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    I would like to know as well since I am dying to get one.  The problem is 99.9% of users that don't have issues would never log on and post to this forum.  If they did, this feed would be tens of thousands of pages long.  I know I wouldn't be searching for an IR forum if I didn' notice a problem or have never heard of it as most consumers wouldn't.


    All I know is I reaserched the issue and I know it's real.  Some of the You Tube videos are downright terrible in terms of IR.  Not spending $2199 on a computer that has IR. 


    I am forced to waiting until the next refresh, as my luck tells me I would get an LG.


    I do wonder what the percentage of LG to Samsung screens are in these things.  If it were 50-50, I may chance it but I think there are more LG's out there as Apple is trying to phase them out as a major suppplier is seems.

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    I'm so glad, I searched for infos/issues before my purchase. So I came across this thread and bookmarked it. With that in mind I decided to "play the lottery". What I got was a machine with an LG display. :( Wow, what a surprise... So I called Apple and asked for an exchange. One week later I got the new machine. And before pressing the enter key in Terminal I took a deep breath and crossed my fingers. ;) Result: LSN. After that I checked for dead pixels. Result: None. And no singns of yellow tints in any corner.


    I've no side by side comparison with LG and Samsung displays regarding image quality, but my eyes like what they see. ;)


    It's such a shame, that LG is still producing displays that show the IR phenomen. And that Apple is still using this displays, shows, that they don't really care. It's just ridicoulous... (jm2c)


    Greets from Germany



    (Before judging my grammar, etc.: Keep in mind, that I'm not a native speaker. :D)

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    Hi, i bought a new Retina Macbook and it came with a LG display. Got it for four five days now and it shows no or verry little IR. Did your LG show IR right from the start? and did the only change the display or the complete Macbook? btw, i'm also from Germany. Don't know what to do now. I love the computer but I would feel much better if it had a Samsung display.

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    And what did you do to convince them to exchange the Macbook?

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    Hi Monosight,


    there were no signs of IR. But i didn't want to take risk, because a lot of people in this thread stated out, that IR develops and worsens by time. I got a complete new MBP, not only a display exchange.

    If you're experiencing slight IR problems, i wouldn't hesitate and return it or get an display exchange. If you don't do it, it'll bug you every time you use this computer.




  • mr_dj81 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello again,


    the guy at the Apple hotline suggested the exchange. No covincing required. He knew about the problems, otherwise he never suggested the exchange.




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    i am ed wrote:


    Okay, we need a memorandum on this thread. Things are out of hand.

    If you've just bought a rMBP and it has a Samsung screen, you do not need this thread. With due respect, go away. If you post here you are merely noise. Sorry, but no one following this thread cares, you're just not needed, etc. etc. The only exception to this is if you actually have got IR on your screen and you've confirmed that you do indeed have a Samsung screen. This would be exceptional -- a first, I think, so be certain before claiming this.


    This thread is primarily interested in the reporting of actual IR on rMBP screens: how quickly after purchase it's appeared, how bad it is, how badly it affects your workflow, and the process you've been through in getting it fixed (or not, as the case may be).


    Correct me if I'm wrong. I don't mean to be impolite, just straight.


    I respectfully disagree.


    If I have something valuable to share, I will, because it's still in my interests to do so.

    Why? Because even though I have a Samsung display, the IR problem still hasn't been solved. Until it is, having a warranty, as well as theft and damage insurance for my rMBP, is not really that reassuring to me. Who knows what I'll get if I need a replacement, another IR-plagued rMBP? I do not want to go through that again.


    So, in addition to helping people out where I can, every page keeps the pressure on Apple to fix this problem.

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    Hello all, recap and conclusion.


    Got my Mac Book Pro Retina in the first week of release. LG

    Discovered IR after three months.

    Had screen replaced with no trouble, LG


    Discovered IR AGAIN after three months.

    Asked to have the screen displace replaced.

    I was told it was normal and it would not be replaced.

    I talked to three Apple Care people everyone higher in position than the next.

    They all said no replacement and I could not speak to anyone else.


    I sent screen shots to Apple of this thread with people having their screens replace.

