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    I've got the Rev. A model:   2.3 Ghz i7 w/ all the recent updates.  This problem varies in concern.  Sometimes, it's terrible.  other times, not so bad.  But the fact that I have to be super vigilant everytime I use the computer, in fear of permant display damage, is pretty ridiculous. 


    My screen saver is ALWAYS activated when I get up.  I'm careful not to read long articles without engadging it because of all the white space (i.e. this page).   It wouldn't be so disppointing except that Apple has ignored this for so long.  Shame on them.

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    You have a defective unit, the LG screens get well over 340cd brightness (we own 5 of them), 340cd is basically blindingly bright when used indoors.  The only brightness issue on these displays (like any) is when used with direct sunlight on the screen, even then I can still read text.  Of all the issues with the rMBP displays brightness is not one of them.




    You are misinformed about the issue.  This is IR (image retention) also called image persistance, NOT 'burn in' which is a totally different permanent condition mostly associated with older CRT display technology.  LCD's do not get permanent 'burn in' what happens is the crystals don't respond as quickly as they should in returning to their opposite state (open or closed).  The IR you see is not permanent, it's a question of how long it takes to go away.  Babying your computer is not a solution, if you are seeing IR after having static images open for a short time then take it in to apple for an IR test.  You should have no problem getting a replacement screen.  By the way, reading long articles should in no way show any IR as you are scrolling the text as you read so the 'image' should never be static long enough to show IR. 

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    I am having ghosting problems now, six months after my purchase. The problem is that I am presently overseas in a tiny village in East Europe with no chance to return home before the end of my warranty (one year).


    Should I buy the Applecare Protection Plan and hope Apple will change the display when I am back? It happens that I  have three dead pixels. I first ignored them because I didn't want to go to the procedure of changing the display and ending up with problems elsewhere. But it might me now worth it to get rid of the ghosting.


    What do you think? What is the minimum amount of dead pixels required by Apple to accept to change the display?


    Any suggestion is welcome.

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    Just got off the phone with corporate department at apple. What a bunch of cockie ********, make seem like there doing me a favor by replacing my screen. I asked them for a replacement and they like no.


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    I purchased my rMBP 6 months ago and I'm still experiencing image persistance. This occurs when I leave the image on the screen for as little as 3 minutes. I ran the Terminal command to determine that I have an LG display.

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    Hi guys.

    Ok after 4 months I have the IR problem.

    I have to say that with a normal use of my MacBook I didn't notice that.

    But right now, after the test, I can see it clearly only if I use a grey backgroung.

    I can't notice that on white or other colours background.


    If it should became more heavy as a problem I'll call Apple to find out what to do.

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    dannyfrommaple ridge wrote:


    Just got off the phone with corporate department at apple. What a bunch of cockie ********, make seem like there doing me a favor by replacing my screen. I asked them for a replacement and they like no.


    Hi Danny,


    Contact me off-thread and I'll try to help you out.

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    do you have a 13 rmbp or 15?  also is yours an LG?

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    MacBook Pro Retina 15".

    Assembled on November 2012.

    Bought on Genuary 2013.

    LG display.

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    Hey email me <edited by host>

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    Mine has the same problem.

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    Hi, i bought my MacBook late in January. I just found out that i have this problem, and a LG-panel. Is it to late to get a new one? This is a ridiculous problem, for the price.

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    Okay Chuck/Others,


    I reached out to some contacts @Anandtech, & argued strongly for a careful analysis/comparison.

    Regardless of what their decision is, I'll post back here once I hear back from them...

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    Mac OS X

    cedquist wrote:

    "Even tried to feed me BS "about how the human eye works", how you "see" images after looking at it for so long. I couldn't believe it!"


    This is not BS. The human eye is also susceptible to image retention, so it's important NOT to stare at the grid pattern before switching to the grey screen or else you might mistake your own eyes' image retention as the screen's fault.


    If you're skeptical, stare at a grid pattern for a few minutes and then look at a blank wall and you'll still see the pattern.

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    Squilly827 wrote:

    "Okay, so I'm at my local Apple store (King of Prussia, PA). From what I saw on the Mac, they're all LG displays and 2013 models. Unfortunately, it makes it near impossible to test them for IR, since they're so new."


    Actually, you could use that to your advantage by demonstrating the difference in image retention between their display models and your computer.


    On a side note, I purchased mine about 3 weeks ago - LG screen LP154WT1-SJA1 - and using the IR test on I only see slight image retention for about about a second. I do NOT consider this a problem since the duration is so short and it's impossible to detect under normal use.


    Taking Apple's side for a moment, I wonder what percentage of customers are actually experiencing noticeable IR and how many are trying to return just because they received an LG screen - which may or may not have a problem.


    Of course, the real concern is that many are reporting image retention gets worse over time on the LG screens, to the point where it becomes annoying and distracting under normal use. This I consider completely unacceptable for any notebook computer, let alone a top of the line model sold at a premium price.