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    Florin101 wrote:


    SAMSUNG discontinued production of the Retina panel fro Apple in the end of October. Now the last MacBook Pro with SAMSUNG Retinas are just about out. Each day, they are rarer and rarer. And so unfortunetely no, None of the 13th model ever had SAMSUNG Panels put in them. Sorry.

    Source:? How you know this (so sure)?


    I think we can concludade, since the new Imac suffers the same problem, that it lays somewhere in the lamination process with the screen and the glass.

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    Don't spread your stupidity here, it can be contagious.

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    I just made another try to shop for the rMBP with a Samsung display. After the holidays the Apple store was not as busy as before Christmas and the manager was able to pay more attention to my questions.   To my request for a Samsung display in a rMBP, he only replied: “I know for sure that all the rMBPs we have in our store have a LG screen.”  Then I asked him if in the second apple store in our city will be any different, he reassured me that they will have only LG screens in their rMBPs as well.  He was not willing to discuss it any further. 


    Then I went to the Microcenter Computer Store, where they also sell rMBPs and two of them were advertised to be running OSX Lion, i.e. I assumed they must be from the time when Samsung Screens were not a rarity.  After talking to the manger they were willing to open a rMBP for me and to check if it has a Samsung Screen.  Yet, no luck here either, this rMBP had a LG screen again. 


    I’m giving up on the rMBP.  I’ll check again in July 2013 maybe they will fix this booboo in the second generation of rMBPs.  

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    Just got mine back and as per the part number it's a Samsung too:

    Color LCD



    It's a... Boxing Day miracle?

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    Just got mine back as well. It now has a Samsung screen and is working great so far.

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    Is this happening to the rmbp 13" models also!?


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    yeah, I've posted a picture of it a couple of days ago!!! on page 405, it also happens on the new 27" iMac as well!

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    Jeez. Isn't this a bit hysterical?

    Deliberately burining screens on several MBP's at once which you do not own? Squeezing MBP's? Having them open up brand new MBP-boxes?

    I have one with an LG-screen, and it's still OK. However I do make sure I don't turn on brightness all the way. And I don't have to, because it's bright enough.

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    PS: I didn't say it happens on all of them!! I personally have seen it on 13 inch and I have posted a photo to prove it.. some also said it has happened on 27" iMac and they have posted pictures to prove it.. so it is possible to happen and this reviewer on anandtech which is a well known reviewer said that he has personally seen it on both 13" and 15" rMBP.

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    After much deliberation (a great IBM discount was still not enough for me to get another ThinkPad over this), I purchased my rMBP in August before I left for college. It was an LG panel. First few weeks were problem free, but the screen did have a slight magenta tint to the whites. It was after the first month when ghosting started to become noticeable, but not much of a priority or an inconvenience.
    By the fourth month, the image retention became unbearable. Any application with UI elements would cause burn in after only 3 or so minutes.
    I sent it in for repair this break, as I didn't have the time during the semester to do so. While the Geniuses that assisted me were quite friendly and knowledgeable, I was really bothered by many aspects of Apple's approach to this issue. To get a replacement, the screen must fail an arbitrary set of standards made by "engineers". It's been well documented on this thread on how the test works: 3 minutes of checkerboard, 1 minute of black cooldown time (the frequently used test by Ament does not take this into consideration), 30 seconds of gray and a viewing distance of a foot before the test ends.
    I just got mine back after 5 days of repairs. Repair was speedy and I got a Samsung panel, but there's a small but very prominent black gash on the front edge of the lid that goes all the way past the annodization. There was no cosmetic damage on my laptop before I sent it in for "repair". I treat all my laptops with the utmost care--it rarely leaves my desk and the only things that ever touch it are my hands and a quality case. Apple doesn't do repairs for cosmetic damage, so I guess there's nothing for me to do about nothing done by me.
    This has been my first Apple purchase and likely my last. So far I am deeply disappointed. This is the first laptop I've owned that I've had to send in for repairs so soon. I was allured by the hype around the display, and if Apple thinks that a minute of ghosting or shoddy repair, as well as the questionable procedures to obtain said repair under warranty, is fair for such bold claims surronding the display, then I dare them to put that ghosting spec on their Mac page (up to a minute of ghosting is tolerable). It is simply cowardly to hide behind IPS technology to dodge liability. $2200 minimum is a lot of a money in this economy and increasingly competitive market to be paying for a laptop, and for that much I expect the experience to be flawless. This is far from it.

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    Did you let them know about the gash? Mine came back from repair with two scratches on the top case that weren't there when I brought it in. I showed it to the genius who was helping me and she had the top case replaced for me, free of charge.

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    I'm not sure if I want to go through all the hassle of sending it in again at the risk of getting an LG screen again. I also already left. But it's good to know that they will cover that. Thank you for telling me.

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    Nope, it’s called Common Sense!  When I’m spending $3,000 on a laptop, which is notorious for IR, it’s just common sense.  To not request a Samsung screen, after reading this forum is sheer gullibility

    I have owned a laptop with an IPS screen before (Thinkpad T43p), I currently have an LCD, IPS display on a desktop machine in my office, yet I have never seen any IR on any of them. 

    Apple has to be honest with its customers - should recall the LG screens and apologize for the blunderTreating your customers like they are idiots, telling them that it’s normal to have image retention on a new screen is NOT COOL, Apple!!! Get your act together, for the customers will start soon voting with their wallets. I definitely did cast my vote – no switching to mac for me!

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    Yes, this reminds me the iPhone 4 antenna gate.

    Apple said that they were customers who were holding the phone in wrong way ...

    The story never changes and people do not learn


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    I agree, if there is a problem, Apple must recall LG screens, and no idiots excuses about IPS technology!!!