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    hankee007 wrote:


    I brought my 13 rMBP yesterday. I tested it and found that there were some burn in effect after 30 min, but very slight. However, when it's 10min or 20 min,  there were no IR.


    Do I need to change  new one?


    I don't know if any of us here can comment on the 13-inch machines.

  • BMW M3 Level 1 Level 1

    yes the m3 is an amazing car.  i had an e36 (1995) but unfortunately high miles and maintenance convinced me to sell it.  what about you?

  • Bf109 Level 1 Level 1

    Nice! The E36 M3 is a great car. I drive an E39 528i but hope to one day purchase an M5 E39.

  • OviOvi Level 1 Level 1

    Wie bitte? Lass dir das nicht gefallen! Bin beim 5 MacBook hatte schon 8 Displays bis jetzt. Momentan warte ich wieder auf ein neues MacBook. Bin sehr sauer.

  • Spitfire63 Level 1 Level 1

    Finally, after 4 LG screened rMBPs I give up! Decided to go for the cMBP Hi-Res (2.6/8/750HDD) with a view to max it out with 2 x SSDs and 16GB RAM - and save a lot of cash too.


    I almost wish I'd never seen this thread and been happy in my ignorance of my original purchase in July - however maybe it has been a blessing in disguise: I've taken more of an interest in the 'classic' recently and I find it a solid, dependable bit of kit that's been around the block a few times with tried and tested technology. I like the option to upgrade HDDs, the fact that the spec is essentially the same, has the additional connectivity I need (FW and patch), the screen looks good (I'm not retina-mad, I compared them side-by-side and to be honest the difference wasn't as marked as some would have me believe - unless you are 3 inches away from the screen), the anti-glare is a real deal-maker too. The rendering benchmark is slightlighy higher too (I do a lot of 3D so it's not just a number for me). OK it a bit heavier and looks a bit dated - but so am I!


    I am actually excited again by the anticipation of my new powerful laptop and how it can help me do what I need - something that went away during my 'lottery period' - which was filled with vexed disappointment.


    Yes, the rMBP is a nice bit of kit and I hope everyone who has one enjoys it. But I shant miss the meanderings and the 'It's fixed' - 'Oh no it isn't' pantomime of this thread.


    Goodbye and good luck everyone.

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    I have a MacBook Pro Retina 15 "mounting an LG Display. Currently it seems to work perfectly and shows no lack of ghosting of the image. But if from there to a year I'll have problems will Apple recognize them and would provide the repair warranty?


    I mean, does Apple recognize the ghosting problem with LG displays?


    Thank you for helping me!

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1

    Off topic but wanted to report that I got my new Speck Smartshell satin case today (black - P/N SPK-A1639) and it is a huge improvement over the original satin case and 10 times better than the SeeThru glossy case I returned due to it being a fingerprint and scratch magnet.  The new version of the satin Smartshell is much thinner, noticably lighter and fits perfectly.  The soft touch finish is also easier to clean any smudges from than the old version and no fingerprints .  Also FYI the Apple logo does show through the top cover when on (as a dark grey) which looks good IMHO.  The Speck site has a couple of pics and it was unclear if the logo would actually show on the black version.


    Note:  DO NOT order this item from anyone other than Speck or Apple --  They are the only source for this NEWEST version.  I found 20+ sites claiming to have them but they are all the old version.

  • Bf109 Level 1 Level 1

    How did the SeeThru case that you returned fit, despite the fact that it was a fingerprint magnet? I have the glossy clear Seethru for my rMBP and it does indeed scratch easily.

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1

    The SeeThru glossy case I had was the 'Harbor' color, dark blue but looked almost black.  The base fit fine but the lid was a little bowed in the middle over the Apple logo area, it didn't sit flush on the computer.  If you pushed on the Apple logo area you could see it move about 1/8 inch down until it touched the computer.  The Stain fits much better on the top, it actually has 4 tiny rubber 'nubs' inside the lid area about 2" in from each corner (you can't see them when installed), they seem to help make the cover follow the exact contour of the back of the display.  Also the visible edge you see around the perimeter of the display is now the exact same width as the aluminium edge around the screen and the 'tabs' are less noticable, both due to the thinner material.

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    I think you guys are going off topic!

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    I got myself a rMBP today off of Craigslist. Was six months old, purchased in July. I did an IR test before the deal was finalized. Absolutely no IR whatsoever. Week 31 build. I'm not sure if its an LG or Samsung but will check and update on that shortly. No issues after six months.

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    Update. LSN!

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    Well and just to update, the display on my replacement is great but apparently they messed up the wireless somehow while they were in there.  Whereas I never had a single problem with the wireless in the 6 months I owned the laptop before taking it into service, upon getting it back I now have a very difficult time keeping a connection to my wireless base station in my house.  If I am within 15 feet and have line of sight it works fine, but just going around 1 wall is now causing bad reception.  I am fairly convinced that they either broke or forgot to re-attach the wireless antenannae.  I have been inside laptops before, I know how tiny the wireless antenna hookup posts are for typical internal wireless cards, it wouldn't surprise me at all to find that they are easily disloged while reassembling the laptop after major service work.


    I have an aother genius bar appointment for this evening about this.  I can only pray that they don't dismiss the issue (we all know that wireless can be flaky even with good equipment - but seriously, the difference between my before-service wireless performance and after is extreme), and that it doesn't take another week without the laptop to have the issue addressed.  Best case, they are able to open it up in store and fix the problem without having to send it away.  Worst case, they have to send it away and the Apple service center just says that there is nothing wrong with it and I have to live with a laptop that can't sustain a reliable wireless connection anymore ...

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the wireless card on this laptop in the upper lid (if I'm wrong it's probably the Bluetooth card)? If that's the case, and they agree to fix the WiFi problem, they may end up replacing the whole lid AGAIN. Then there's the chance your next DISPLAY might not be as good.


    Not to worry you, but Samsung panels have their wide array of issues too. Like I've said, my replacement screen is slightly tinged yellow in the bottom left corner. That can't be remedied with calibration. Does yours have this as well?

  • shayster98 Level 1 Level 1

    Hmm.. not sure whether the antennae are in the display assembly or not.