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    I need a genuine advice,I m visiting this thread after quite some time and after having exhaustively used the rmbp for about 6 months or so,i do notice IR but only on gray backgrounds and the static UI elements get themselves retained on the mission control background in about 45 mins or so though they fade away within 5 mins and other than gray background i really dont visualise any sort of disturbing or work hampering retention.Otherwise the screen is absolutely gorgeous and doesnt have any dead pixels,yellow tint or even minor backlight bleed.It's an LG week 25,should i get it replaced ??

    Really confused cause  i really dont wanna risk it by getting a faulty display...

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    It's really absurd to get this kind of issue!!!

    When i see 400 euros notebook without this problem i became like this

    It's no accettable.

    Mine seems dirty with that yellow zone... really CRESTFALLEN

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    One final piece of advice;


    get every single LG Screen replaced.

    No matter if they just change the screen itself (as they did on mine, perfect job), or the whole laptop.

    If you believe that there are non faulty LG screens, you are wrong.

    Image persistence gets worse over time. When i received my first LG Screen, there was absolutely no IR, the white was perfectly white, and so was the apple on the back.

    After 25 days (i ordered with amazon so i could give it back) the image persisted after only 3 minutes, the apple on the back war purple, and the whites where either yellowish or purple, depending on the lighting situation in the room.


    If a "genius" doesn't see the problem, ask for the store manager and tell him that you have never had a worse apple product than this one. What also helps is to show some "real life" test, for example in illustrator CS6 where the background is gray and the working area is white.


    The Samsung screen that i now have is just great...

    I haven't experienced any problem that i stated above with it.


    As i said earlier, they only replaced the screen on mine, not the entire unit. I was first very cotious about this, but they did an excellent job at replacing the screen.

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    250GB sounds about right, Apple has the drive partitioned with essentially a backup copy of the OS and a default disc image so that you (or even Apple via remote hookup) can restore the computer and reboot it from the partition drive if needed. 

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    You've piqued my curiosity. I've got a similar situation in that I've purchased mine from Amazon 2 weeks ago. I was going to keep testing and watching for signs of IR for the 30 days and if I saw no change keep it. Yours showed up so late I'm thinking it could just as easily happen after the deadline. Did Amazon fix your screen as part of a replacement or did you just go to Apple? How heavily did you use it day to day before noticing the IR?

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    As promised here is an update in regards to the refurbished rMBP 15'' I purchased. The display is a Samsung no dead pixels or yellow banding as some people have reported. However, there is some slight light bleed on the left side of the screen. The average person probably won't notice it but my eyes are trained to look for these type of things. I am not sure if my expectations are to high or if it's the amount of money I spent on this machine that makes the light bleed a small issue for me. I am going to wait a few days and see if this is something I am willing to accept for a $3200 refurb. This machine even though refurbished is pretty much brand new there are no scratches or scuffs on the case and the battery only has 2 cycles. Overall, I am pretty impressed the display is beautiful Apple's shipping time was impressive. I live in western Canada and it took two full days from purchase to get to me. The refurbs don't appear to be shipping from China mine came from Middletown, PA.

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    I would strongly advice you to send it back, or replace the screen.


    For sure, at some point of time, you are going to notice IR.

    If i were you, i would go to the local Apple Store, and let them replace the screen (they will replace the screen only if you didn't buy it directly from Apple), if they don't, because of some reason, send it back to amazon, get full refund, and buy another one.


    I used the machine quite heavily, mainly with rendering and CAD software.

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    @Shawnny Canuck


    Are you sure you are seeing actual light bleed and not uneven backlighting?  Light bleed is essentially impossible due to the laminating process used to assemble the rMBP display, there is no path where light can escape from the back or edges to the 'front' of the display except through the display area itself.  Light bleed would be very obvious as a direct bright white light shinning through a flaw in the display lamination.  I have not heard of any issues of actual light bleed on the rMBP displays. 


    The displays inherantly have a somewhat uneven backlighting (screen uniformity) due to the fact that the screen is backlit from the edges and uses a reflector / diffuser assembly to spread the light accross the back of the panel.  It's almost impossible to get completely uniform backlighting with this method due to the thin dimensions of a notebook LCD.  According to my Xrite calibration system my screen (LG) has a maximum of +/-  5.5% variance in brightness as measured over nine areas on the screen.  This is actually quite good for a notebook and very impressive considering the rMBP displays extremely thin profile.  For reference I can hardly notice the variance in backlighting on the rMBP when comparing images side by side with my NEC 27" (271W) RGB Multisync monitor which has a self calibrating CCFL backlight that holds screen uniformity within +/-  0.5%.

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    Just got a new MBP with retina display.


    Very disappointed about the image retention on the screen, since I do medical imaging and this gets in the way of detecting real disease in the images.


    % ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    Color LCD




    Image retention is HORRIBLE after displaying checkerboard.


