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    I decided to take the plunge on 30/12... Delivery expected around the 10th Jan.


    Praying for a samsung display after reading this..... Will update here with my experience once it has arrived!

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    Do you have any source saying that Sony Vaio Z series screen is supplied by LG? As long as I remember Sony has stopped supplying screens from Samsung and has a contract with LG regarding to its 40" 3D TVs. The premium quality products like L series and Z series are completely built by Sony itself. It would be nice to know who supplies their product. If LG is giving such a nice screen to Sony and is giving a bad quality to Apple, there'll be hope that they can fix this IR problem soon!!

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    KDudds wrote:


    I decided to take the plunge on 30/12... Delivery expected around the 10th Jan.


    Praying for a samsung display after reading this..... Will update here with my experience once it has arrived!


    Wish you best luck. If you have a bit more funding you can order a second one a couple of days after and return one or the other. Doubling you chance to get a Samsung in a different batch. If Apple still do so.


    If you get a Samsung screen, its a keeper in my head. This laptop is top of the line, if you ignore the random LG problem.


    Good luck. Keep us posted if you get and LG and decide to keep it. We have near no feedback on working LG screen after a couple if months.

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    Hey everyone,


    Back in October I went through two rMBP (both with image retaining LG screens) and had the screen of the second rMBP replaced with a bad Samsung (massively yellow at the bottom and bad mura issues). I then got a full refund and went back to a classic MBP. However, the screen resolution of the classic MBP just doesn't cut it anymore after having "tasted" the sharp retina screen. Having an iPhone 5 and an iPad 3 as well, my eyes have really adjusted to the retina screens. So last night I went by a local Apple Store and bought another rMBP:


    - The screen is LG
    - The build week is 49
    - There is absolutely no image retention (for now)

    - The colours are great (so far the 3 LG screens I have seen have had much better colours than Samsung, even after calibrating the Samsung).

    - There is slight backlight bleeding at the bottom left and right corners (but definitely less than on any classic MBP I have ever had).

    - There seems to be slight "pixel walk" (a sort of flicker), which I didn't notice on another rMBP. Maybe LG changed their screens somehow, fixing IR, but sacrificing something else in the process?

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    Thanks! I certainly play to keep here updated.

    I should also mention, this is my first Mac... Always been a windows fan, but owning an iPad and an iPhone 5 convinced me to get a mac too.


    I checked the serial number, it says it's a week 1 build. Lets hope Apple's new year resolution was to stop putting LG screens in the rMBPs!

    I just have to decide whether or not to keep it if it is an LG. I'm guessing not all of them can be defective!

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    That was my first Mac too ( I returned mine after 14 days) ! Enjoying IPhone and IPad since a couple of years and that was my first OSX jump.


    I settle down for a used Late 2012 MacBook air with 8 gig of ram at 1K$ without IPS screen .  That is enough for me now.  But the rMPB was an awesome machine and you will fall in love once you have it under your home !!


    Life is about joy in the end. Im sure that even if you decide to keep an LG screen you will mostly enjoy it. If any problem arise Apple will probably take care of it. I guess only small percentage of people get bad service, but still 415+ pages.

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    I have a week 48 build LG and no problem. I mean yes there is how many posts on here but how many macbooks sold? I dont think its fair to say that all lg screens are defective.

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    I will buy MBR ''15 w/Retina by end of Jan 2013 , Hope that Apple solved this matter

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    I wouldn't let thread change anyone's mind about buying it. Yeah there's lots of people on here complaining(as they should be). But you don't get to see the response of people that don't have problems, because they are happy and aren't on here because they haven't had a problem.

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    Has anyone had any good expereinces with this laptop? And when will computers have a manufaracting date after January 1,2013? Or have a 2013 manufaracting date? Are the samsung displays absoultly perfect? or do they have issues as well?

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    And why does anyone think 2013 is gonna matter mine is a week 48 build with no problem

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    Is yours an LG or a Samsung? And what about the next generation that is supposed to come out in a few months?

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    I have a LG, new model won't be out for another half a year.If you were always waiting for a new model u would never have a I wouldn't care if they had a new model unless it was a completely new design which it won't be. I mean I could see if it was a month or two away but waiting 6 months??? I'm really enjoying my computer now with no problems just saying

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    LOL this thread is taking a turn to the rediculous. The rationalizing going on is indicative how "bad" some of you have it. I'll let you figure out what "it" is.


    Read carefully, THE RETINA MACBOOK PRO IS BROKEN. You might get a decent one with a samsung panel but what is your time worth in order to maybe get one eventually? NOT everyone doing the exchange is getting one has been stated over and over, so it's not a for sure thing. As a consumer advocate I'm quite literally disgusted by some of nonsense I'm reading.


    Some of you people that are trying to convince yourselves and other readers that this broken computer right from factory is anything but, are EXACTLY the reason Apple is behaving the way they have been.


    Also, it seems that some of you people posting have read a couple of pages and are making statements that aren't based on fact and all you would have to do is READ more than a couple pages to know the truth. Unless the messages that tell you the truth about Apple Care for example and other truths have been deleted. I haven't checked.


    Regardless, anyone who reads this thread and still buys, deserves the IR, and if they get an LG, it's pretty much guaranteed they'll get it.


    LOL, what a joke. Oh and to you people saying this wouldn't have happened if Steve Jobs was alive, you're delusional. The same thing happened when he was alive with the Iphone 4. Did you forget? "you're holding the phone wrong" Not to mention the just as ridiculous quotes that were attributed to him specifically.


    So when I finally settled on an alternative, I was talking to a guy at Best Buy, said "ya, I've heard of the IR problem, but that's not the biggest problem, the biggest problem is wifi, it constantly drops, we've gotten a lot of complaints....."


    Give your heads a shake and get some self respect. Clearly Apple isn't showing you any.

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    I honestly feel sorry for you guys.  I'm Unsubscribing because it's the same thing.  You guys are buying an overpriced computer and trying to self talk yourselves into security with your purchase.  They may or may not fix it.  They will never acknowledge it unless someone sues and wins.