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    LOL, did you understand what I wrote? You seem to have missed my point, and who the heck needsa rmbp? Why would you NEED a rmbp? Other than an employer insisting on it. Does a person need a Ferrari? No I'm not a gamer and if I was I'd be an idiot to buy a rmbp to fill that need. I wanted a rmbp because I liked what I saw in the store and I can afford to pay for what was, on paper,  a powerful notebook in a slim design. I wasn't prepared to be ripped off by being sold a defective computer however.  It's really that simple. Also, as I said, I don't feel ANY obligation to Apple and in light of this thread will be very VERY careful before looking at what Apple has for sale in a couple of years when I'll probably be in the market for another notebook.


    I find it ironic that you choose to gloat about the "specs" of the rmbp in this thread. (I'm trying to be polite btw) You might want to choose there updated/fixed release next summer to do that.


    Apple's to raisins? ok, if that's how you see it. "I" on the other hand was comparing computers. One that had a better than 50/50 chance of being defective out of the box, whether it shows 5 days or 5 months down the road,  and one that didn't. 


    I'll take a working Corvette over a broken Ferrari any day. Especially if Ferrari insists what's broken is normal.


    lastly, don't forget, I was looking to buy the rmbp, so do you really think I don't know what I'm comparing?


    Calm down, it's not personal, it's my money and I respect it too much to knowingly throw it away at a defective Apple product that Apple is NOT standing behind honorably.

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    Well you see, I do NEED the rMBP for my photography business.  I can now do everything my studio desktops can do while being mobile and the retina res allows me to see 20%+ more of a 36MP image at 100% while editing compared to our main 2560x1600 studio display!  So my point is that people like me who actually need and use the full capability of a high end laptop don't really seem to be the ones complaining, but those that WANT one the are (for the most part).  


    I've had my rMBP 2.7, 16, 512, w/ LG display for almost 3 weeks with almost continuous use and it has performed flawlessly.  After initial minimal IR during an out of the box test the issue has honestly disappeared.   I called Apple and explained my concerns about IR and my use of the computer.   Tech support was very helpful, they opened a case number noting my concerns and confirmed that if IR became a problem that they could overnight an advanced replacement at apples expense (both ways).  I am more than satisfied with there handling of the issue and if there's a problem I'm sure Apple will take care of me.


    Enjoy your Samsung ultra book.  I hope you didn't waste that money you 'respect' so much on the series 9, from what I've read it's got quite a few significant issues as well.

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    So what did you use before the rmbp? Would you have to changed careers if it didn't exsist? Come on, it's just as much a want for you as it was and still is, when its fixed, for me.


    I guess since Apple assured you you'd be taken care of on the phone, and you believe them, that makes all the other customer service horror stories moot? To me that was the deal breaker, I would have been willing to take the chance if I was hearing ethical customer service stories.


    Lastly, I did the same thing I did before going in to buy the rmbp, I googled, I found nothing with the current i7 model that I have in regards to problems. The problems with the original models, as far as I can understand are software fixable.


    I hope Apple keeps their word with you when your LG shows the IR eventually. Good luck.

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    Well, I will say I'm amazed that my rMBP is ready for pick up.  20 hours to replace the screen when they didn't even have the part in stock (guessing they were able to get one from the other Apple Store only a few miles away). 

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    New girl is a Samsung. It's a Festivus miracle!

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    I have this burn-in probleme too. How can I see wether my Macbook pro retina is a LG or a Samsung. I use my mbpr as a student and don't really have time giving it to the service for over a week. At the end of next summer the service ends.

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    copy and paste the following command in the terminal:


    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    If your display code begins with "LP," it's an LG display.

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    Because of the gorgeous retina display and Apple’s good quality reputation, I wanted to switch from Lenovo Thinkpad T series to Retina MBP. 

    Two days ago, I went to the two Apple Stores in my city and also to two different BestBuy stores determined to buy the 15” rMBP only if I can know in advance that I am buying one with a Samsung display. 

