 'stellar reputation' consumer for product support.  And windows 8 as an added bonus....   Good luck!


    Sorry but I couldn't help myself, not trying to be mean but your comparing apples and raisins.

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    Sorry but I couldn't help myself, not trying to be mean but your comparing apples and raisins.