    I received a call from Apple telling me they would replace the screen.

    Took it to the reseller and they replaced it.


    I did a jig (dance) in the store when I ran the terminal command and found a Samsung.

    Checked for dead pixels and yellow tinges. All seems good.

    Checked Apple logo on back of screen, it's a little pink/purple but I can live with it.


    I am a graphic designer/photographer so there was no way I could live with IR

    IR is not normal don't let them tell you other wise.

    Good luck to all that have to go through this nightmare.


    P.S. What a stressful and waste of two weeks with this issue.

    I still love Apple but will think twice before I buy 1st generation hardware.

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    Joseph, glad for you!



    Unfortunately, the 2nd generation still has that problem which stops too many people (including myself) to buy this generation.



    Dear Apple, do you watch this thread ?

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    Unfortunately, I don't think Apple cares.  They have decided to deal with the problem by selectively replacing the screens for customers who complain too loudly, rather than solving the root of the problem (Forcing LG to fix the manufacturing issues or going back to Samsung screens exclusively).


    I am 100% sure that if Steve Jobs was still alive, he would tackle this problem head on and force the suppliers to fix the problem or else.


    As a loyal Apple customer for almost 30 years (My first computer was an Apple IIc back in 1984), I am the kind of person who Apple does not want to alienate.  But given these issues, there is no way I would purchase the current generation of Retina-based MacBook Pro laptops.  If you're going to pay this much for a computer, it has to be perfect, especially the part that accounts for the increase in cost over the cheaper models (The screen).


    So if anybody from Apple is reading this thread, you need to change way you are doing things right now as a company.  Don't wait until this problem becomes more public and the bad publicity starts to affect the perception of Apple's overall quality.

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    well said, spot on. Due to their falling worth as a company as of late they are just trying to pass this issue by and pretend it doesnt exist because acknowledging it fully would cost them a lot. i think that this issue is going to grow with time though, because for a lot of lg screens it seems the issue worsens with time. im pretty dissapointed with apple, and having been a long time supporter, i am left wishing there was an alternative. apple needs a competitor right now to keep them in check. ive had great experiences with mac products, my mid 2009 mbp that im using now has severe physical damage, cracked screen, warped body with guts showing in places and it's still trucking a long. they make great products and no pc compares in terms of design, but they need to take responsibility or they are going to end up alianating many followers.

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    Hard to follow your reasoning. Go ahead an post in your native languare; someone will be able to translate into English.

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    Your two sentences have the same amount of errors as my entire paragraph.

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    Nexus444 wrote:


    ......I am 100% sure that if Steve Jobs was still alive, he would tackle this problem head on and force the suppliers to fix the problem or else.....


    Really?  'Or else' what?  How would Steve have 'forced' LG to fix the problem?  He relied on Tim Cook as the supply side expert for manufacturing, logistics and vendor sourcing.  We don't even know if it is an LG problem, it could be an Apple design or specification issue.  Maybe even something to do with the adhesives or the lamination process which Apple specified  (doubtful as it's only the LG's affected, but we don't know), or it could also be a heat issue.  So the alternative is to make Samsung a sole source but Apple has stated publicly that they plan to phase out Samsung displays for obvious reasons.  Or they could pursue another source but there is currently no one else who can produce this size and pixel densisty of IPS LCD in the volumes needed for production.  Sharp is rumored to be approved for the retina display wth their Igzo design but have failed to obtain yeilds high enough to make production quantities (they couldn't even get sufficient yeilds for the iPhone 5 size displays).


    Bottom line is there are very few companies who can manufacter a display that meets the retina specs and it's unlikely any new sources will suddenly appear as it costs hundreds of millions to develop production capabilities for this technology and there is also the issue of patents.... 

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    I just noticed on the Apple Ebay Refurb Outlet they list "Recieved complete burn in testing".


    Of course they don't have any rMBP on there now.  I am curious if they ever do and if so, would the only sell ones with Samsung displays on there?  Something to think about. Probably not since they sell new ones with burn in but then again, why post that specific comment?  May as well leave that comment off.



    Just an observation.