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    I have been monitoring this thread since day one and because of it, I, too, am waiting for the Haswell update in five to six months.   Right now, my wife is using a 2006 17" MBP that is virtually in two pieces.  The top shell of the computer has self-distructed and she has it propped up with a back support.  I am mystified as to how it still manages to work... probably won't for long.  I doubt that she will be able to last until the update comes out.


    While I am trying to wait for the next update which will hopfully fix this IR, I am skeptical about whether it will fix the display problems.   For the problem to be FIXED, Apple and LG have to aknowledge that there IS a problem and then change technology to use the same type of retina display that Samsung uses.  That may involve large royalties to the patent holder which would make it prohibitive to adopt.   It may take developing an entirely new technology such as OLED which may occur in a more distant future.

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    Oh no I definitely agree with you about the importance of color accuracy of the display itself. I was under the impression that the color of the logo itself is independent of the display temp from my experience, so I meant not to worry about the logo tint. I was trying to say that while my logo seems slightly magenta, the display has no magenta tint. In fact, I had to change the white point to around 6900 K because it was a little yellow.
    I decided to play around with the white point to below D50 and the logo did not change color. From my experience they're independent.

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    My new MBPr (Week 1 January build) does have a dim pink logo.  In contrast my wife's standard MBP (Spring 2012) has a bright white logo.    I do not have any red issues on the display though.  I would agree that they seem to be independent.

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    Yeah, that was what I was wondering - if they were in fact independent.  At first I had this magenta cast to my screen I couldn't figure out and it wasn't until much later I noticed the pink Apple logo. My assumption (maybe incorrect) was that the backlight (which is what lights up the Apple) was magenta itself.  So no amount of color calibration was going to fix that on the screen end.


    So that's why I'm asking this question...trying to figure out if the magenta logo is across all rMBPs.  If so, likely the two are unrelated.  If not, maybe that was an additional problem with my LG.


    Didn't want to deal with IR and a pink screen.  Very disappointed in the quality control on these screens either way.

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    If you realy want a Samsung screen, you can just buy MBPr, exposed on showcase. Just check it and buy


    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    If your display code begins with "LP," it's an LG display.

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    Update regarding refurbished rMBP's.  I ordered two refurbished rMBP's from Apple's online store last week, and they both arrived yesterday.  (Long story as to why I ordered two, but one is going back.) 


    Each machine has an LSN panel!  I was literally jumping for joy when "LSN" was returned in Terminal.  The screens each have a nice, clean white point and exhibit no yellow / pink tints, backlight bleeding, mura, dead pixels, or any other issue.  The bodies of the machines are in perfect condition, too--with no scratches or scuffs. 


    So for anyone still trying to get his or her hands on a rMBP with a Samsung panel, perhaps you should try buying refurbished?  We'll obviously need more evidence to confirm this, but my suspicion (and hope) is that Apple has done the right thing by putting new LSN panels in all refurbs. 


    I GOT A SAMSUNG!  #CelebratoryMoment

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    Got my MBPR goin back to the store today to check out the Burn In, yes it's an LG screen, late 2012 but only been in my possession for around a week. Really only notice this when working pshop/illust or any CS6 prog due to all of them having dark grey interfaces, wouldn't of known any different if I hadn't needed to use these on a daily basis for around 8 hours or more..... The idea of running a screen saver and sleep mode to alleviate or ease this problem is not really a fix for me as it would stop me from working.


    I have run all the tests that have confirmed the problem and have the grey background up as I type so I am fully expecting to still see this window once I close it down!!


    Here's to hoping that the next one is better, any ideas if you can request a certain model screen or is it just pot luck?


    Thinking of giving it back if they can't guarantee a better screen (Samsung from what I read) cause just don't have the time to mess around testing them and returning, pretty sure they are getting fed up with this anyway and maybe the reason why so many on here are saying later models are Samsung display... who knows!?

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    any ideas if you can request a certain model screen or is it just pot luck?


    You can buy MBPr, exposed on showcase, just check it before buying.

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    Thing is if they do agree there is a problem this is probably going to be a repair job as it was bought back in Dec so is out of the 14 day return to store, anyway off down there for 1pm, fingers crossed.

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    Today is a good day!


    Since july I also struggle with many mac replacments with LG screens with burn in.


    Last week I decided to go for a screen replacment. Maybe a wrong assumption my part, but I didn't want to deal with a genius bar denying my problems, so I opted for an Authorized service centre.


    It took it (for the Dutch readers) to the I am store in Veenendaal. (


    No IR test, just showing the pictures was enough. Took them only 2 days and bingo! LSN154YL01001 A Samsung screen.


    First of all, I am very very picky, but not a single dent or scratch. Not even the screws look worn out. As bonus My Macbook is now assembled better then it was originally. Originally the Lid wasn't alligned well and bended a bit (the left side lift up 3mm.). Now it is perfect!


    The screen, I could see right away it was a Samsung by it being less blue and warmer. Brightness is a tad less then my former LG. However fonts and lines are sharper and more printed. No dead pixels or mura.


    I am very satisfied and this is the Macbook Pro Retina I paid for and how it supose to be.


    My advice is also, don't play the lottery, but find a good authorized reseller.


    For what's worth it, The person who helped me when I picked up my machine told me Apple acknolwedge the problem and therfor replace the screen free of cost.


    For the Dutch readers, bring it to I am store in Veenendaal. Top notch service and very good care is taken of your machine.

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    Ps. No yellow tint, no backlight bleeding. But the screen is warmer, but it might need calibration. Which spider model to buy?

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    I had no idea what mura was until I looked it up and realized that the rMBP my local BestBuy has on display with a Samsung display has a terrible mura spot. On a white background it looks like a big shiny blotch.


    Has anyone in the US who has ordered a basic 15 inch rMBP recently received it with a Samsung display? It seems from what I've read recently that its either custom configurations, or the higher end model that has a chance of having a Samsung screen.

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    So, what we have to do know?


    i realized my mbp has LG screen and ghost image issue i have..


    are they giving us  the new one with samsung screen or?

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    I ran the test and my rMBP 13 seems OK, not sure if its Samsung or LG as the command does not work on the 13, maybe apple blocked it!

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    I read somewhere that the 13" rMBP has a different command to determine the display manufacterer.  It was not this thread and I can't remember where I saw it.  Try searching....