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    Samsung or LG?  Seems like all the people with dying pixels are Samsungs from what I gather.

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    There seems to be a great deal of variation between individual panels, so blanket statements about LG vs. Samsung don't seem all that helpful.


    My personal experience:


    rMBP #1:


    Bought a 2.7/16/768 in-store on the day the prices dropped. October production date, 8 MB cache on the CPU. It had a Samsung display, which had a somewhat darkish area near the middle of the screen. Whites seemed a bit yellow, especially with the brightness down. Color saturation was great.


    I brought it back two days later. The tech couldn't see the dark area, but agreed to swap it for another unit.


    rMBP #2:


    This one had a November production date, 8 MB cache, and an LG display. No IR/ghosting, but the colors didn't seem quite as vibrant, and whites had a pinkish cast. If not for the pink, I think I would have stuck with this one and hoped for no IR troubles down the road. (I'm still a bit skeptical that the LG panels are categorically doomed to fail.) But I pressed on, and went back again three days later.


    While waiting for my appointment, I put mine next to one of the demo units, which turned out to have a Samsung screen. The range of color on the LG was better -- the grass in the zebra photo had a more natural shade of green, whereas it had a "neon" look on the Samsung. Some colors seemed more saturated on the LG, which I did not expect. Brightness and whiteness seemed more similar than I expected as well.


    This time I got a different tech, who was reluctant to swap, since he couldn't see anything noticeably wrong with the screen, and I had returned one already. After some polite and patient discussion of the 14-day return period, the need for an accurate display, etc., eventually he put it next to one of the demo units to compare.  It was a different one than I had been looking at, but I think also a Samsung. Mine looked noticeably pink and dim in comparison, so he agreed to do the swap.



    rMBP #3:


    Somehow with upgrade price changes, I ended up with a 2.8/16/768. Production date unknown -- the serial number websites don't recognize it yet -- but since it's a 2.8, it must be an early 2013 model. It has a Samsung display. The black level doesn't seem as deep as the LG, and I still remember the first one as being more colorful, but otherwise it's just about perfect. This one's a keeper.



    Moral of the story:


    - While there may be trends and recurring themes, each individual display is different.


    - No display is "perfect", and can't be expected to be. Apple is bound by the limits of physics and the realities of manufacturing like everyone else. That said, at these prices, it should be "awesome".


    - The polite-but-firm approach is often successful. If you can get someone on your side, they are more likely to help you.



    I hope this is helpful to someone. Good luck to all affected by this issue.

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    Just how the heck are you guys judging the "pink" or "yellow" hue?



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    When you calibrate a monitor, you can switch back and forth between profiles.  It's very easy to see a relative difference when you do this. 


    It's also easy to see if you compare it side-by-side to a known calibrated display.


    For what it's worth, my first LG also had a pink hue to the whites.  I could tell when I had my Cinema Display (calibrated) sitting right next to my rMBP display (calibrated, but also pink).

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    My my, apple has really gotten into the woods here. I am surprised and shocked at both my experience and the experiences of others on this thread. I mean, apart from burgeoning tech and design that no other company has, the big apple asset is their customer service and their apparent robust QC. I have been a long time Mac user. I mean for years and years. But this experience gives me an idea of where the company is going, and I have returned my 4th Retina 15" and will soon order a Lenovo Thinkpad. NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE DOING THIS. I love OSX and the interface and everything about the system, but I imagine after paying upwards of 3000 for a computer that doesn't work as advertised, and then to have apple TELL ME that the problem is myself, not them. That I am a Liar, that a defective machine is within their specification. THIS IS AN EXPENSIVE MACHINE for creative professionals, and an expensive machine that creative professionals could never use, ever. SO here is my story, please take this into consideration when buying a Retina, because it is not worth the hassle. It really isn't. I know there is nothing comparable to the pixel density and the screen and form factor are so easy to fall in love with, but this is a story of a company getting smug, and trying to cover themselves at the expense of their loyal consumer base. Apple needs to either issue a 'yep, we messed this one up big time' statement or risk distrust from 'fanboys' who have hung on their every word.


    1rst RMBP: LG, colours were great, whites were paper white,contrast was perfect. ran cool.  IR was already very protracted. Couldn't edit anything on it. Exchanged


    2nd RMBP: LG, REALLY PINK, I mean like I felt like a powerpuff girl toting this thing around. No IR, but didn't matter because it was just weird. Took it in. Genius examined it ' looks pink to me' they said. THey didn't want to hear me if they said everything looked fine. Exchanged


    3rd RMBP: LG, slightly pink on one side, fine on the other. IR issue only in checker test. But ran WAY hot. Like can't use it on my lap hot COME ON GUYS. I am not a picky person. but I do have working eyes. and i do notice things. like a crappy display. took it back. Within spec blah blah blah. Honestly that 'within spec' argument just makes my blood boil, really does The gall of a company to tell their consumers, prosumers, professionals, whatever, that a device not working like 95% of the other similar devices out their was 'okay' and 'accepted' is bull. That I should change the way that I use the computer, that your device shouldn't help me but rather I should help it? COME ON APPLE. What has happened with you guys? where's the accountability? where's the top-rate customer service? where are the products that blow everything else away because they actually work as expected?