    In each Apple store there were 6 rMBPs on display.  I typed in the terminal of each of them the command:


    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    And can you believe it not even one of them was Samsung, ALL were with LG screens!!! ALL 12 rMBPs in two different Apple stores were with LG displays!!!  On 9 of them I was able to replicate the IR issue just by letting an open web page for 3-4 min (moving the cursor every minute, so that the screen saver will not start).  In one of the display models the retention was so bad, that I was able to read the text of the closed web page without even straining my eyes, the IR was crystal clear!


    Of the two Best Buy stores, only the second one had a Samsung rMBP on display, i.e. I saw in total 14 rMBPs that day and 13 of them with LG screens!!!  I.e. we have 1 in 14 chance of getting a Samsung screen on our rMBP.  But wait it gets even worse than that. 

    In the two Apple Stores the employees were not helpful at all to make an effort to check for me if I will get a Samsung or LG screen in my laptop.  They simply said: "There is no way we can know."  

    The BestBuy employees were a different story.  In both stores they bend over backwards to help me.  In the second store the Geek Squat opened all 5 rMBP they had in stock to check for me if they had one with Samsung display, and ALL of them were with LG screens.  So to sum it up, I saw that day 19 rMBPs, 14 on display and 5 that the Geek Squat at BB opened; of the 19 rMBPs only 1 was with a Samsung screen, i.e. one has 5% chance of getting a Samsung on his rMBP.  I have the suspicion that Samsung might have decided to stop supplying apple with their display panels and apple has gone completely LG. 

    To add insult to injury, people on the web were complaining about another issue that plagues some rMBPs - screaking when one pushes the laptop in particular areas.  I didn’t replicate that in any of the laptops on display except on one – the Samsung screen on display in the second Best Buy store.

    To say the least, I have very mixed feelings about switching to mac.  PC manufacturers have gone down the drain with their build quality of their laptops long ago, yet it seems that Apple is about to fallow them.  I have never heard of something like that happening during Steve Job’s life time.  Sad!!!

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    Might also be possible that Stores put out LG inside simply because Samsung screen were passed to customer to avoid comeback. IR problem might not be that much visible with high store luminance.


    So I would not likely put stats based on which panel is displayed on store.


    However, Best Buy with 5 LG rMBP is number we can't deny !


    Hope this is fixed soon, just waiting to buy a new laptop (my old one is a 6+ year Lenovo T61) and right now I can't really find a replacement in quality for that rMPB. MacBook Air could be, but only advantage is portability and price. For +700$ you get a lot more with the rMBP, starting with that **** incredibly smooth screen....

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    The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!!!!!!

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    After deciding to take the leap and purchase the rMBP I was fortunate enough to get a Samsung Display. The funny thing is, after all of this should I or shouldn't I, I realize that I prefer the size of the 13" instead. The only problem is that I do not know for sure if Apple even uses Samsung for the 13 rMBP. I am going to just keep my Air for now and will try to find a good site to sell my 15 rMBP or just return it to Apple and wait to see if any 13's have a Samsung panel in them. I am guessing that someone out there would really like to have this so if anyone out there can suggest a good site other than the usual Craigslist or ebay please let me know. I would rather see someone happy with a good computer than take it back where it will end up who knows where. If anyone out there can tell me whether or not a 13 rMBP with Samsung display even exsists I really would appreciate it.

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    if you're in the UK I might get it from you!! how much do you wanna sell it in the ebay or these kinda websites? when did you purchase yours?

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    I wish I was but I am in Tampa, FL. I really would like to see someone out there get it rather than return it. I Just got this Sunday night from the Apple store out here. I also checked the SSD on it assuming it was also a Samsung but it's actually a SanDisk. Did a check on these and it turns out they are pretty solid. I'm showing read and write speeds on Black Magic at over 470 each. It literally redlines when I run the test.

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    Any idea about Samsung panels on the 13 rMBP?

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    SAMSUNG discontinued production of the Retina panel fro Apple in the end of October. Now the last MacBook Pro with SAMSUNG Retinas are just about out. Each day, they are rarer and rarer. And so unfortunetely no, None of the 13th model ever had SAMSUNG Panels put in them. Sorry.