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  • Barry Fisher Level 3 (660 points)

    Thanks for the tips Jajaba, but actually, I do set at 120 cd for printing at the local Samy's, which is fairly good print shop and they come out quite accurate.  But I never thought of setting up different calibrations like that.  I would say the problem with all Mac monitors whether laptop, imac or the tbirds is you cannot really dial in a brightness level.  I have to adjust by fuzzy logic during the calibration process (colormunki) but I suppose setting for the number of markings makes sense.


    This is why when my iMac goes, and that shouldn't anytime soon, I will just work with the MBP and get a NEC with the spectraview, a really accurate system where you can dial in the brightness desired in the calibration and the monitor will be set.   Don't get me wrong, the rMBP takes a very nice calibration and I have pretty good confidence.  Likewise the iMac does a good job.  If I had to perform highly precision color matching, I would probably want a NEC. 

    To be back on topic, I will say now, at 6+ months, the slight IR problem I developed in week 2 hasn't gotten worse, actually a little better and hasn't interfered with any photo viewing or processing work I've done on the rMBP.  Best laptop and overall computer I've had so far.

  • Serbiagio Level 1 (0 points)

    My mbp, october 2012, was initially fine, now after 10-15 mi. Has evident ghosting. I put to my reseller laboratory. They agree whith me about the issue, but my dubt is if the apple testing including my mbp as suitable for display sositution.

    I asked for samsung replacement but they said that they can' t assure me this.

  • MKlys Level 1 (0 points)

    My screen was replaced with samsung twice but I could not accept the quality. "In fact, it has a 29 per cent higher contrast ratio than a standard MacBook Pro display. Blacks are blacker. Whites are whiter." - - problem was that MBP with no Retina display had better whites and brightness and contrast than my MBP Retina after screen replacement. This is not something you would expect. So when they replace yours with samsung better check how it works and if you are happy before you leave the store.

  • Warren O Level 1 (0 points)

    I expect that if anything, the publicity and class action will make it *harder* to get a replacement. Does anyone remember the 2009 Panasonic plasma debacle?

  • flat earth Level 1 (15 points)

    OK... so now it's time for a critical question.  On Feb. 13, Apple announced their update for the rMBP.  It's now been just about a month since that update.   Has anyone who has received one of the updated rMBPs noticed IR yet?

  • matthias201180 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello everyone,


    i´m following this thread for a long time now and just want to report that on last friday i received my Macbook Retina 15" CTO build with Sandisk SSD and LG panel (Production date: March 2013 (week 9))  equipped with LP154WT1-SJA2 panel.

    Up to now no problems have occurred. but I haven't run any particular test, except that i left some finder windows open for one or two hours and so far no IR-problems.

    I only noticed this annoying fan problem, but this is also gone since i installed the SMC-Update 1.1.

  • Que_Pasa Level 1 (10 points)

    No IR so far, January 2013 (week 3): LG screen, 2.4 GHz, 8GB memory

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    OK... so now it's time for a critical question.  On Feb. 13, Apple announced their update for the rMBP.  It's now been just about a month since that update.   Has anyone who has received one of the updated rMBPs noticed IR yet?



    It wasn't a update, it was just some improvement of pricing across-the-board, they always do it *rougly* that time of yr in preparation for the next rev. of MB's.

    There no doubt would've been improvement of yield/quality_control (for both panels) just before then, & efforts are probably still being made to refine that.*


    *but they'll soon hit a wall of rapidly diminishing returns -if they've not already

  • Squilly827 Level 1 (10 points)

    I've been following this thread for weeks upon weeks. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. Retina MacBook Pro 2012 model, 2.3ghz, Samsung screen. No yellow/blue tinting, no IR. build week was in July of 2012. Best of luck.

  • jedlh Level 1 (0 points)

    Lucky Sod

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    I'd like to know this too, what are peoples experiences with the 2013 models?


