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  • Barry Fisher Level 3 (660 points)

    Concur.  A serious IR problem is one thing, but obsessive paranoia about the possibility of getting IR and then expending time and energy playing roulette without even using the product is silly.  I have 5 1/2 months of great usage with slight IR that appeaerd week 2. Its actually gotten better and though this thread has made me sensitive to the issue, I have to go through contortions to get any IR to show. It has never bled through any thing I'm doing and I'm a photographer.  Image quality is imperative.  It takes calibration nicely and has very accurate color for a laptop.  In fact, its the best laptop monitor I've ever seen.  I really find it hard to look at a non-retina display now.  So I think people are really missing the enjoyment of actually using the thing instead of worrying about it.  If this is so overriding a concern, why not just wait for the "fixed" version?  Or do you enjoy this constant whinging? (I don't mean you jajjaba:)

  • Barry Fisher Level 3 (660 points)

    Not sure what work you do, but I use mine all day for work including lots of photography and I would highly reccomend it.  If your work requires a reference monitor than get a NEC and drive it off your MBP.  Otherwise I'm not sure what your talking about.  If you could specify what your work is, it might be helpful.

  • ge4orce Level 1 (0 points)

    Ive had my mbpr for five months now and the ghosting has come on all of a sudden in a bad way, by the time it takes me to write this post, if I then close safari I will be able to read what was in the url and make out some of the text in post above from the desktop. Yes I have an LG display, have reported it to apple but wont make it in to an apple store for another few weeks. Praying they will do the decent thing and give me a new machine, It would sicken me to have spent so much money on a new high end machine to then have it operated on in its first year. Fingers crossed, report back soon.

  • ShadyBRO Level 1 (0 points)

    So all of you guys with an LG display are having the same problem?

    Before or after will the issue come out?


    I have my MacBook Pro Retina with LG display and I still see NO sign of IR.

    It has a month and some days.

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    This is a long thread, but hopefully I can contribute a bit even half a year after this discussion started.


    Like many of you, I came upon this thread after having just ordered a Retina MBP.  Mine is a Samsung, made in October of 2012.  Week 4X (I'm not on the laptop just now, but I believe it was the low 40's).   I hope these issues are mostly resolved by this point.


    That said, I can't complain.  I'm a bit relieved to have a Samsung screen though I had no plans to return it even if it was LG.

  • FelixII Level 1 (0 points)

    I bought a 15 inch Retina MBP from Amazon in Germany one week ago. Production week was 49 and it had a LG screen. I ran the checkerboard test and the only thing I saw on the grey background were faint lines between the squares in one quarter of the screen. I used the device quite heavily since then and yesterday the IR began to get worse. Now I could see the actual squares on the grey background. I returned the device today and since their shipping time on replacements is 3 to 5 weeks I will get my money back.


    I'm now considering where to buy a replacement. I read in this thread that refurbished devices from Apple have a good chance of being equipped with a samsung display. In case it does also ship with a faulty LG display, does Apple replace refurbished devices within the 14 day return period? Or do they only offer a refund and I have to buy another one once I got my money back?

  • Batman372 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple today anounced new retina 13' & 15' models with same 2012 prices.

    Hope that 2013 new releases solved the IR issue.


  • tkxdev Level 1 (10 points)

    So my fellow sufferers.. Apple just announced new versions of the rMBPs, 15" and 13" apparently. Do you guys think they will have fixed retina displays? I gave mine back 6 months ago and am following this thread ever since with no sign of improvement.. yet.


    A little hope now?


    So if anyone of you buys the new configuration.. keep your findings posted here, thanks

  • FelixII Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow, new models on the same day I returned my rMBP :-)


    I think I will buy the new model instead of a refurbished old one . With student discount, it's actually less expensive than a refurbished device.

  • Jajaba Level 1 (0 points)

    FYI:  No display update on the new rMBP 15" update


    I was on the phone with Tech Support when I saw the update announcement, the supervisor verified that it's just a CPU upgrade option, nothing else has changed.  Also be aware the 2.7Ghz CPU option is actually 'downgraded' it is now the i7 variation with only 6MB cache, in order to get 8MB L3 cache you now need to upgrade to the new opton of the 2.8Ghz CPU.  This will be a confusing issue for buyers and resellers, now if you order a 2.7Ghz CPU option you'll have to try and figure out if your getting 6MB or 8MB cache.  This is a potential 10-20% performance difference when doing heavy CPU processing tasks.


    FYIW this is likely an intel change, it's typical that as the CPU manufacturing process matures the yield of higher grade parts (faster stable speeds) improves.  Most likely the original 2.6Ghz version (6MB cache) is now testing out consistantly at 2.7Ghz stable speeds so they upped the base clock on the 2.6 to 2.7 and the original 2.7 (8MB cache) is now the 2.8Ghz option...

  • DomdiDom Level 1 (0 points)

    Lol and there will still be people that will interpret this CPU update as the IR problem being fixed.

  • tkxdev Level 1 (10 points)

    Thank you for the Info, but read here:



    It says:


    Evidence in October suggested that Apple would improve production techniques to fix issues with thermal heating and screen ghosting on the Retina MacBook Pros.




    So let's see, maybe the problems have been fixed.

  • Squilly827 Level 1 (10 points)

    So wait. Prices haven't changed and its just a minor CPU update?

  • Squilly827 Level 1 (10 points)

    Even if they did update it to make the IR problem a thing of the past, you'd think they would recall the defective Macs.

  • ShadyBRO Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi everybody.

    Another day has passed and today I can say again that my LG display is PERFECT.

    No sign of IR, nothing at all.

    But today I called the Apple customer care service and they told me that if I start to see IR I can call them again to ask assistance.


    They told me that Apple target is to set the customer happy.

    And I think that it means that they will change my display with a Samsung one ;)