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  • Rxn!Stoichometry! Level 1 Level 1

    That string worked, thanks Gunnar22!  As expected I have the LG;


    Color LCD




    Ugh, I don't have time to deal with this!  Can't apple just teleport me a new computer.

  • monkonfire Level 1 Level 1

    Just got a brand new 15" MBPr. Confirmed it's a Samsung. Really beautiful computer, reguardless of if there happened to be image retention or not.

  • i am ed Level 1 Level 1

    Okay, we need a memorandum on this thread. Things are out of hand.

    If you've just bought a rMBP and it has a Samsung screen, you do not need this thread. With due respect, go away. If you post here you are merely noise. Sorry, but no one following this thread cares, you're just not needed, etc. etc. The only exception to this is if you actually have got IR on your screen and you've confirmed that you do indeed have a Samsung screen. This would be exceptional -- a first, I think, so be certain before claiming this.


    This thread is primarily interested in the reporting of actual IR on rMBP screens: how quickly after purchase it's appeared, how bad it is, how badly it affects your workflow, and the process you've been through in getting it fixed (or not, as the case may be).


    Correct me if I'm wrong. I don't mean to be impolite, just straight.

  • ge4orce Level 1 Level 1

    "Seriously, how many typical users will leave the same image on their display for more than an hour?"


    1 hour??? How about 1 minute! I am not sure what other users define as an "IR problem" but for me 60 seconds on mail programme and I can read my mail on the IR on the desktop!! If it was something I had to test for or look for it realy wouldnt bother me! - I have tried it on half brightness and the problem is exactly the same, so it is not a max brightness issue as some have suggested.

    Does any one know, when apple replace my screen, would the new screen be garenteed for a full year?


    MBPR 15" mid 2012 (LG)

  • eosman Level 1 Level 1

    Has anyone had their Macbook Pro LG replaced with a Samsung Macbook after the 14 day period without having to physically go into a store?


    I ask this because I'm no where near an Apple store. I have gone to two different licensed Apple resellers who have techs on hand but their silly diagnosis software is useless and say my machine is fine and if I'm not happy i have to go to an Apple store.


    Of course Apple says they can't help me cause the resellers say there's nothing wrong or that I have to go to an Apple store. Arg!


    I'm in Port Alberni, BC Canada. According to an Apple rep they don't do mail-in service calls in Canada. Just wondering if anyone else has had an exception to this.

  • Allison72 Level 1 Level 1

    Got the screen replacement in October, and it was a samsung, worked perfectly(just not as white as LG)until today. Found a big dead pixel on the lower right of the screen. I have no idea how this pixel forns over night but it's there. Took the macbook to genius bar and asked for another replacement. Will pick it up in 3 or 5 days. Don't know what I'll get this time. I can't tell which one is worse, IR or dead pixel, but it seems that LG and Samsung both have some problems and I may just live with this one.

  • Big Vakanas Level 1 Level 1

    Come on now ! LG failure rate is much higher we all know which one is a safer bet ... Samsung .


    I wouldnt call Samsungs screens having problems because they fall within an acceptable limit unlike LG screens.

  • Allison72 Level 1 Level 1

    Dead pixel is really annoying. I can't actually see IR if I'm not using dark background, and I'm not a heavy user. One thing I like about LG is it looks sharper, the contrast is better than Samsung. Heard that a lot of people have this dead pixel issue with Samsung, just didn't expect that it will appear after 4 months of use. Hope to get something better:)

  • wingzero1 Level 1 Level 1

    Had my MacBook retina since July of 2012. No screen issues until now. Started noticing IR issue over last week or so. Ran terminal command and yep LG screen. Took it in to Apple store yesterday and they looked at it and initially said yep looks like you have a bad screen. Then got a call this morning saying they ran a bunch of tests and it passed, that this is standard behavior for IPS tech and said they won't be replacing the screen. So i asked what's the solution to this?  Their solution - use a screen saver. Given this issue happens after about two minutes of use...Anyway after a fifteen minute discussion they agreed to replace screen. Hopefully it's a Samsung and not an LG! Fingers crossed.

  • Big Vakanas Level 1 Level 1

    Go for an LG then your chances of getting a perfect LG screen are far less than getting a perfect Samsung screen.


