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    Looks like I have the LG display

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    did you get the newest version of the lg display? the image retenetion problem seems to be fixed now. i got a retina 15" with a lg display and the terminal output is: LP154WT1-SJA2

    the older displays were version SJA1

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    Dude, I bought mine on January and at the begining I was telling the same, I don't have any retention, bla bla.. I have retention now, and it's getting worse. Two other firends that have retina macbook pro's with lg screen have the same problem, so this is REAL PROBLEM.

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    I know that and I know that maybe it is really linked to the kind of display made by LG but we don't know if it happens to ALL of 'em.

    I repeat, I bought it on December and now I can't see any problem at all.


    BTW I also said that I think that it doesn't depend on what is the manifacture week of your machine.

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    Hello, I would appreciate some form of advice from someone who has had a similar problem. I purchased my 15 inch  rMBP during the first few weeks they were available and up until now it has been the best computer I have ever owned. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks my pleasure has been replaced with anger. I've started to experience burn-in or as apple calls it "persistent image effect". After researching the problem I've found I'm not alone and this is a very common problem, with many people getting their machines replaced. Figuring this would be the case after purchasing a $2,000 computer along with the extended warranty I called apple support in order to discuss the problem with an apple representative before I went to the store. What made me extremely angry during the phone call were two things, first the representative did not know what the problem I was describing was and couldn't find any information on it in the five minutes he was searching on his computer (when I found it information on Google in about the 10 seconds it took me to type my query), let alone his company's response to it. I was placed on hold while he went to discuss the problem with his supervisor and when he eventually came back he told me the "persistent image effect is to be expected with the retina macbook pros and is perfectly normal". Needless to say I was ****** as I'm pretty sure paying upwards of $2,000 for a computer is not supposed to include a defective screen. The representative suggested I turn the brightness down and I don't leave a window open long... I'm sorry I didn't know I was supposed to schedule my life and work around my computer's screen. After this idiotic suggestion I was fed up, I said thank you and hung up. My question is, after seeing so many people get replacements that work correctly in exchange for their defective hardware, should I expect any form of a better response (hopefully in the form of a replacement) from an employee at an apple store? I've heard so many good things about Apple's support, but after this incident I'm contemplating discontinuing any business with them.

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    I have the same problem on my 15" MBPR.

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    1.- Yes, it is a problem of all retina macbook pros before 2012 upgrade at least. Let's see if the new ones also have the problem. If you already think you don't have it, make this test:



    And if it doesn't work, let it more time. 30 minutes or so. There are some people with samsung screens that have let it overnight without any retention at all. And if it still doesn't work, wait a month and try it again.


    I didn't have any problem for the first month, but one day I let the computer with safari opened and then i switched to photoshop that has a grey background and I noticed that I could crearly see safari's interface and web structure printed on the screen.


    2.- The brightness doesn't affect it as it is not a problem of the screen backlight but for the lPS-LCD panel.

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    4 clicks of brightness, mail open for 2mins, close mail and I can read my mail from IR on the desktop!

    5/6 months before ir presented any noticable problem on this machine and it is deteriorating further.

    I initially purchased the machine for my wife (professional photographer) she has since deleted her user account! - I use the machine for graphic art. If ir was present in the first few months we definatley would have noticed!

    I love the machine - its beautifull, and when I get around to having the screen replaced im sure we will be happy with it - hopefully for many years to come!

    The only other flaw is the creaking body!!! Makes it sound a little cheap!

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    HI it seems that apple support doesnt know a squat.

    But yeah this is a warranty thing, i got mine switched atleast.

    but actually when i called applesupport and explained they did say the same as they did fir you. But i refered to an old plasma screen cus this is an issue when the plasma gets old. And that made them make it an errand of my case, so i just whent to the lokal supplier told them ive spoken with apple support blablabla and showed them the screen, and they took it in and after 3 days or so i got a new screen and hav had it since agust 2012 with no sign of inbruned screen


    hope this help you a bit.



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    It most definitely NOT a problem with ALL rMBPs, and not ALL LG displays. Mine is perfect after almost a month of continuous use. I've run several "tests", including the checkerboard you linked to. Week 46 (November), LP154WT1-SJA1, on a 15.4"/2.7/16/768 rMBP.


    The linked to test site should caution the user not to look at the display while the checkerboard is visible! Any human eye will see an afterimage (a retina version of display IR, if you will) after as little as 10 seconds of viewing. To avoid this, just place the cursor over the link [which will switch the window to gray] and leave it there so you can just click to switch without having to view the pattern.


    I have to wonder (though I'm sure I'll get flak for it) if some percentage of those who see IR aren't experiencing retinal afterimages. That said, I have seen the videos and images showing actual display retention - I don't doubt its existance, only the number of those reports that are actual display IR.

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    Apple is a brand, not a person. If you go to different apple stores you will find different people (employees) with different knowns, behaviors, etc.


    Apple has a 3 minutes image retention test, that is THE ONE THAT DECIDES if your laptop should be replaced or not.


    So, go to a genius bar. Tell them that you have image retention and you want, as you have the right to ask for it, to pass the test on your computer to know if it has to be replaced. You don't have to speak more than that.




    I have read in all the fourums about this issue and there are happening only these options:



    Scenario 1: The screen pass the test without any image retention, as it use to be because it is only a 3 minutes test.


    a) The employee tells you to go home with your computer.


    b) The employee tells you that this is a known issue and demostrating it with your own retention test or without doing it, he changes your display for  a samsung in more or less one day (if they have the replacement in the store)



    Scenario 2: The screen doesn't pass the test


    a) The employee MUST change the display for a samsung one.


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    Problems use to appear in the second or third month. I did several tests in the first month and i didn't notice any image retention. I even let the display with the checkerboard for an hour in the first week of use without any retention.


    I was like you, I tryed to convince everybody that it is not a problem of all LG screens because mine was ok.


    But now it is present, and it is getting worse everyday.


    Uh, and it is not an eye's retina problem, as my iphone can take pictures of it

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    I edited my original post to acknowledge that I've seen the evidence for IR. I don't doubt its existence.


    Guess all I can do is go on enjoying the machine, and see where things are in the months to come. If it's going to fail, just let it be within the next 35 months ;-) .