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    Wow, and this will make the screen harder/impossible to calibrate. In the bottom left corner, whites are way more warm than the rest of the screen.

    I can see it even on that Beach wallpaper where the sand is darker on the left side than the other (in reality it's the same sand, no change in color). Or on websites like this one, or the Finder, or Xcode, or PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING.


    How will I calibrate it with a Spyder4 now? Should I calibrate it from the yellowest point (making the rest of the screen too blue) or the whitest point (keeping the warm part still really warm)?


    I also see those faint splotches (though those are really faint and don't bother me) you guys have been calling "muras", but I really have to examine the screen closely to see them. There's also a bit of backlight bleed on a black screen. Can't see it unless my surroundings are really dark, so again it's bearable. It does have a terrible black level though.


    Wanted to add that I told the "Genius" before the repair that all of this stuff is known to happen on replacement screens. So he told me if I didn't want to replace the display, when I use Photoshop I can repeatedly move the UI around.


    Then, he told me when he was at school they had plugins that would automatically move palettes around so they wouldn't burn in. He used the fact that these plugins exist to justify that image persistence is a common problem with computer displays.


    What am I using, a crappy VGA resolution CRT that takes up an entire desk (or whatever you guys had in the 90s)??!?!


    I'm not even going to test for IR anymore. Supposedly Samsung-made displays don't have it, and I'd like to fool myself into believing that, and as long as it never shows during normal use I'll be grateful that issue is something of the past.

    I just want the color of that LG back.

  • shayster98 Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    Thanks for the advice, Ocean17. I just didn't want to spend much money on calibration, which SHOULD have been done by Apple in the first place. My budget is about >$150; I'm just a hobbyist photographer and I also do it for school. Which one would you suggest out of the i1 or the BC5? Were you satisfied with the results on your rMBP screen?

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    After about a month my LG 16GB retina showed severe retention. Took it to the Sydney apple store and they ran their useless test on a black background, stating they would do nothing to help me and if I wanted I could raise the issue with Consumer Rights.


    After checking my apple account I noticed that I still had the option to return it which I did.


    Just received my 2nd one, yet again a lovely LG which Im afraid will start acting like a sponge in the next few weeks. Not sure if I should just return again and be done with Apple, the XPS 15 looks mighty nice right about now.

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    Send it back if you are worried...Apple is reading this thread very closely.  Posts erased, stats reset.  They clearly don't want the word spreading too much.  Those who are going the repair route and getting Samsung screens seem happy.  I would be happy with that solution, but who needs the hassle and headache just to buy a computer? 

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    I would consider getting the screen replaced with an Samsung however the Apple store refused saying it was within spec...


    Think Ill just go the Dell, your right; don't want the headache just to buy a computer

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    This is awful. I want to buy one so bad. I went to Best Buy yesterday and the screen looked amazing. So crisp, reminded me of the first time I saw the iPhone 4, blown away. I attempted to reproduce the burn in effect by changing the background to gray and leaving it on a check board screen. Well.... I walked away, looked at some other computers with my daughter only to find the display models now have a screen saver that resets back to the factory galaxy wallpaper (under 3 minutes) after showing moving MacBook demo wallpaper. All I saw was a amazing, sharp, unreal screen. It's too bad, there's nothing else like it on the market. It's truly ahead of its time. I don't understand why I can't just order it with a Samsung screen. How hard is that? Please save me a horrific experience and ship it with the **** Samsung screen. I've considered the Lenovo Carbon X1, but after seeing that screen... That's what I want.

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    After leaving my screen on maximum brightness for 15 mins there is already a faint outline from Safari, this was not there a week ago


    Very sad


    After reading these posts I am coming to the conclusion that a) Samsung screens are more expensive, b) Apple are mainly shipping new laptops with LGs and saving the Samsungs for those customers that complain the loudest.

