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  • Drew84 Level 1 Level 1

    Certainly disheartening to hear the LG's are still around. I was tempted to pull the trigger once again given the encouraging news about the revision, but I won't now. I've browsed several forums and have yet to hear of anyone with a 2013 model that's NOT a Samsung, so perhaps it's just by chance or Apple is pushing out a batch of Samsung-only units for the time being.

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1

    Actually the 2MB of additional cache is a huge performance boost over 6MB, approx. 20% - 30% faster when doing major number crunching tasks.  Think of it as each of the 8 virtual cores having 25% less ultra fast onboard RAM to work with. 


    We do large batch processing files in photoshop, typically 5 - 20GB at a time.  That's 200 to 500+, 12 - 36Mp .RAW image files which get imported, color corrected, lens profile correction, sharpened, converted to .DNG and .Jpg files and a backup of the original .RAW  sent to an external drive.  The difference between 6MB and 8MB Cache saves about an hour of processing time (~2.5 vs. 3.5 hours with a 10GB file).  This maxes out all 8 cores for the duration of the processing which means the computer is basically unusable until the processing is complete.


    So actually, in my case, the extra $250 for the 2.8Ghz 8MB Cache upgrade is well worth the price, it'll pay for itself on each machine in a few months.  Unfortunately Apple (or intel) decided to downgrade the original rMBP 2.7Ghz CPU to the lower end 6MB Cache on the 2013 version.  You are correct that the .1Ghz bump doesn't make much of a difference the Cache has a much bigger impact.

  • SitaCh Level 1 Level 1

    What does this have to do with IR?

  • Rob Riggs Level 1 Level 1

    So... I just received my MBPr 15" today. Ordered it two weeks ago. I ran the terminal diagnostic test... as mentioned here: Yup, my display is an LG. Not a Samsung. However... I have run several IR tests: and I am not experiencing any IR problems at all. I must admit... the screen looks terrific. The white is brilliant white. ( I have heard that some Samsung screens have a yellowing problem ).


    I'm not sure what to do here.... is it possible that LG has fixed their IR issue with newer screens? Or is this display just a ticking time bomb? Should I return it now while I still can and avoid the hassle down the road? Thanks.

  • Rob Riggs Level 1 Level 1

    I just received my MBPr today... LG screen installed.

  • malkan Level 1 Level 1

    If you ordered it two weeks ago you didnt recive the new 2013 modell i assume? What specifications you got?


    I got a 2012 Modell with 2,3Ghz i7, 8gb and 256 SSD with LG Screen and i have been running ir-test everyday since i got it, passed 3 weeks now and no sign of IR so far. Might just be lucky or something..


    I read that the IR issue could come after a few months aswell, some people havent gotten it at all on LG so i dont know. I think you should keep it, you got 14 days to return it so run IR test every day and check.

  • Rob Riggs Level 1 Level 1

    I just received a new MBPr, 15", with an LG screen and shipped from China. However, I'm not seeing any IR when running the tests.. yet. I just received my laptop this morning.

  • Rob Riggs Level 1 Level 1

    @malkan, I am in the same boat as you. Just received my MBPr 15" today, with LG screen. Running IR tests, no issues yet. Let me know if you situation changes from your tests. Thanks.

  • Jr1882 Level 1 Level 1

    Does anyone think its possible the LG screens are the same but some of the internals are different reducing heat so that could alleviate the IR?.....


    I read some of the components are different.


    Still may wait for Haswell.

  • jkdwai Level 1 Level 1

    I bought mine 2.4ghz at the store a few days ago. LG screen. no issue so far

  • Jr1882 Level 1 Level 1

    What percentage of these LG screens are affected? Anyone have an idea?  Obviously it can't be all of them or this would be a huge back eye in the media and I can't find too many articles online. Most Google searches just take me to these Apple forums.

  • Rob Riggs Level 1 Level 1

    You're right jajaba. I have a i7, 2.7ghz, 8mb DDR, with a 6mb cache

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    Depends on how desperate you are to have this laptop and how willing to deal with the Apple Care down the road.  After reading 200+ pages on this forum, I seriously doubt that there is a LG screen, that will not develop IR down the road.  LG TV sets have been known to have IR for years and have not been fixed yet, why will they rush now.  If Apple wants to convince their clients that IR is fixed on the LG screens they have to make a statement acknowledging the problem and agreeing to replace every screen with IR if the client expresses a concern.  If you have money to burn your will make an excellent test subject; and people will appreciate your comments on this forum; and while reading them, they will think to themselves: "Poor guy!  Lucky me, I don't have to deal with that!".  So, Rob Riggs, your money - your call!

  • NNEU Level 1 Level 1



    99% of people however, don't see the issue, or simply don't care.

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    I just spoke to a apple employer on the phone here in Sweden, called Apple store directly and had some questions about this issue and if the new models are affected by IR.


    He told me that he had heard that the issue should be gone with the new 2013 models. He said thats why they introduced this new 2013 models so fast after the 2012 model. He was pretty sure that the issue would be gone and thats why they released new models. He couldnt "confirm" it but he had heard that was the case they released new models.


    Maybe someone can try to get more info by calling in your country and see what they say?


    Sorry for bad english.


    Returing my 2012 model tomorrow with LG panel to get the new 2013.