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  • pedrofromguimar Level 1 Level 1

    You have one year warranty, just live calmed and if you see any retention take it to an apple service.


    PD: The mode_rator has edited my post to delete the words "this is a   le_gal prot_ocol", when telling that they have a progran to determine if you have the right to change the display or not. What a shame.

  • Chuck Gould Level 1 Level 1

    Three years, with Apple Care.

  • ShadyBRO Level 1 Level 1

    My MacBook Pro is 15 weeks old - November 2012 -

    I have done every single IR test ( last time I did it for 2 hours ) and I still have no IR at all.


    I'm tellin' you my situation RIGHT NOW.

    I don't know if in the next hour or week or month the problem will come out.

  • pedrofromguimar Level 1 Level 1

    Make a background image with 64,64,64 rgb gray. And wait some days.

  • 1926822428 Level 1 Level 1

    same, mine is more crazy, and i ve gone to ALL apple store in LARGE TORONTO, all the applies are the same answer: no repair, no problems with yr mac, i only got a good news today that i can get a new screen only, and that's it!   i want to change a whole new one, because i have a lot of problem with mac, like doesn't go to sleep when i close the screen, getting slow when i try to enter my password, especially when i got my new SMC today, i have to wait for A MINUTE!!!!!   And power can only allow me to use it for 3-5hrs, never reach to 7!!!!!屏幕快照 2013-03-16 上午2.26.45.pngwe should get new macs, anyone have same idea with me?

  • 1926822428 Level 1 Level 1

    And they refused to change or repair very very rudely at first, we even cause police men came to apple store, almost start fighting.

  • jedlh Level 1 Level 1

    I've had my 15" rMBP for almost 3-mth, but I've only just realised I have the inferior panel.

    So ******-off, I hope I'm not given the run around with regards to a replacement...

    To spend a fortune & be given a inferior panel* (no matter how marginally) is pretty poor business practice.

    I understand the logic/logistics behind why they often do that, but it doesn't change things IMO.


    *by most accts I've read so far, & not just in terms of burn-in

  • Chuck Gould Level 1 Level 1

    Is there a problem with your display? Is it inferior to other rMBP's displays? If so, then have Apple fix or replace it. Just because yours happens to be made by the same vendor as those that are defective, doesn't mean yours is.


    As you've read, both in my posts and others, not all LG displays are bad. But, to repeat myself, mine's perfect as far as I can tell.

  • jedlh Level 1 Level 1

    While this is true, the weight of evidence around suggests that if I have the LG panel, then the overall experience is more likely to be slightly inferior to the Samsung one. And not just in terms of the burn in issue, many LG owners don't have that at all but have other IQ deficiencies compared to the Samsung panel. Again I stress this is on avg, you always get varying grades of quality no matter what panel you have, but on avg. the typical Samsung panel seems to be faring better than the typical LG panel. This is less than acceptable...


    Now if anyone can point me to some resources so that I may properly assess how my panel holds up against the best LG/Samsung ones, that'd be hugely appreciated. Once that assesment is done*, I can decide if it's worthwhile wasting my time "jumping through hoops" to get hold of a Samsung panel.


    *frustrating that I even have to do that in the 1st place

  • Chuck Gould Level 1 Level 1

    Of course, as always, there are minor differences between individual units. What I'm saying is (if you can) go and compare your particular rMBP to one on display. If you see yours isn't of the same quality, I can't see why Apple wouldn't fix or replace yours. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to say its outright unacceptable.


    Note that I'm talking about your particular machine, not the possibility there is something inherently wrong with ALL LG displays. That clearly is not the case.


    Also, I might add, the debate about which vendor's displays are better has been going on for years and years, extending back to PowerBook days, iirc.

  • jedlh Level 1 Level 1

    That's just the thing, there is something wrong with them all; on avg. their overall IQ metrics (not just burn-in) are slightly below that of the Samsung ones.* Now ofc specific panels will be much better than that avg, making them close to (or better than) the avg. Samsung unit, but then there's also going to be Samsung units that are way better than the avg. Samsung. If there's some (relatively) easy way for me to ascertain that my panel is in the upper-echelon of LG panels, & hence as good as (or better in some cases) than the avg. Samsung panel, then I'd be happy to forget about the whole thing.**


    Also, I might add, the debate about which vendor's displays are better has been going on for years and years, extending back to PowerBook days, iirc.

    Well aware of that, it often (not always) shifts from generation to generation, but one vendor typically does have a clear advantage for that period, until the next gen (or in the transition phase)... I'm going to get in touch with some contacts at Anandtech....


    *by that I mean it (on avg) loses the majority of the most important metrics, there are some metrics on avg. that it typically wins, ofc.

    **although still irritated that I had to waste so much of my time

  • Chuck Gould Level 1 Level 1

    Anandtech is a great resource. It'd be interesting to see evaluations from earlier years, too. I just recently read their review of the rMBP from last summer and bleep-it, I can't remember what, if anything, they said about different panels.


    Please post back if you find out anything (including the past, which I would enjoy reading, even though somewhat OT).

  • jedlh Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, they didn't look at specifc panels in that review, it was excellent, but at the time more than one panel was not known, or was only recent news. I'm going to try & convince them to compare at least one of each, I don't like my chances...

  • MKlys Level 1 Level 1

    Sorted - after third screen not being perfect Apple is replacing the whole laptop for me with the newest 2013 model. But they can't tell what screen I will have. I'm happy anyway - it will extend my warranty and hopefully by now problems were addressed and solved.

  • Thomasduke Level 1 Level 1

    I just went into the apple store yesterday because i had a burn that started about 1 min after the screen was up and then minimized... i tried to get them to replace the macbook but they agreed on replacing the screen .... i onced dropped my macbook and there was damage to the top case and logic board so im guesing thats why they didnt want to replace the whole thing