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    I don't see any yellow tint on mine.

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    Hm, I'm not so sure; I read about tear-downs of the rMBP and they talk about the wireless antenna being in the display.  I don't know if that means that to fix the antenna they have to take the display apart.  In any case it doesn't sound like something they can fix in the store.  What a bummer!


    And regarding yellowness on the Samsung, I haven't noticed anything like that; the color seems even throughout.

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    Yeah, you're right about it being in the top lid, I just checked again. -_- The technicians really can't take the upper clamshell apart; it's all fused together. If the store agrees to fix the issue they'll replace the entire display assembly again. :/


    Interesting; that's really good, because I immediately noticed my Samsung panel had way less uniformity that my LG, and was also less vibrant, with worse black levels. Have you tried calibrating your replacement screen with a Spyder4 or an i1 Display Pro?

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    OK well after a trip to the Apple store where a technicial took the laptop to the back room for quite a long time (half an hour at least) - the issue with the wireless has been repaired.  He reported that indeed there was an antenna connection that was loose which he re-seated.  Now I have the same full quality connection throughout my house that I had before the problem.


    While I was at the store I made a point to compare my new Samsung display with the rMBP display models they had in store.  Interestingly all three of the display models were LG displays, and all three of them had a bluer white point than my new Samsung has.  I am not going to say that they are more correct, but they were certainly 'whiter' (i.e. bluer), and the Samsung yellower.  One of the LG displays had clear and obvious image retention, just as bad as the LG display that I had replaced (i.e. noticeable image retention within 1 minute of holding a static image on screen); but the other two LG displays did not show any image retention after many minutes of leaving a static image up (at least 4 minutes).


    I tried selecting different color profiles and doing the "color calibration" that is available via the normal display preferences and I could either select the bluest setting which was much bluer than the LGs on display, or the next setting down which is the default and yellower than the LGs.  I have not used any other software that would let me adjust the color calibration with finer control.  And I don't really know how to evaluate black levels so I can't say if they are better or worse with this Samsung than the LG.


    I guess I would like a bluer white point with this Samsung since it does look slightly yellow-ish to me, but it's not the biggest deal in the world for me, so I'll just live with it or see if there is any way to do a more sophisticated color calibration than the stock settings available from System Preferences.


    Also, I do not notice any non-uniformity in the color of this Samsung.


    And finally - comparing the Samsung and LG side-by-side, I was clearly imagining things when I thought that the pixel grid was more visible on the Samsung.  The pixel grid and "painted-on" aspect of the fine retina display was exactly identical between the Samsung and LGs.

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    Doh - I was able to do more sophisticated color calibration by selecting "Expert" in the standard system color calibration preferences.  I was able to adjust the white point from 6,500K up to about 6,900K, which appeared to me to be the point where it stopped being noticeably yellow but wasn't yet noticeably blue.  Now it looks great and I'm not concerned about yellowness at all!  Perfect!

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    @ bjiibj & shayster98


    The Airport card sits just to the right side of the left fan assembly, it includes the 2.4Ghz, 5.0Ghz and bluetooth 4.0 components.  Here are some pics from iFixit's teardown. The links below go to the Display and Airport disassembly guides which show how the 3 antenna cables are attached and routed through into the display.  To me it looks like this could be where the repair guys could have made a mistake in reattaching the antennas to the board.  Looks fairly easy to open the computer up and do a visual check to see if the 3 cables are attached correctly.








    Airportcard replacement: 12+Airport+Card/9707/1



    Display disassembly (to show wifi / bluetooth antenna routing): 12+Display+Assemby/9708/1


    EDIT:  Looks like you got your issue fixed already.  I guess I should have read throught to the end before posting the above.  loooks like my guess about an inncorrect antenna attachement was accurate though.  So wth the above info anyone should be able to do a quick check if the get a replaced display back with wifi problems....


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    Yes, except that you'd have to open the laptop yourself, which means you'd have to own the tools to do it, be confident that you wouldn't break anything in the process, and also be confident that it wouldn't be detectable and void your warranty (assuming that opening it yourself does).  I've taken apart and put back together plenty of PC laptops in my day but I let the Apple crew handle this one.