    See screen photo from mobile phone at " _reduced.jpg".



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    Wow, that is pretty severe IR.  So far my LG has shown no signs of it. 


    I am curious as to the feasability of using a notebook sRGB display for medical imaging???  I would expect for any type of medical imaging you would at least want to use a DICOM calibrated display with a minimum of 1024 shades of grey, not the limited 256 shades available in an sRGB gamut display.

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    I have my new 15" rMBP and for luck has a samsung screen....

    My first question is about the Fans. As I can see in iStat pro, the right fan is 2002rpm and the left fan is 2157rpm.

    Is it normal?

    I have my old 2010 17" MBP and the fans is Right:2000rpm and Left:2003rpm. The gap is negligible..


    And my last question is about the battery. The iStat appear 83% but the Mac says 98%.  ....???

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    Yes different fan RPM's are normal.  The left fan is the CPU and right is GPU, they are completely independant of each other and fluctuate based on their respective temp sensors.  As to the battery issue maybe iStat is not calibrated to the rMBP or they could be updating the % on different schedules, I'd trust the Apple % readings.

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    Thank you Jajaba for your answer. I agree with you about the battery %. It was weird..

    Is there any other application similar to iStat? Its very helpful and I think is not performed for rMBP.

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    OK everyone, here is my story about image retention (which is now resolved):


    Since I began having the problem with image retention late last year (LG display of course), I was keeping my eye on Apple making an official announcement about the problem. I lived with the issue since I live over an hours drive away from the nearest Apple store, and calling Apple Tech support was fruitless.


    Finally, last week, I took it to the Apple store in Richmond, VA (made appointment with Genius Bar) because the image was becoming unbearable. Leaving a web browser open for several minutes would keep a ghosted image retention on the display for several minutes more. The checkerboard test was shocking.


    When I showed up at the Genius Bar, the genius seemed knowledgeable about the image retention issue. He said they have had a couple of cases of it come in. He rebooted the laptop and hooked up a diagnostic tool which ran through hardware tests. Finally, he did a checkerboard test, via the Apple diagnostics software. This proves that Apple is well aware of the issue since they have actually wrote software to test for it.


    The test consisted of showing the checkerboard for several minutes (can't remember exact amount but it was at least 5 minutes) and then the screen would fade to black and remain black for 2 minutes. After that the genius looked for any residual checkerboarding against what looked like a very dark gray background. During this test, I was very nervous because this did not seem at all like a "real world" test and I thought it would be an excuse not to replace the screen. I started criticising the test while he was running it.


    Anyways, after the test completed, the genius could see some faint checkerboarding and failed the display. I was so relieved! He said they had another display in stock and it could be fixed in about 3 days if I left the unit at the store. Of course, it would be fixed free of charge, but out of warranty, the screen would have cost $700 to replace!


    It did not take 3 days to have replaced. It took 5 days for them to do the repair. Then they called me yesterday telling me during the screen replacement the logic board was damaged and they had to give me a whole new laptop! Not only that, they were giving me the top of the line Retina with 2.7 GHz processor and 768 GB SSD. Wow!!!! I had, previously, a 2.3 GHz wtih 16 GB memory and 256 GB SSD. I think the fact that I had 16 GB RAM forced them to give me an upgraded unit from what they had in stock. From what I can tell, the replacement unit is retail about $1300 more than what I paid. Oh, and the replacement unit has a Samsung display! Very nice of Apple to do this for me!


    While Apple has not been broadcasting this issue to customers (such as doing a recall), they seem to be taking care of customers with the issue at the Genius Bar. That is fine, but not everyone lives near an Apple Store so if you live in the boonies you might have a problem getting your problem resolved without making a special trip to an Apple Store, I am sorry to say.


    I would strongly recommend that if you take your unit to the Genius Bar that you make sure your unit is warmed up before taking it in. I sat at a cafe using the unit for 20 minutes immediately before taking it in. Having the screen warmed up will make sure the image retention is at its maximum because my unit did not do it when cold.


    If you fail the checkerboard test that Apple runs, I would politely ask the genius to run it a second time and explain the issue about the screen needing to be warmed up for the problem to occur. If it fails again, I don't know what you can do to convince them to do a screen replacement.


    So, other than having to drive an hour to the Apple store (twice) to get the problem resolved, I have been very satisfied with how Apple has handled my case. Hopefully, by now, Apple has eliminated the defective displays from their inventory, but maybe not.


    Good luck,


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    Sorry to learn about your problem and thanks for posting the screen serial number which tells us more than the computer built week only. Yours DCN243 is the highest number that I've seen reported to date which sadly means that faulty screens can still occur in more recent built.


    Previously reported, here and in other forums, faulty screens where found within built series DCN 222, 228, 229, 231, 232, 234


    My LG DCN238xxx is still faultless after 2 1/2 months of extensive use.


    I hope that you can get this resolved by Apple