    So, I finally made an appt with a "genius" at the Apple Store in Little Rock, AR. I wasn't one of the lucky ones, was not able to get my LG screen replaced. I was telling him about this thread, and how Samungs don't have the IR issue. He wouldn't listen to any of it. All he wanted to do was his silly little test.... display checkerboard for 3 minutes, followed by 1 min of blank screen all while lid was tiltled down, out of view. Then after the 4 minutes, the screen is black. Tried to explain this wasn't a good test, and I don't have IR on an all black screen. He was actually kinda of a jerk and condescending. Even tried to feed me BS "about how the human eye works", how you "see" images after looking at it for so long. I couldn't believe it!


    Canuck1970 makes an interesting point, can I take my rMBP to an Apple authorized repair center and get screen replaced hassle free? Or is it the same sort of deal like the Apple Stores? I imagine it's the latter.

  • Squilly827 Level 1 (10 points)

    Okay, so I'm at my local Apple store (King of Prussia, PA). From what I saw on the Mac, they're all LG displays and 2013 models. Unfortunately, it makes it near impossible to test them for IR, since they're so new. Just an update.

  • Jajaba Level 1 (0 points)

    @Barry Fisher


    We have two NEC's a PA241W and a new PA271W. Both have beautiful LG displays....


    FYI:  NEC just updated the PA series firmware and the ColorMunki is supported as a sensor that is compatible with Spectraview II.  If you're not aware, you can use your colormunki sesnor with spectraview II and save a few hundred bucks by ordering the PA model without the built in 'NEC' sensor, which is really an xrite i1Display with the NEC logo and can only be used to calibrate the NEC diplay.  You will have to buy / download the Spectracview II software from NEC (~$100) but you'll still save overall.  The only complaint I have on the NEC's is the very aggressive anti glare screen coating, it was never an issue until looking at it side bye side with the rMBP display....  We now actually use the rMBP to view our final sharpness adjustments before printing.  If Samy's is giving you good results from 120cd editing that's great but they probably use RIP ($1000+) software, they can print just as well from 80-90cd edits.  The problem is that if you ever plan to do your own printing you will need to re-edit all your print files at 80-90cd in order to get good output, 95% of the time the edits will need to be redone from scratch, increasing brightness or exposure levels simply won't work.  This issue was a nightmare for us when we brought our outsourced printing in house, we had to match the prints we sell to galleries exactly for re-orders whcih meant basically re-editing everything from sctratch to match the third party printers RIP output.


    Samsung replacement update: We got our replacement Samsung (for the one with dead pixels):  Looks good, no dead pixels or yellow areas.  Out of the box the display calibration was terrible and much warmer than our other Samsung with the same factory profile.  I find this odd since all our LG's appear very accurate and consistant 'out of the box'.  After calibration the results are very similar to the other Samsung.  The contrast is significantly lower (8xx:1 vs. 1000+:1 on the LG's) and the calibrated whitepoint is 6558K with a target of 6500K whcih is usable but not nearly as accurate as the LG's which average +/- 10K from 6500K.  All 4 of our LG rMBP's are still showing no signs of any IR.


    I have read several posts here recently asking about a 'creaking' noise from the rMBP body.  I was not even aware of this being an issue.  I just wanted to report that none of our 6 rMBP's have any type of 'creaking' or other noises.  This machine is by far the highest bulid quality of any notebook I have ever seen.

  • BillF Level 3 (645 points)

    Well, as for experiences, I picked up a new MBP RD 2013 (the fancy one with the 2.8 Ghz processor/768 GB SSD/16 GB RAM). Could they try any harder to get the screen dimmer?


    This turkey is going back to Apple. One does not need to worry about image retention when the image is muted. Yeah, I also got the LG Screen. I am having this funny feeling it is 1992 all over again with Apple. Perhaps they can come out with the MacBook Performa just for nostalgia.


    I keep trying to increase the brightness, yet it is at its' maximum.


    I am disappointed. Very disappointed.

  • Old Macs Level 2 (175 points)

    Mine suffers slightly from this problem:


    Baseline rMBP (2.3, 8GB, 256GB)

    No repairs have been done to this computer.

    Built in the 36th week of 2012 (August)

    Unit 2064 to be built that week.


    Color LCD




    I have a Samsung display, but I'm having a slight ghosting problem and a really bad white spot (mura) problem.  Guess the Samsungs weren't perfect either.


    What has the Apple Store done in the past?  Send the unit in for repair, do it in the store, or give you a whole new unit?