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    Understood.  FYI opening a MacBook does not void your warranty and all it takes is one special pentalobe screwdriver.  I ordered the screwdriver figuring I'll need to eventualy clean dust out of the fan blades / intakes due to the very dusty enviroment here.  Also I may upgrade the SSD when the prices drop, OWC already has aftermarket SSD's for the rMBP but prices are almost as bad as Apples upgrade options.

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    Alright, so im just going to share my experience.


    I bought a brand new, full warranty MBPr 15 standard configuration at a German retailer called gravis (on its official eBay store, for just 1700 Euros (it has an Italian keyboard, that's why it was that cheap).

    Just as i expected, it had an LG screen.

    It showed persistence within 5 minutes.

    I took it to an Apple store, and without even looking at it, they ordered me a new screen. I asked if they could order a Samsung screen, and they told me that LG screens are no longer in production, and that they only recive Samsung screens if they order MBPr screens.

    The screen arrived within two days, and  i brought my MBPr to the Apple store (City Gallerie Augsburg), on a Friday evening, and i could pick it up at 5 PM the next day.

    It has now got a Samsung screen, and works perfectly.

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    NNEU, I'm glad that you got the Samsung display!  Yet, I  don't know what to think about the response of the Apple Genius:


    I took it to an Apple store, and without even looking at it, they ordered me a new screen. I asked if they could order a Samsung screen, and they told me that LG screens are no longer in production, and that they only recive Samsung screens if they order MBPr screens.


    While it's true that the screens they keep in stock for repairs are Samsung (b/c Apple knows that Samsung has no IR), LG displays are not out of production, as a matter of fact just 11 days ago I received a new custom built rMBP with an LG display.  In the two Apple Stores in my city they don't have anything else on display but LG rMBPs - 12 rMBPs totall; all of them with LG and 9 with IR (I tested them myself).  Only 3 didn't show visible IR after 3 min.  I wish Apple will offer the option on their webiste to custom build a rMBP with Samsung or LG screen and advertize them as NON-IR and IR screen. 

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    just got off the phone with my local apple store, i am absolutely gutted


    they have seen my MBPr last week about the ghosting and agreed to replace the screen. i couldnt leave it with them at the time as i use it for work. I asked if the screen would be another LG and they said they werent able to tell.


    i then asked if it was possible to get a replacement as i would struggle to be without the laptop for a week( the suggested repair time).


    they basically said no to the replacement and that lots of people have to do without laptops whilst they get repaired.


    i am so dissapointed as i paid £1800 for this in september and its faulty. this is the first mac i have bought in about 10years and i was about to switch the rest of my office over to apple as well.


    i really thought apple looked after you.

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    @artschooI:  I would suggest calling AppleCare and explaining your situation and request an Advance Replacement for the faulty computer (as already determined by the AppleStore) then ask if you can arrange to pickup of the replacement at your local Apple store.  This should get you a new computer with no down time and no shipping charges.  The only thing is on advance replacements they will charge you for the new one and then credit you back the full amount when they recieve the old one back.  If you can convince them to allow for in store pickup then your credit would happen immediatle instead of waiting 1-2 weeks for the old computer to be shipped back and processed for credit.  Using an in store pickup is not normally an option but they can authorize it for special circumstances.

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    on the phone now. i really hope that i can sort something out.

  • artschool Level 1 (0 points)

    they said that there is nothing they can do.


    quite taken aback. the guy was really nice, but now i am stuck.

    he said there is no such thing as an advance replacement btw.

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    Yes there is, Advance replacement is an option for any apple device that is faulty and under warrantee. I've used it myself for both a Macbook Air and an iPhone 4.  As I said before, you have to pay for the replacement up front and then you get a credit when they receive the returned (faulty) item.  I got my MacBook Air replaced this way while I was traveling, they set it up for an in store replacement at the nearest Apple store (which is not normally an option).  You may need to escalate this to a surpervisor if there saying no at the standard customer support level.  The key thing you need to explain is that you had an Apple store test it and verify that your unit is faulty, and then convince them that waiting a week for repair is not a viable option for you.