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    Yeah, might have something to do with it.  My confidence in Apple is now shaken.  They are not the mighty company that makes quality products with excellent customer service they once were.  I think that lack of consumer confidence is eating into their sales and could be helping to drive the stock down.  I'm sure there are other factors too more around iOS and Android.  But this doesn't help.

  • CT Level 6 Level 6

    Can't confirm.

  • MKlys Level 1 Level 1

    5 working days already and I'm told today my laptop will be back from repair tomorrow or Wed - is this normal? legendary customer care?

  • eosman Level 1 Level 1

    Sounds about right for the repair. I'm hoping when I go into Vancouver to the Apple store there they will replace my LG Retina Macbook without question as some Apple stores across North America won't. Depends on who you get in the store.

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    I purchased my Macbook pro 15" Retina in July of 2012.  I didnt notice the IR unitl recently, however that may have to do with the fact that I am now running a new program that uses a grey background.  This post is not so much to inform people regarding the glaring issue of the IR on the LG screens as it is to share my experience with Apple.


    I took my MBPR into a Portland, OR Apple store on Monday morning.  I explained the issue and that I was unsatisfied with the quality I had recieved.  The gentlemen ran an Apple "Image Resistance Test" which uses a sequence of checkerboards and black screens to test the screen.  As I watched him do the test, he explained that he could not see any issues of Image Retention, however he explained that he did not doubt that I was experiencing IR and he replaced my screen. My laptop was worked on overnight, and I went back to get it the next morning with a new display covered by Apple Care.  The new screen I recieved is:




    The screen looks great and after a 5 minute test I cannot detect any image retention.

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    Are image retention issues evident right away when you use your new laptop or can they appear after months of use.  Seems like the 2013 MacBook Pro retina 13 I ch versions are more reliable for image retention and fan issues.  Is that an accurate statement?

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    My MBPr 15 was bought around August 2012 and I barely noticed the ghosting effect then. Fast forward to today, I have severe IR that can be replicated even after leaving an application open for a short few minutes (2 mins+)


    I am especially concerned about this issue because I am a health care provider accessing inpatient information on a daily basis. I started using my MBP at work and soon realized that I could easily violate HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) because I can still read clearly the information left by IR.

    I called Apple support and was lead down the path of making adjustments to both the energy saver and screensaver preferences. I find it unacceptable to be limited or in a sense, restricted, on the way I use/configure my software because of an hardware issue.

    I am covered by the extended apple care warranty and will have to drive to the nearest Apple retail store (105 miles away) to hopefully get my machine fixed.

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    LOL, sure screensaver preferences. 1980's solutions to 1980's problems. Up until the rmbp you could have made an argument that modern computers didn't need screensavers. Certainly not to solve problems created by having the same screen on for 2 minutes. Simply disgraceful. I'm surprised they didn't suggest using an external monitor without "retina".

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    Hi all,

    I went to Apple today because my MBP retina (bought September 2012) has IR problem or It's ghosting effect.

    The technical person ran a test on my laptop, after that he said everything looks ok and work properly.

    He also told me that he can't replace my screen due to the test result.


    And suggested me to use a screen saver more, also told me to use full screen when browsing the sites.


    Is this a joke or something, I spent $2,000 for this issue without being fixed. Wow I can't believe it, I always buy apple products, but this is unacceptable. Btw my screen is LG.


    Any helps or thoughts.


    Oh he also said it's technology thing (LCD screen), if he replaced it, it will happen again. that's what he said.

    I told him then why don't you guys let us know before. So we won't spend on your ghosting screen, if you all know it will be messed up like this.


    It seems like they are not gonna replace it for me. shame on you apple.

    (Apple Store in Fashion Valley San Diego)

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    I'm sorry you're having such a nightmare.  I've been following this problem (and, belive me, many others on these consumer forums) with this new laptop for at least five months. I recently (nine days ago) threw caution to the wind and bought one.  It was a CTO (Configured To Order) 2.4 ghz processor / 8 gig RAM / 512 SSD hard drive that I had delivered to the Apple, Las Vegas Forum Shops store.  So far, it's been indescribably flawless.  I've been testing this thing in every way conceivable several times a day, as I know I have only five more days to return it without question if I find something I don't like. Let's say I don't find anything wrong in that time and I keep it.  Am I afraid I will find something devastating six months down the road (like you did) -- absolutely, frightningly YES!  Am I ashamed at Apple for creating such a lottery / luck system for this new, revolutionary machine -- YES!  So, why did I buy it? knowing all this? Good question.  The WOW factor overruled, I guess.

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    So far, does it have any creaking noises??

  • Joseph Amirault Level 1 Level 1


    Do you mean when I open the laptop / screen portion? If yes, then no; no noise whatsoever.  I swear, this thing is off-the-charts perfect.  I did have a brief problem on day two with a solid blue screen returning during boot-up, regardless of the desktop pic I chose before shutdown. After 1.5 hours on the phone with AppleCare, solved.  Looking back, possibly my fault.

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    Bought a 13" Macbook Pro Retina a couple of weeks ago--no ghosting images (knock on wood).

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    @Joseph Amirault


    Could you please share how to fix the issue of desktop background not staying after restart? I have the same problem



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    @Jajajaba.  When you calibrate with your I1 do you choose what brightness  to use?  You should be able to calibrate all your computers to the same level in I1.  I set mine to 120. Checking and changing the brightness just becomes another step in the calibration.  The program should tell you what the brightness level is compared to your chosen level, and give you a chance to set the screen brightness before then calibrating.  Or...are you saying that after you calibrate all the monitors to the same brightness levels as shown in the calibration package, that the Samsung's are still darker than the LGs at the same set brightness?