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    Just a recommendation. Instead of dell try to get Asus U500VZ (U51VZ) which has identical specs to rMBP except the retina display which is only a regular Samsung IPS technology without IR issue or try Sony vaio S 15" series which has even a better screen with the same specs. Dell has ultra low voltage CPU which is not as functional as these laptops which have full working range of quad core CPUs.

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    I had the same issue with Retina ghosting, image persistance issue. This is my 2nd Macbook Pro Retina with the same issue. The 1st one was replaced with Samsung LCD and the screen didn't had any ghosting or image persistance but was replaced badly by the so called "Apple Geniuses" who couldn't put on a screw correctly. It was brought back in to get it fixed and later the logic borad was damage. So they had to replace it for a new laptop in store. The 2nd one and my current laptop is also an LG has the ghosting/image persistance issue which is getting worse. Trying to get it replace, but after laptop sit days in the Apple Store in Perimter Mall in Georgia they say diagnostics test were run and couldn't be replace because it pass. I don't understand why they order the part and make me bring it in for replacement and then only later after days saying it couldn't be replace? What kind of BS is this, Apple Customer Service has really gone down the drain recently with sub par product releases.


    This will probably be my last Apple Laptop for long time, so anyone wants to invest in Macbook Pro Retina and thinking it will get fixed after 14 days, you would be lucky if they don't make it a hassle. The problem is LG screen looks like it doesn't have an issue at the beginning, but it will after a month or more it just takes time. And if they do fixed the issue you just got to hope you get the right trained technican that can replace the screen without ******* up your laptop.

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    I sent my Macbook in for repairs and got the screen replaced, but I have one question. When I go from 0-brightness (screen is off) to 1-brightness (dimmest setting), or the other way around, I hear a short, distinct hiss. It really isn't an issue, but I'm just curious if this is normal behavior.

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    No hiss from mine

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    I did it! I returned my Macbook Pro Retina with LG. It was custom made. had it for about 3 weeks. Loved it... then it started getting IR. very very faint. But been following this thread, and I wouldn't doubt that it will be worse. I have an external monitor and I'm often going to be having pages static. I don't want to go through the trouble of replacing screen and having the "Genius'" deny my IR with a 4min, 1min runtime...

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    Sad to be back here in this thread (which I have been since I first got the machine after ordering at the keynote in June.)


    Earlier in the thread I documented my trauma with the first two of these machines I had, both with extreme IR / LG panels, the second with a strong yellow tint also.  50+ hours of phonecalls and emails to Apple, I was practcally spending half of every morning on the phone with them for weeks.  They wouldn't let me get a second replacement, and in the end I had to accept a refund.  Lost months of work time.


    Fast forward a few months, I felt that this thread had cooled off and that was a sign things might be improving.  I ordered another one.  In theory, it's still the machine which best fits my needs.  At first the LG seemed good, very minimal IR but I could live with it.


    3 weeks later, it's developed strong IR just like the others, and to top it off, a line of dead pixels right down the centre of the screen, which makes it unusable.


    I'm hoping they give me a refund again, or at the very least a Samsung screen, otherwise I don't think I'll ever buy a Mac laptop again.  This is getting ridiculous.  I'm actually glad I got the line of dead pixels, because hopefully that means a screen replacement without having to beg and plead as in the past (when they told me my IR was in spec, even though you could read my email on a blank screen after 3 mins.) 


    My worst fear is they say it's a GPU problem and don't even replace the screen, and do a horrible hack job like they did on my 2008 mbp with dead 8600gt gpu (three times, each with increasingly bad scratches and muras on the machine when I got it back, which they claimed were already there.)





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    Apple, listen! as long as you didn't admit that this is product defect, I will not purchase rMBP.



    As Steve Jobs said, the only thing that can destroy this company, is GREEDY. TOO GREEDY THAT YOU PUT CUSTOMERS BEHIND PROFITS.

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    By any chance do you guys know a good way to test if a RMBP has  bad pixel? Or maybe an app that will test that for you?