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    Maybe they were testing the battery at the facility?   I highly doubt they're selling used units as new.  That's highly illegal.

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    Apple doesn't care about us cause they can do whatever they want. I know this my be irrelevant, but it seems like Apple doesn't go to the lengths it should to QA/QC their work!

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    Apple may like to keep a charge in their batteries so when the computer is shipped to the customer they can use it right away without having a dead battery.  Doing this would likely cause them to have to keep a charge cycle on the battery to ensure it doesn't go down to nothing.

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    millerrh512 wrote:


    Apple may like to keep a charge in their batteries so when the computer is shipped to the customer they can use it right away without having a dead battery.  Doing this would likely cause them to have to keep a charge cycle on the battery to ensure it doesn't go down to nothing.


    Yeah but 1 cycle is good enough. It doesn't have to go through multiple cycles to ensure full battery life to the new owner? Although it may get full battery life in the beginning of the assembly and then by the end of the assembly another battery cycle, but not sure if its necessary to be 3+? I'm thinking this out of my a**. However, another thought is that Apple would charge the macbook once EVERYTHING is assembled from a BRAND NEW battery.


    But from what I know of lithium ion batteries is that cycle counts are cumulative of your battery charges, meaning if you discharge 50% today and then 50% tomorrow, then that counts as 1 cycle. Having to drain your battery to 0 from 100% can damage your battery life. So here are some thoughts I had:


    1. Apple uses old batteries (but batteries takes more time to disassemble, which makes me believe that Apple redistributes returned rMBP)
    2. Apple cycles a few times before sending it out to owner, but why do they need to? Just cycle it once, if they claim that their battery life is superb.
    3. ... Can't think anymore, too early in the morning... anyone else chime in?
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    How long does it take to discharge and how many batteries does Foxconn keep on the shelf ready to be assembled?  We don't know how the supply chain works.  Foxconn may very well keep a ton of batteries in their warehouse ready to go, possibly charging them initially, then prior to build, then after build so it is fresh for the customer.  It's all guesswork.  But if a battery is sitting on their shelf for weeks/months on end, I could see it being reasonable that it ends up with 1-3 cycle counts once it gets to you.

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    I remember my cycle being more than 3 though when I had my 48 week build rMBP in December. It was my first laptop and didn't know what to look for, until I researched how to take care of lithium ion batteries. I didn't think of it too much, but was wondering then why I had a number of cycles on my brand new macbook. And on top of that I then happen to come across this long thread regarding the IR problems, which made me question whether it was a good laptop for me or not. But I did get the laptop within that holiday period where I was able to use it more than 2 weeks before returning it...

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    Relevant question on Quora – is there a solution yet?


    Is it possible to check the display panel manufacturer of a Macbook Pro 13-inch Retina via a Terminal command?

  e-display-panel-manufacturer-of-a-Macbook-Pro-13-inch-Retina-via-a-Terminal-comm and

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    Apple put up refurbished Retina Display MBP's on their refurbished store, if anyone is looking for one..


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    I think we haven't found a way to determine the display manufacturer of the 13" MBPs yet?


    Could someone with one at hand please check if this works?


    Found on Quora:

    It is possible Apple intentionally removed the display model but sounds more likely that the format is different, if you run just "ioreg -lw0 | grep EDID" and convert the hex (stuff between < and >) with Convert Hexadecimal To String Online what do you get ?



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    Yes, I can. I need your e-mail adress.

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    Weve heard stuff like this since june/july. that apple will fix it soon. will discontinue LG or will do a firmware fix.


    i dont believe any of this. either the guy at the store is not telling the truth or he has misunderstood it. maybe he means the replacement screens that are always samsung.

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    Do the refurbished 15 inch models come with Lion or Mountain Lion?

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    For what it's worth, I just received delivery of my 15" rMBP, a 16GB / 2.6Ghz model.


    It was built in week 2, has a Samsung display and one battery cycle.

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    Today I received my custom built rMBP (2.3 GHz, 16 GB Ram, 768 GB SSD; build 2nd week of 2013).  I was hoping for one with the Samsung Display, but no luck - LG again.  I returned it to the local Apple store 1.5 hrs later. 

    This is the 7th rMBP I deal with and all of them were with LG displays.  5 rMBP were opened for me by the Geek Squad at Best Buy before Christmas (I told the Manager that I will buy one if they have rMBP with a Samsung display); the 6th rMBP was opened for me by the Micro Center Geek Squad (LG display again) and finally after reading here on this forum that some custom built rMBP after week 50 came with Samsung display, I decided to custom order a rMBP.  NO luck again!

    Well, this is the end of my attempts to own a rMBP.  I have never spent so much time in my entire life trying to buy a laptop.  That’s ridiculous!!!  Such an expensive laptop, which major feature is the Display should come with the perfect display!

    Some here who have not read more than dozen of post might say: “Apple probably has fixed the LG IR, stick with it, bla-bla.”  I have read almost every post on this forum beginning with the month of October.  After reading more than 2000 posts, I can say that one should be very naïve to buy a rMBP with LG display and hope that it will not show IR.  Even if it were possible to come across an LG display that will not exhibit IR, I’m not willing to gamble with $3,500, I rather return it than have to deal  with Apple Care and their fat lies that it is normal to have IR on an IPS display.  Apple s****ed big time and it’s time for them to admit it.