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  • millerrh512 Level 1 Level 1

    If you look at the last paragraph in that article it says:

    Update: It should be noted that a Samsung spokesman has denied this story. Although the denial is couched in the past tense, not the future. That Samsung has not tried to cut Apple supplies, rather than it will not try to. Up to you how you take that. The economics of the business remain as above.


    Maybe not as grim as you say.


    Any more info on the 2013 refresh?  Is it a Samsung-only panel in these? Or are there reports of LG as well?  I'm tempted to take another gamble at this lottery.

  • FelixII Level 1 Level 1

    According to this thread (4th post) there are LG panels as well...


  • millerrh512 Level 1 Level 1 the lottery continues.  When someone posted the assembly drawing and noted the only panel part number was a Samsung, I got my hopes up.

  • flat earth Level 1 Level 1

    NNEU wrote:



    The IR is normal for IPS screens.


    Super PLS screens are based on IPS Technology, but do not suffer from Image Retention.



    Acording to the tech specs of the new rMBP's on the Apple site:   "Retina display: 15.4-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology"


    Does this mean that Apple will only be using the LG's or do they consider the Samsung's PLS technology as the same technology because it's based on IPS tech?

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    Flat earth, people have been receving both LG display and Samsung on the new rMBP. Just look a few pages back and there is a thread on macrumors.

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    IPS and PLS are essentially the same thing.  The Samsung 'PLS" is an IPS display, they just made some very minor tweaks in materials and manufacturing processes, enough to avoid infringing on the Sahrp / LG IPS patents and to avoid being sued by yet another company.  

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    So I decided to play the lottery again.  Went into the local Apple store and talked to one of the "experts" in the store.  He totally aknowledged the issue even saying he was planning on returning his own rMBP because of ghosting.  He could not confirm any official statement that Apple has fixed the problem with the new update, but his response was that he sure hoped they would as this is the single issue most giving this computer a black eye. I saw they had on display one of the new 2.7 16 models and it had an LSN display, so I bit the bullet.


    Just powered it up and checked it out..... LSN!!!  Very happy about this.

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    What is LSN?


    Even though I am going to get the 15 inch with the discrete graphics, I still will wait for the Haswell chip.    It should allow for greater battery life which isn't a major concern. What is is the display and maybe the next refresh will fix this. Don't want to play lottery.

  • Jr1882 Level 1 Level 1

    LSN is Samsung. Got it.

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1



    Could you please verify if your new 2.7Ghz CPU has 6MB or 8MB of L3 Cache?


    To find info:  Click Apple icon > About this mac > More info > System Report -- It should open to the 'Hardware Overview' page which is where the L3 Cache is listed, if not just click 'Hardware' at the top of the left hand list.


    I'm considering ordering 5 new rMBP for my business and need to determine if the new 2.7 has 8MB Cache like my current model or if Apple downgraded the CPU to the 6MB Cache version as the new specs state.  Just trying to see if I can avoid the extra $250 for the 2.8Ghz upgrade.

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    My 5 year old iMac failed on me recently and now I really need another computer. I was dead set on getting a 2.8 GHz 15" MBP Retina until I read about this issue. I realize that not all Retinas have this issue, but it's common enough that there's an ongoing massive thread on this subject. It's too bad, because the computer sounds really great otherwise. I just can't justify spending over $3,000 on a computer and have to "play the lottery" to not get a defective screen. Very, very disappointed that Apple has not admitted to this problem yet or taken steps to correct it, even though the Retinas were just updated.


    I would buy a regular non-Retina MBP, but according to Mac Rumors, the regular MBP is due for an update very soon and it's just not worth getting one at the moment.


    Since I need a laptop right away, can anyone suggest another laptop that's like the 2.8 GHz 15" MBP Retina? I know there's no other laptop screen on the market now that's as good as the Retina, but I'd still like to know if anyone has suggestions for a good alternative to this laptop.

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    One could wait until the Macrumored (Kuo) Retina update in 3Q, but i'd bet they will exclusively all have IR-prone LG screens by then:




    In relation to other laptops, more and more of them will arrive with WQHD this year, for example:




    Good luck.



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    There is nothing close to the rMBP 15" if I use my own primary critera for my photography business.  Top 7 requirements for me are:


    1) Screen resolution & color accuracy

    2) Processing / GPU capability

    3) Battery life

    4) SSD storage

    5) I/O ports / video out options

    6) Light weight

    7) Bulid quality


    This computer is pretty much the best in all those catagories and as a total package I don't know of anything that even comes close.  Plus if there is an alternative notebook PC it would come with windows 8 which I really don't want to have anything to do with from all the horror stories I've read.  You may find a PC option that beats it in one or two catagories but not even close in the others.

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    So there are still both LG and Samsung panels being used in the updated rMBP. What I want to know though is whether the LG models are still suffering from IR issues. My 1st generation 2.3GHz rMB, bought at the beginning of January, did not have IR at all until around the beginning of February. It seems to be getting worse. It's a shame because I much prefer the colours on the LG panels, which is why I am not sure doing a screen replacement (as I did with my first one that I returned back in October) is a good idea – it had a massive yellow tinge at the bottom of the screen and bad mura.


    If Apple has fixed the IR issue by using slightly different components / different heat managment or whatever, then I want to know. If it is the case, I will do everything for them to exchange my rMBP with an updated model. I don't care about the extra 0.1Ghz, I just want the IR gone!

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    Hello, everyone! I just bought one of the new rMBP's a few days ago, when it was first released. I've been aware of the IR issue for a while, and was hoping my new machine wouldn't succumb to it. It turns out I'm lucky, because mine is a Samsung (LSN) panel! Mine is a 2.7/16/512, and wow, it's fast, with such a gorgeous display! It's a shame Apple can't figure this issue out, or chooses to ignore it for fear of marring their record. Just because some people get perfectly fine machines doesn't mean that wrongs aren't being perpetrated here. A $3200 machine should be PERFECT. Nothing less than the best.


    Also, @Jajaba, mine definitely has 6MB of L3 cache. Both System Info and Geekbench confirm this. I wouldn't worry about 2MB and .1GHz for $250 though. It's not worth it.