    The amount of failures in the Samsung screens are far far less then that of LG i do agree the LG screens are a bit brighter and nice overall but its the failure rate thats an issue and the way this problem presents 6 months down the track to alot of LG screens Not to say there all bad because they arent all bad ..


    Ppl would rather Samsung because far less chance of issues.. There are failures with them but you cant say that LG and Samsung are both in the same boat and no matter which screen you get they both have issues because LG's issues have prsented a far worse and more widespread issue. Chances of a flawless Samsung screen are much greater.


    Hopfuly you get it all sorted seems you have been very unlucky to say the least.

  • erotavlas Level 1 Level 1

    wow this thread is massive.  I was worried I would encounter the same problem if I bought a macbook. 

    But I bought one anyway tonight.  After opening it up, I had safari open for not even 5 minutes in a window. I was trying to run the command in the terminal to check which model panel I have, but the command wouldn't work.  Then I closed the windows and noticed right away a line running right down screen at the exact position of the edge of the windows I closed.  Other than that the panel is perfect, no light bleed, uniform colour.  I really want to try and keep it, so I'm trying to cycle through the RGB color images a previous user posted using iPhoto slideshow.  I'm going to leave it over night and see what happens.  I hope it works.


    (EDIT: forgot to mention the MacBook I have is the 13" base model Retina)

  • SitaCh Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah it's even more massive than you realize, because awhile ago they reset the views when it reached 470,000. So if you add that to the current 320K plus,it's a lot of views and a big problem. I really want to buy one, but can't deal with the issues and time factor involved in getting a good one.

  • erotavlas Level 1 Level 1

    i don't know, maybe its not as bad as people think.  after running the slideshow last night, I don't see any artifacts in the screen.  That line I saw at first is faded out completely. I ran for 5 hours and then turned it off the rest of the night/morning. 


    I wouldn't freak out if I noticed it right after purchase.  I would do the slieshow over night the very first day, (even for several night really putting the display through a good useage) and monitor the display quality within the return period, use the display as much as possible, rotating photos, images, locations of windows etc during that time Because there is a chance it is only a temporary effect.  If its still acting weird or it really bothers you then exchange.  But really exchaging it right away without even trying anything is kind of a waste. 


    This whole issue reminds me of the backlight bleeding issue on tablets.  I remember I did the same thing when I purchased the first Asus Transformer book.  It had an IPS panel like the iPad and suffered from backlight bleeding around some edges.  I was really being picky so I decided to buy another one and compare it, the second was worse, I returned it went to another store and compared that to the first one, it was the same, then I bought another one,....I think I went through 5 but in the end I stuck with the very first one I purchased.  It was only marginally better, but I gave up because I realized I was never going to get a perfect display.  Later on I forgot about it and never gave it any thought because it never had any impact on my viewing experience.  After that experience I decided never to be so picky about technology we create because it will never be 100% perfect, plus there way more important things in life that worrying about something that has no impact on your day to day use.  If your buying the macbook Pro for professional use and require utmost perfection in the display, then that would be a differnt story.

  • crow4868 Level 1 Level 1

    I decided to return mine after 30 days (Amazon) without having seen a trace of IR because of the uncertainty. I used the slide show for 10 hours and that gave me a little more confidence but noticed a comment after the one describing it where they claimed it made the problem worse. More uncertainty. I'm seeing more long term IR reports appear which I think is going to continue as people put more time on the systems. It's a tiny percentage now but who knows. If you count on selling it down the road that could be problematic due to the reputation. A potential buyer will be convinced you just didn't use it enough to cause it and won't buy it. They've set the bar pretty high with these laptops and expectations with it. I'd have soldiered on if there wasn't a test where the results would mean you're stuck with a screen that's a distraction. Good luck.

  • humrush Level 1 Level 1

    first off, are we even sure a new model with haswell is coming in june? since they just bumped the specs and price a few weeks ago the "mac buyer guide" page seems to think no new model is coming in june. im a photographer and had been thinking of buying one this week but naturally im terrified about entering this "lottery". the fear of the problem appearing months down the road is the worst of all. sadly theres really no other option aside from just getting the imac. the non retina mbp only takes 8gb ram, i was hoping to future proof with 16.. i only upgrade my make every 3-4 years so i wanted this one to last..