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    I had much better luck with the call center than the retail stores. I had an early model with the LG display. It was replaced with a Samsung fixing my burn in, and flickering problems.

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    Good news, after fighting with the tech to get my screen replacement. I picked up my Macbook today and confirmed that I got a Samsung screen. I've been using it all day with no issues!

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    I am amazed by this at this point. Apple obviously knows there is a problem with LG screens by now. All replacement screens are Samsung. Yet they are still putting LGs in new models. Why? This baffles me. They are tarnishing the reputation of their flagship computer and their company/brand by not taking action.

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    I totally agree with you. It's actually quite stunning and sad at this point...

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    Still can't confirm.

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    Yesterday I made my 8th attempt to own rMBP; playing the lottery for one with the Samsung display.  So here is the story: 

    After reading many posts here I noticed that most of the people who got the Samsung screen in a new rMBP did so mostly in the months of June through September and then the Samsung screens almost disappeared.  So I thought if I find a computer store where they still have some models from the months of June – September, I will increase my chances of getting a rMBP with the Samsung screen.  I went to the Microcenter, where they had few rMBP, one of which was built in July 2012 (I checked in the store the serial # at  This rMBP was still running OS X Lion.  I bought it and opened it right there in the store; I run the Command in the Terminal:

    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    only to get disappointed for the 8th time - LG screen again. 


    I feel that Samsung has always been a rarity.  Besides the 8 rMBPs that I attempted to own, I have seen on display 12 rMBPs in the two Apple store in my city + 4 more in two different BestBuys and two Microcenters, i.e. total of 24 rMBPs 23 of which were with the faulty LG screen.  All display models with LG screens had IR except one, but after reading the headaches of many here on this forum, I learned that it’s only a matter of time till this IR-free LG screen will show its true nature. 


    rMBP is my first attempt to switch to Mac.  I want switch for the following 4 reasons:

    1. b/c of Windows 8 and
    2. because all Windows Laptops have gone down in their built quality – my 3 year old Lenovo T400s has 3 cracks on the plastic casing;
    3. MBPs are still the only laptops with good screen real estate – 16:10 ratio instead of the crazy 16:9 ratio. 
    4. The amazing supper high resolution screen


    I want to switch to mac, but boy did Apple make it difficult for me!!!

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    Potential_Mac_User wrote:


    "Yesterday I made my 8th attempt to own rMBP; playing the lottery for one with the Samsung display."


    I bought my IR-plagued rMBP in July. I had the screen replaced with a Samsung screen in September and I've had zero problems ever since. Everyone on this thread who's taken their rMBP in for an IR-related screen replacement has received a Samsung display. Why have you played "Casino Retina" for so many months when a screen replacement is virtually a sure thing?

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    Well... i say my experience and my opinion.

    LG color are better than Samsung. Why? You can just see black color!!! Samsung black is different from the screen body while LG black is the same of the body so it's really black.

    Samsung have this orrible yellow tint and a disgusting yellow tinge. You can see it on white or something like white... every site, every program that have white background show a non uniform background.

    LG problem is IR and everybody doesn't show it soon maybe who use pc doesn't use grey background.

    Choosing between a problem that you see on grey or on white ....  everybody choose grey.


    My opinion? 2500 euro are enough for a mix of best color(LG) without IR(Samsung). How can Apple solve it? I just think a little bit controll after production or a little bit expensive panel.


    That's just a my opinion...

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    Sorry if this has already been asked in the previous 453 pages of this thread, but are the 13" rMBP displays also contaminated by this issue or is this only affecting the 15" models?



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    Ive had my rMBP for 6 days now, still no issues with burn-in. Got LG Screen, been running the burn in test every day twice on different brightness. Maybe LG has fixed it or im just lucky?

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    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but non of these options is the case...


    There is no good LG screen, the IR is going to come.

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    Sorry NNEU but I strongly disagree with your pessimism.  I now have over 600 hours of use on my rMBP and still no sign of IR.  Even if it does eventually develop IR, as you claim it will, I don't really care. I have AppleCare and can have the screen replaced for the next 3 years if it becomes necessary and by then I'm sure I will have a newer notebook computer anyway.  So my point is that I have a great computer that has essentially already paid for itself and I don't worry about IR at all, if it happens I'll get a replacement screen installed by Apple and actually request an LG if possible!


    You have been following this thread so you must know there has only been around 25 actual reports of IR issues with new rMBP owners / posters in the past several months.  The majority of the posts are complaints from same people who are playing roulette trying to get a Samsung screen....

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    There is a difference between not caring about IR and there not being IR.

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    rMBP 13 inch:


    I organized the return of my machine today. as stated earlier it showed moderate IR after 10 minutes of the checkerboard test. the talk to the apple sales person was quite interesting. i could hear through that he knew the problem pretty well and he knew about frustrated customers getting again and again an faulty LG display machine. he stated that he couldn't give any statement in that matter but he said that my proposed approach (Returning my computer and watching closely the community for any hints that the problem has been solved after some time) was the only right approach at the moment. he made clear: a exchange would not bee any use to me in that matter regarding the 13 inch.


    Does anybody has his 13 inch screen replaced so far, with good results? Are there Samsung replacement screens out there for the 13 inch?

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    Sad. Sad. Sad.