    4th Retina MBP: This is the one that really got my goat. Took the third in. Genius doesn't notice any tint. And running hot? he says 'they all run like that. the battery is on the bottom of the machine you know. It's a retina, it's really not meant to be used on your lap." Sorry apple, last time I checked YOUR box it said  '15.4 laptop' not '15.4" desktop' or '15.4" toaster oven meant to be used on countertops only'. I mean really, this line needs to be pulled, like, yesterday. If they continue to pretend like this issue does not exist, with their most expensive and high end machine no less, I truly believe it will be the end of the apple era I knew, loved, and respected. Get this **** cleared up. The audacity of this company to release ANOTHER 13" retin when the 15" clearly had QC issues is just, beyond me. Really don't know how to quantify this experience. Been an apple user for a while, not for that long though. Oh and start offering accidental damage protection on Applecare like the rest of the laptop companies. I'm out, and I mourn the loss of a great company, and amazing consumer experiences. The IDEA that consumers should feel the need to play the lottery with your products to find a non-defective unit is LUDACRIS. Absolutely bonkers. Have I said enough. Jeeeeeez. I have my fourth and it is slightly pinky. So time to say goodybe.

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    I only found that all my devices had IR last week because I tested them with the checker board for ten minutes each, even my ipad mini has it and my wifes iPad 2.

    You might want to check your iPads and iPhone for IR with the checker board.

    There is plenty of information about IR on other iDevices, have a search sometime.


    I never claimed it was wide spread but know its not normal and if they tell you that it is is not your imagination.


    I like your posts on lots of these pages keep it up, maybe you can reach 1000 with more non relevant information.

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    I am having trouble understanding why apple  warranty sent me back my 15 inch macbook pro retina with a letter saying that image retention is normal on ips display's and advice on how to avoid it. But then I see hundreds of posts on here that others have had the screen or hole laptop replaced several times... I open any type ofwindow for 5-10 minutes and with a grey background you can see so much of what was there previously that you can read the text..



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    Has anyone run any image retention tests on the 2013 Retina MacBook Pros? Is there any indication the retention problem has been addressed in this hardware revision?

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    Why don't you ask them?


    Start with, if its normal, then why isn't it normal with the Samsung panels? and if it's because Samsung is different in ANY way as far as the technology then tell them they should have disclosed that so that you could have CHOSEN the rmbp with the panel you want. That is, the one with IR or the one without. Regardless, their argument is idiotic and is proven by THEM because they provide you panels without IR with the Samsungs. A 7 year old could follow the logic.

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    There might not be that many people on this thread compared to the total number of buyers, but I think there are a ton of people with the IR problem, and a **** ton of people with the potential problem, and Apple knows it. If it was a minor problem, Apple would just go ahead and fix the machines no questions asked. Because they go to all the trouble of creating a "test", trying to dissuade people from believing their machine has a problem, refusing to fix the problem... says to me that they know there are many, many people who are going to have IR problems and it would be a huge financial hit to fix them all. Otherwise they would just fix it.


    I wonder why, since you and all your friends have perfect machines, you keep coming on here with long posts and explanations. You aren't looking to buy another computer, yours is fine, you keep changing the topic to lots of other things. How does this help people with the IR problem who actually want to buy one, or get theirs fixed?

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    Actually I placed an order for 5 more 15" rMBP's this afternoon, 4 x 2.7Ghz, 16GB, 512GB and 1 with 768GB (all will be the 2012 version with 8MB Cache).  So I think that should answer your questions as to why I am following this thread so closely.  This is also why I have been carefully trying to sort out the facts from all the specualtions.  This is a significant investment for my business and I needed to be confident that IR and other issues won't be a long term problem.  

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    @sitach and all the other people wondering the same thing why Jajba changes the topic.


    I think Jajaba could have an ulterior motives for being part of this thread and changing the topic all the time.

    Jajba do you work for Apple? Lol


    Jajaba you must be in charge of a lot of photographers,to buy another 5 more machines and you should be too busy to waste anymore time on this thread.


    @sitach, you must be right about more of a wide spread problem with this issue or there wouldn't be a test for it.

    I only want to say that it's not your imagination if there is IR on your machine and don't give up trying to get it fixed.


    @jajaba, please stop trying to shoot people down about their comments on the thread.


    @bigbrother, I love Apple and wish the best for the company. I have been a supporter for over 30 years and continue to be :)

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    @Boonslington, I had the same trouble, have a look at my posts to help you with your problem, the answer is there to get your screen replaced.

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    Jajaba needs to realize that facts come from speculation. Throwing ideas out there will eventually lead to facts. People out there have information. Let them be heard.

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    I just purchased a 15" early 2013 rMBP. Before doing so, I found this thread and was quite concerned about the LG screen.  I went to the Apple store to see if they were aware of the issue, and they definately are.  The sales person that I worked with even exchanged the laptop on the spot when the first one they brought me had an LG screen.


    Unfortuntately, the second did as well and it was unlikely that they were going to exchange them out all day. So I have the LG screen.  However, it looks great, and I've seen no evidence of image rention. I was told if you have an issue bring it back.  I was encouraged to purchase Apple Care given that everything is integrated onto the motherboard and any repair is likely to be costly after year one.


    I think the paranoia about issues like this only exacerbate the problem. I'm curious what the actual failure rate is for LG screens?  Unless someone has an issue they typically don't post to a forum like this so I wanted to buck the trend a bit and relay a positive experience with the LG screen.


    So far in my dealings with Apple any time I've had an issue they've taken care of it.  I think if you go in knowledgable and calm, they do the right thing.  That's been my experience anyway.