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    my iPad 3 tested out to a white point of 6800, as long as a blank 'white' page in pages is truly 100% white to start with. 

  • Big Vakanas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thats too bad mines fine its cut out to clear perfectly  ....


    Why would you want to throw your screen back that far anyway ???

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't need the full 45 degrees but definately more than 10 degrees when using on coffee table or in my lap.  I tried to use it on my angled notebook stand on my desk which tilts the base up about 15 degrees and with that the screen couldn't even open to virtical...


    Which model do you have?  The 'feather case' with the soft touch finish?  If so maybe they changed the mold, all it needed for full travel was to trim some of the bottom cases back corner off so the screen cover wouldn't hit it when open.

  • Big Vakanas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    yep i get what your saying mine goes back what looks to be around 45 deg angle its also a feather case ?


    At full tilt with my case on its way way to far back to be at a good viewing angle at all ...


    Wondering why your was like that ?? they must of changed somthing in the production of them recently .

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    No idea but it was definitely right out of the mold, no sign of flash/excess material.  Bought direct from incipio a week ago.  They were useless to get any help from, no phone number and took 3 days to get am email response from customer service. Another issue was the front edge of the palmrest area was very sharp, so much so that it was uncomfortable to put the normal amount of pressure on the heel of my hands while typing.  As I said before they must have modified the mold if yours doesn't have these issues.

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    Just received a refurbished rMBP.  Screen is LSN -Samsung- so far so good for image retention.  Minor backlight bleed along left edge of screen but not a big deal.  Will continue testing...

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    i had 2 LG's and none of them had retention in the first few days. it will eventually appear after a week or two. i bought my rMBP in june and have been on this forum since i noticed my ghosting around august and since then i have not heard of a happy ending with an LG screen, they all end up having the same defect.


    on my third try i landed a LSN display and havent had any issues with it. its perfect, and im so glad i returned the LG.


    My advice is, dont give up until you find a Samsung. it could take you a while, but believe me its worth the effort, specially for the money you paid.


    Good luck

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    1. Apple uses old batteries (but batteries takes more time to disassemble, which makes me believe that Apple redistributes returned rMBP)
    2. Apple cycles a few times before sending it out to owner, but why do they need to? Just cycle it once, if they claim that their battery life is superb.
    3. ... Can't think anymore, too early in the morning... anyone else chime in?


    As someone that has worked in the OEM electronics industry: LiIon batteries are normally stored at ca. 50% charge. Self discharge is very low at that charge level (1%/month). I really doubt those batteries have been on the shelf for any length of time - that goes against the JIT production concept. CoconutBattery shows the age of the on-board controller on the LiIon batt pack at most it's a few weeks older than my Mac.


    I really doubt that they are partially charging the Macs again prior to shipping them out (that's yet another manual operation).


    Either the battery pack has been checked / re-checked at the battery factory, or the unit has been plugged in a few times outside of the normal production environment.

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    Big Vakanas wrote:


    yep i get what your saying mine goes back what looks to be around 45 deg angle its also a feather case ?


    At full tilt with my case on its way way to far back to be at a good viewing angle at all ...


    Wondering why your was like that ?? they must of changed somthing in the production of them recently .

    I have the Speck See-Thru clear hardshell case and it allows the screen to go pretty far back. I would definitely recommend the See-Thru or Smartshell.

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    I just ordered Speck's new Satin case which is finally in stock.  I think it will be much more fingerprint resistant than the glossy hard case finish.  I'll give my impressions once I get it. 


    NOTE: If anyone is planning to order this model make sure to get the newest version which is 30% lighter and thinner and has an improved fit.  The Speck numbers for the newest ones are SPK-A16xx or SPK-A17xx (xx=color).  There are lots of 3rd party resellers claiming they have the new ones but, according to Speck the newest version is currently exclusively available from the Apple store or Speck directly, they have not shipped these to any other resellers. Even though I found 20+ online stores claiming availabilty of the new part numbers, one of them had the black one I ordered (SPK-A1639) listed in stock for $38 and I found one of thier pictures that you can actually zoom in on the packaging and see that the part number is SPK-A1490 which is the original, discontinued model that didn't fit correctly.

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    I don't have the Smartshell (30% thinner) but I have the Seethru which I purchased from Amazon. Both are designed for the rMBP and will fit equally well.The only difference is the SmartShell is a bit thinner.


    Here is the link to the case I got: ru-for-macbook-pro-with-retina-display.html

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    I saw that one at the local Mac retailer on there demo model in dark blue, the fit was perfect but it definitely is a fingerprint magnet and there were a lot of very faint scratches all over it, when I asked them about the fine scratches they said someone had used a paper towel to wipe the fingerprints off.... That's why I didn't get one, as a case for protection it should work great but I hate seeing fingerprints and scratches.  Hopefully the new Satin one prevents that issue for me. 

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    I thought that thread was interesting?  Has anyone else had any contact from Apple that got the same information?  I have recently seen reports of more people getting Samsungs, is that a real thing?


    I hope so...

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    My experience so far...


    I bought a baseline 15 rMBP last weekend. LG screen. Two days in, I can already replicate the retention issue with 15m checkerboard test. Can't see it in normal use, but I read everywhere that it gets progressively worse to the point at which I will be noticing it in normal use. So, I'm returning it.


    I knew about the issue before buying and asked if I could open a few up in store. I was allowed to open two baseline models, and one higher model (2.6/8/512). All three units were LGs. I took the 4th one home blind, but it's also LG.


    Worries me that 4 units in a row are LGs. I'll have a go at another 4-5, and if there's no Samsung, then I'll have to pass on this model.


    P.S. All 4 units were week 49 build (Dec 2012). The chap in store was trying hard to find significantly different serial numbers to the ones we already opened, in hope that they would be different build weeks and therefore maybe a Samsung screen, but no luck.

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    I wouldn't be to worried about getting an LG screen there not all bad i had a diffrent opinion to begin with but there's been a few good reports on them but unfortunately the failure rate is rather high atm ...


    Even Samsung have a few bad Apples out there ..colors not right too cool blueish / purple ,mura , dead pixels etc..etc.


    I was fortunate enough to get a flawless Samsung screen and other have flawless LG screens too but there's a higher failure rate on LG screens it an unacceptable failure ratio in my eyes .


    If you wanna play the lottery which it looks like you are  dont just open 4 boxes and go oh nope it LG........ There not all a complete disaster waiting to happen according to a few reports on here. Give it a chance before you throw in the towel on LG